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Chapter 21

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It had been four days since Mikey had been run down and he still hadn't woken up. In those four days Gerard hadn't slept or showered or even eaten. He just sat their watching his brothers chest rise and fall gripping his fingers and stroking his hair. He was running on fumes and an obsene amount of caffiene. We would come sit by them each day and make small talk. I would hold Gerard comfortingly but his heart was breaking a little more with each hour that passed and Mikey not waking.

Nurses would drop by every hour, not out of need just because they wanted to see Mikey. Who could blame them? He looked so innocent, almost childlike in his sleepy haze. He was an attractive guy and the nurses would have been blind not to see it. We took turns on coffee patrol but it was mainly me who went for it. Like right now i was stood in Starbucks and the chick behind the counter was batting her eyelashes at me in a flirtacious manner "The same as usual sugar?" I simply nodded and went to turn away but something stopped me and i couldn't help myself "Add a Caramel Macchiato onto that order..." i didn't know why i was ordering for Mikey but something told me i should.

I wallked to the elevator and pressed the button attempting to balance the coffees in one hand and clenching a bag of potato chips in my mouth. I was gonna get Gerard to eat even if it killed me...or him either way he was getting food in his stomach.

My converse squeaked on the smooth surface of the cold hospital floor. I couldn't help feeling a little sick at how sterile the whole place was. The combination of brilliant white paint and those bright lights above my head gave me a pounding headache but i knew it was the best place we could be right now.

"Hey Frank" I spun to see a nurse hurrying toward me with a clipboard in her hand "Hey Alicia" she stopped abruptly in front of me grinning widely "Hows my cutest patient doing?" she had been there when i was brought in and she was also working as mikeys nurse too "Im fine thanks"
"I wasn't talking about you Frank, i was talking about Mikey..." a blush crept across my face as she laughed lightly "He's ok i guess...i just get the feeling he's gonna wake up soon.." Alicia smiled at me again
"I hope so, i can't wait to meet the man who has stolen my heart.." she finished her sentence with a dramatic sigh and i couldn't help laughing "Give me just a minute Frank my shift is over now so let me dump this stuff and i'll sit with you guys a while..." she placed the chips back between my teeth and ran to the nurses station. As quick as she went she was back "Here, let me help" she grabbed the chips and a cup of the coffee and walked to Mikeys room with me trailing behind.

Alicia swung open the door and handed Gerard the bag of chips and the coffee "Hey guys..." she spun to look at Gerard sternly "Get those eaten or i swear to god Way i will find the biggest needle i can in this place and make you watch me force it into your veins ok..." Gerard looked at her wide eyed and fearful before opening the bag and stuffing some chips into his mouth. She smiled at him and spun to sit on the window "Hey Frank..." Bob was looking at the coffee on Mikeys bedside table "Who's coffee is that?" everyone turned to look at me as i hung my head down and looked at my feet "Mikeys..." I looked up to see Gerard grinning at me. It was like he was thanking me with his eyes "Did someone say coffee?" everyone looked around to find the source of the croaky voice the almost in unison turned to look at Mikey. His eyes were open halfway and he raised an arm to scratch his head "What happened?" Alicia jumped from the window and began checking Mikey over as we all sat stunned.

"Ok so just 2 more questions...." Mikey had been asking question after question about what happened. He remembered most of it when we told him and Alicia had been standing back by the door just listening and making angry noises now and then "First question who smelly like a hobo? Seriously whoever it is take a fucking shower ok your odour is offending some of my major senses here..." we all looked at Gerard. Bob stood and walked over to Gerard shaking his head "Dude seriously you smell like hot road kill..." Gerard pushed him away and flipped him off "Alright ha ha i stink whatever...Mikey what was the other question"
"Who is that?" he looked at Alicia and winked, a blush crept across her face "Im Alicia, your nurse..."

The next morning we drove back to the hospital. Mikey had refused to let Gerard stay with him because of his 'offending odour' and because he wanted some alone time with Alicia. It seems the attraction was mutual.

We made our usual stop at starbucks and i went to the counter. Gerard was hanging by the door and heard the chick behind the counter call me 'handsome' to which he sauntered over and pulled me into his arms kissing me passionatley. The girls eyes widened and she scurried off to get our order "Nobody flirts with MY Frankie..."

We walked toward Mikeys room talking about how we were gonna set up our plan today. As we approached the door we heard Mikey laugh. I peered through the glass on the door to see someone wearing a black hoodie sat on the bottom of his bed.

Gerard walked in first "Well hello Mikey and whos this?" the girl turned her head "Alicia?"
"Hey..." Alicia had explained to Gerard how it was her day off and she decided to come see Mikes "Okay but umm...we..kinda need to have a discussion Mikey..."
"I know everything Gerard..." Alicia turned to look at Gerard "I know..."

Mikey told us how he got talking to Alicia and it all spilled out. He also told us about Alicias rough teenage years. She was a drug runner, she had been homeless and was offered shelter and food if she ran a few errands if something went wrong she would get beaten and she wanted to help the guys "She wants to help Gerard..." Gerard shook his head
"No way dude..."
"But bro she..."
"I said no..." Alicia stood up and walked over to stand between Bob and Ray "What if i prove how much of an asset i could be?" Gerard just stood dumbly and Bob and Ray laughed. I stepped forward "Sure..." Gerard shot me a look "Go ahead..." Alicia grinned to face Bob and Ray
"Sorry in advance..." they flashed each other a worried look and before we had time to think She had Ray in a headlock and had kicked Bob under his jaw and knocked him on his ass. She elbowed Ray in the gut and shoved him to the floor. Mikey and i clapped as Gerard stood there in a stunned silence "Well..." she looked at the two men rolling about the floor groaning then back up at Gerard "'ve seen what i can do oh and im packing heat..." Gerard moved his mouth in a goldfish like manner then gulped and smiled "your in..."
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