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Chapter 23

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"Ok guys, i gotta start my shift soon how am i gonna do this?! I can't just walk out with a pile of records..." Alicia started chewing her nails intently, eyeing us waiting for an answer. Everybody looked to me, i guess it was my idea "Umm..." I wracked my brain for an answer but coming up with nothing. Gerard stood and put his arms out to me. I walked to him and placed my head on his chest as he wrapped his arms around me and kissed my head "Come on Frankie, think..." He raised a hand to brush through my hair and i winced as it snagged on something "Sorry baby, my watch..." He lifted his hand and I grinned "Alicia...take one at a time, when you do your rounds drop it in the pigeon hole on the end of Mikeys bed..." she walked over and ruffled my hair smiling before walking to the door "Clever little thing aint ya..." she winked at Mikey and left. Gerard pulled me close and kissed my head "My little mastermind..."

Alicia swung by an hour later with file number 1. We had made a list of all the names and each time Alicia dropped in a file we gave her the next name. We knew what info we needed as we read the first

Name: Karl Stokes
Address: 492 Durnt Road
Weakness:Heart problems
Busted knee
Weak left shoulder

We had the guy who hit Mikey. Bob recognised his name straight away as the driver. One down eleven to go "GUYS!" Alicia burst through the door and closed it quietly behind her "Dr Douchebag is onto us...he almost caught me" we glanced through the window and saw the doctor who treated my eyeing us carefully. Alicia made herself look busy checking Mikey as she spoke "We need a new plan guys..."

When Alicia left a wave of panic swept through the room as we all began whispering profanities and asking each other what we were gonna do. A low chuckle came from by the window and we all spun around and glared at ray who just continued to laugh at us "Whats so fuckin' funny fluffball?" Bob had stood up and walked over to Ray, clearly frustrated with him "Chill out He-Man guys we got the first address which means we got the first guy..." we all looked at him expectantly "come on...i really gotta spell this out for ya? We snatch him! We take him to our house in the middle of nowhere and make that fucker sing like a canary" we all looked at each other smiling. I looked at Gerard, a sinister look flashed across his eyes "Ray...I like your style my man..."

A doctor swung by and informed us that he saw no reason why Mikey couldn't come home and that he would sort his discharge papers we waited as long as possible so Alicia could follow in her car to our place. She was almost as excited as us to get her hands on the piece of shit that ran Mikey down. Gerard fussed over Mikey like a worried mother. It was kinda cute even though Mikey was getting frustrated with him.

Later on when Gerard was satisfied that Mikey was comfortable in bed he went to talk to Bob and Ray. I could hear them mumbling in the kitchen but i couldn't make out the conversation so i picked up a comic and flicked through it. I just skimmed the pages, it was Wolverine i know that much. I chucked the comic on the table in front of me and lay on the sofa. My eyes were just closing when i felt a weight on top of me and a set of soft warm lips on mine "Hey Gee..."
"Hey baby...put your shoes on we're going out "

The drive wasn't too long, about 30 minutes max before we were parked outside of a small rundown house. There was a car parked outside and when i saw it my heart leapt into my throat. I recognised it as the var that had come to the warehouse when they slung me up. I turned to Gerard and it was almost as if he was reading my mind with his eyes because a look of anger flashed through them before he got out of the car.

Gerard went to the door first as i hid beside it. He knocked heavily and gained silence so he knocked again even harder. This time a light flashed on and the door swung open "What the fuck do you want at the goddamn hour?" Gerard grinned at him and nodded toward me "I want you to meet my boyfriend..."
"Get your queer ass off my porch faggot before..." I stepped out and waved my fingers at him, his face dropped in sudden realization "Suprise Motherfucker..."
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