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Chapter 19

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I had left Gerard to sleep for a while after i woke up, he looked so peaceful and contented i didn't want to wake him. I went to shower, the water was quite painful where it hit the gashes on my back and once i stepped out i realised i needed Gerard to replace my bandages. I turned my back to the mirror and looked over my shoulder. It was still hard to see but Gerard had made me feel so good it was difficult to feel the hatred that i had toward myself.

I made my way back into the bedroom and found him still sleeping. A smile crept across my lips as i sat beside him and kisses his head. A warmth spread through me as i watched his chest rise and fall. I love him. I have fallen hard for the boy.

Pulling open the door to the wardrobe i was quite taken aback. Everything was colour coordinated and hung neatly, it made me think about how lost Gerard had been without me. I turned and looked at the sleeping figure. A small laugh escaping my lips as he rolled over and groaned loudly. I shook my head and grabbed a pair of jogging pants, i also grabbed a plain white t-shirt and slung it over my shoulder. I slipped the pants on and went downstairs, Gerard would be waking soon so i went to make a coffee.

The kitchen was quite large with an island in the middle. A variety of pots and pans hung from hooks above it and i shuddered. I quickly moved past it, shaking my head as i did so as if to remove the memory. It was useless...

"Please let me talk to him a little longer..."
"No, you said enough. Now boys lets get this little fucker slung up"
"What do you mean?"
"Here let me demonstrate" a scream rored the through the warehouse as the hook was forced into the tender skin of the shoulderblade. Blood flowed to the floor and my body went limp. The pain caused me to passout. I awoke to a searing burning pain "welcome back my boy. I wanted you awke for this" the pain doubled as i was pulled from the ground and hoisted in the air on chains. The next thing i knew Gerard was there...

I brushed away a tear that had escaped my eyes. Gerard had found me, he kept his promise. I hit the switch on the kettle and busied myself with getting the mugs and coffee grains. I closed my eyes and listened to the silence in the air. The only sound was the water in the kettle being heated. I felt safe in the silence. I knew there was nobody there and i would hear them coming if there was. I stretched up my arms and winced at the pain so i went in search of my bag. It was still by the front door, i rummaged through it and found my pills. Shuffling back into the kitchen i swallowed two dry. They tasted like shit. The kettle clicked so i began pouring water into the mugs and stirring the coffee in.

I went to make my way upstairs when the silence was broken by a vibrating noise filling the air. I quickly found the source, Gerards phone, on the counter. There was a message so without thinking i opened it
Way down
It struck me as a bit weird but i just pocketed the phone and began my ascent up to the attic room. Gerard was still sleeping so i placed the coffees on the bedside table and picked up a comic book nearby. I had just sat down when something caught my eye. A black book on the desk in the corner. Curiosity got the better of me and i walked toward it.

I gasped as i opened it. Beautiful drawings graced the page, intricate details and shading. Gerard was an artist yet he'd never mentioned it.

I put the book down as i felt vibrations in my pocket. I quickly fished out Gerards phone. Bobs voice came rushing through the speaker and what he said caused me to drop it. I understood the message now. Way Down. Mikey Way. Mikey down

"Frank baby, you ok?"
"Get dressed Gerard now"
"Whats wrong??"
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