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Chapter 20

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So many emotions filled the enclosed spacs of the car as we drove to our destination hope, confusion, sadness and fear. It was almost suffocating. I looked over at Gerard who was bouncing one leg up and down while chewing on his fingernails, he barely realised when i placed a reassuring hand on his leg. My heart ached for him.

The traffic was slow and heavy in the night time rush hour, this just frustrated Gerard more as he began tapping his fingers on the dash of the car. I felt the same and began pressing my palm into the horn. The blast startled Gerard as he jumped and snapped his head around to look at me. I could see terror in his hazel eyes and that was my final straw "Fuck it!" I revved the engine and began weaving through the traffic. Horns were blasting all around us and people began shouting out of their windows. I remained unfazed by it but Gerard was flipping off anyone who so much as looked at him. It didn't take long to get out of there and we were soon driving toward the hospital. We approached some lights as they had just turned to red "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!!" I slammed my back against the seat and quickly regretted it as pain shot through me. I had forgotten about my bandages...shit.

As soon as i pulled up outside the hospital Gerard dived out of the car, i followed close behind. We ran to the reception desk and Gee screamed at her to tell him where Mikey was " 4...6th floor?!" I grabbed Gerards hand and pulled him toward the elevator. The nurse was calling out to us but we just kept running.

We made our way down the corridors of the 6th floor, our shoes squeaking and our hearts racing we could hear voices a little away from us "Where the fuck is he?"
"calm down Ray, he'll be here..."
"He's taking too long..." we began running, i was getting odd looks from people and it confused me but i shook it off as we approached the guys "Gerard!! he's in here..."

We entered the room as quiet as possible. Mikey looked so broken yet peaceful. He had a large gash on his head and his arm was in a plaster cast. Tubes were pushed into his nose and arms with blood and other liquids dripping silently. It was heartbreaking, the look in Gerards eyes as he looked at his brothers sleeping form was one of anguish and heartbreak.

I watched as Gerard walked to him and wrapped Mikeys still fingers in his own. His other hand stroking his hair "Im going to give you two a moment..." i turned to leave and as i approached i heard Gerard speak "Oh god Frankie...your back..." I pulled my t-shirt over my head and gasped. It was soaked with blood. Gerard walked me out and told Bob and Ray to take me to get fixed up. I didn't want to leave Gerard there but i knew better than to argue. I cupped his face in my hands and used my thumbs to stroke his tears away before kissing him softly and walking after Bob and Ray.

It didn't take long to get bandaged up but the lecture about taking better care of myself went on for hours, well not quite but it was a good half hour. We walked back to Mikeys room in almost silence, just as we approached Ray spoke up "Are you even gonna ask what happened?..." i shook my head "Why?"
"You guys have had a rough time and i don't see the point in making you tell me then having to repeat it again to Gee"
"Oh...thanks man..." I stopped outside the door and saw Gerard sitting beside Mikey he was holding his hand and pressing his lips to it and running his fingers through his hair, he looked tired. I turned to the other guys "Come on" i began walking back down the corridor
"Where are we going?"
"To get some descent coffee from the starbucks across the street and Ray, you can look through the boxes and shit in the car and grab anything Mikey and Gerard might need..."

I waited for our coffees, tapping my foot impatiently "Dude, you gotta chill..." i looked at Bob and sighed. I offered up a weak smile although it was painful to do, i hated leaving Gerard. I knew it was my idea but i still felt awful.

After we got the coffees we made our way back across the street. Ray was leaning against the car with a bag slung over his shoulder. I motioned with my head for him to follow and we walked back inside the hospital. I was still getting odd looks from people and i realised my shirt was still covered with blood. Ray dug his hand inside the bag and produced a t-shirt. He handed it to me and took the coffees. I pulled off my shirt and slung it in the waiting room waste basket. I pulled on the black skinny tee and continued to Mikeys room. We all stood for a moment outside deciding who should enter first but we need'nt have bothered as the door swung open "I smell starbucks!!"

We followed Gerard, who was nursing his large black coffee, back inside the room. He took his place by Mikey and i jumped onto the window. The glass felt cool against my back and soothed the burning pain i barely realised was there "So..." Gerard spoke up "What happened to him?" he looked at his brother with sad eyes then back at Ray and Bob "Ok heres what went down..."

When Bob had finished speaking i lookwd at Gee. His face was full of hatred and rage. The guys had been dumping boxes in the car when the heard a horn blast. Mikey went to the road to see what was going on and a car came outta nowhere and ran Mikes down. The driver stopped and yelled out of the window "We'll get to you one WAY or another" and drove off. Ray called the ambulance while Bob tried to stem the bleeding. He raised his hands and they were coved in dry crusted blood. I hadn't even noticed before. Gerard stood and walked to Bob. At first i thought he would hit him but he pulled him into an embrace "Thank you..."
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