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Chapter 18

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Lips brushing and tongues dancing, hands roaming and fingers caressing. Gentle touches and moans quiet in an almost whisper. I pulled Gerard up into a sitting position and lifted his shirt over his head. I stood up to remove my own clothing and Gerard stood with me. He moved so he was behind me and kissed my neck before lifting my own shirt over my head.

His fingers danced delicatley over the bandages that covered my back before he kissed over them gently. He stood back up and reached his hands around my waist, pressing his lips in small kisses across my shoulder and in the crook of my neck. I allowed my head to fall back onto his shoulder as he began to work the button on my jeans, his mouth never leaving my neck. I felt his soft fingers brush over the waistband of my boxers before slipping inside and I let out an involountary groan as his fingers wrapped around my already hardened member. This time it would be different, this time it wasn't to forget but to remember that he had saved me. He had made me fall in love with him.

I turned to face him and joined our lips. My fingers gently brushed down his sides and stopped at the top of his joggers. I pulled away from his lips to kiss along his jawline and down his neck. My lips brushed across his silky flesh as I made my way down his chest and stomach before pulling down his pants and underwear. A gasp escaped him as the air hit his hardened flesh. I ran my tongue up his length and across the slit. He shuddered slightly and looked down at me. I held his gaze as I took him in my mouth and began to work up and down, a loud moan emmiting from him as I grazed my teeth along the flesh. His hand found it's way into my hair as I began to quicken the pace. Hollowing my cheeks I began to suck harder and Gerard threw his head back, once again I grated my teeth up his length until i reached the tip and kissed it gently.

I stood up and pulled off my own trousers and underwear. I took Gerards hand and moved him into a sitting position on the bed. He moved back so he was fully on top of it and lay down.

I moved over him and kissed him. The feeling of his hard throbbing flesh against mine made me groan into his mouth "Are you ready?" Gerard nodded and kissed me again. He reached over to the small cabinet beside the bed and opened the drawer. He started fumbling his hand inside until he found a bottle and pulled it out. He handed me the lube and gulped before kissing me gently "Im ready..."

I moved down his slender body and pushed open his legs wide "This is gonna hurt a little ok..." I coated my fingers and ran my finger over his entrance waiting for his muscles to relax before I slipped the first finger inside. I moved it around a little, gently sliding it in and out, before adding a second. He shifted uncomfortably and I gave him a minute to adjust. Slowly I began scissoring my fingers before slipping in a third finger. He winced as his ring of muscle began stretching. I pulled them out and pulled his hips up, positioning myself at his entrance. I looked at him to gain permission that he granted with a shaky breath and slight nod of the head. I pushed in slowly and he closed his eyes tight, wincing "It will get better..." I began moving my hips back and forth slowly. Soon his pain was replaced by pleasure as he started to push back onto me groaning as I pushed into him

"Ugh....Frankie...harder..." I upped the pace rocking back and forth and pushing harder. He began moaning louder and louder his fingers digging into the flesh of my neck. I was so close already. Suddenly his eyes flew open and he gasped. I had found his prostate and he was moaning like a pornstar. I began slamming into him harder hitting it over and over again " gonna..." I felt him clench around me and the overwhelming tightness and heat pushed me over the edge

"...GEE!!.." I rode out my orgasm as I felt him cum over my stomach. I leaned down and kissed him gently before pulling out and laying beside him "That was amazing Gee.." he turned to look at me

"Yeah, it was...Frankie?"


"Welcome home baby..." I moved my body and kissed him again

"I love you Gerard..."

"I love you Frankie..."

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