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Chapter 22

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"We got the names but we need the addresses!" Gerard was rubbing his eyes. We were trying to figure out how to find the guys one by one. The plan was to hide out and scare them by taking them out one at a time "Well..." we all looked at Bob "I suppose we could just y'know follow them?" Ray raised his and and swiftly slapped Bob across the back of the head gaining a snort of laughter from Gerard "Yeah genius and how do you suggest we follow them if we don't know where they are?" Bob looked like he was contemplating for a moment before sighing "Yeah, i guess i didn't think that through..."

I had been pacing back and forth across the room trying to come up with a plan. I turned to stare out of the window, my mind buzzing with ideas but nothing that would really work. I turned as i heard the door open and saw a nurse walk in, give Mikey his meds say hi to Alicia and leave. I rubbed my temples and walked to the door "Baby where you goin?"
"I'll come too maybe the fresh air will clear my head"

Gerard and i walked hand in hand, deep in a thoughtful silence. We needed to think of something because the longer we put it off, the longer were sitting ducks. The sun beat down upon my back as i walked with Gerard. He pulled his hand from mine and slung his arm over my shoulder instead. I wrapped an arm around his waist as we made our way across the parking lot.

Suddenly Gerard pulled me toward the car and fished in his pockets for the key. Unlocking the drivers door he swung it open and climbed inside beckoning for me to follow. I got in one leg either side of Gerard so i was straddling him, our bodies pressed together "What are you up to Mr Way?" he grinned and pulled my face closer "I've wanted to kiss you all fucking day Frankie and you never know we might just come up with a plan out here..." he leaned forward and captured my lips in a hot wet kiss full of passion and lust. In that moment my mind went blank.

After Gerard and i finshed our little 'Session' we made our way over to starbucks. I went to the counter while Gerard hung out by the door. This time i ordered iced coffees because the sun was really beating down outside.

I was gazing at Gerard staring through the window when the counter chick pulled me out of my trance "So is that your boyfriend?" She looked over at Gerard and smiled before looking back at me. I nodded and looked at my boyfriend leaning against the cool glass "Damn...You and him? I wouldn't mind being in that sandwich..." my mouth dropped open as she handed over our order and winked at me. I grabbed them and made a beeline for the door "Come on Gee lets get out of here..."

Gerards laugh echoed across the parking lot as i told him what happened "Little slut!!"
"Its not funny Gee..."
"Aww is wickle fwankie jealous of the lady?" I spun on my heel and stood right in front of him. He leaned forward to kiss me and i moved my head, pressing my lips to his ear "Oh Gee baby...its not you she spent the whole week hitting on is it?" I flicked his earlobe with my tongue, winked at him and walked off. Gerard stood for a moment before jogging toward me "SHE DID WHAT??"

We were laughing like schoolkids as we made our way inside of the hospital. Gerard kept tickling me and i kept squealing "Gee stop it..." he picked me up from behind and carried me along the corridor "Put me down i'll drop the coffees!!" there was acough behind us and Gerard slowly turned around. The doctor who treated me was standing with his eyebrow raised and his arms crossed tapping his foot on the floor "uhh...h-hey doc..." Gerard slowly put me down and we both hung our heads "Its good to see your feeling better Mr Iero..." i scratched the back of my head and nodded at him "Yeah...much better..."
"Then may i remind you this is a hospital and ask you to behave accordingly"

I watched him walk to the nurses station and drop some files on the desk "Could you put these away please?" He walked away and i spun to Gerard with wide eyes "Gee i got it!!!"

We crashed through the door and everyone except Mikes obviously dived for the coffee's "Guys...Frank says he figured it out..." Gerard sat down and pulled me onto his lap "What does everybody have that we now have access to?" I pointed at Alicia "Fucking medical records!" Alicia's face split into a huge grin and Gerard turned my face to his kissing me hard " fucking genius!!"
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