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Chapter 24

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"Welcome to paradise
Karl...we hope you feel most uncomfortable here" Gerard smirked at the man sitting before him, his hands tied behind his back with ropes that cut into his skin as he twisted his wrists in an attempt to free himself. Not that it would have done any good we had him surrounded, if he managed to get free we could just take him out.

"So Karl we need to find out a little few things from you, if you play nice we play nice if you don't help well..." Gerard turned to look at me and winked "Frankie here has a very nasty temper and who knows what might happen..."

"Fuck you Way..."

"Well now that wasn't very nice..." Karl spat in his face, Gerard swiped a thumb over his cheek and wiped it on his jeans "Don't say i didn't warn you..." Gerard turned to me and smiled before sauntering over and kissing my cheek. He leaned into me and pressed his lips into my ear "Your up baby..." I kissed his lips and squeezed his ass before walking over to the table that had been set up in the corner of the room, i glanced over the vatious items before my eyes settled on what i wanted and a smile crept onto my lips.

"So my friend tell me what music do you like to listen too?"

"What? What the hell are you talking about?!" Gerard quirked his eyebrow curiously as he watched me, i ran my fingers it to Karls hair and snapped his head bck harshly "Did I fucking stutter? What. Music. Do. You. Like. To. Listen. To?"

"Fuck..ahh...i..i..don't know"

"I personally like a bit of Elvis, in particular Blue suede shoes. You heard it?" He shifted uncomfortably in his chair, watching me as panic flooded his eyes
"No? Let me refresh your memory it goes..." I tightened my grip around the hammer and swung my arm back
"Well, it's one for the money..." I smashed it down onto his left kneecap a loud crunch echoed across the basement as he bit back a scream

"Two for the show..." I did the same again, this time he screamed

"Three to get ready" i repeated my action, he screamed again

"Now go cat go..." I slammed the hammer down in time with each word as that tell tale crack echoed across the basement and he began whimpering "Now are you gonna tell Gee over there what he needs to know?"


"Fine its your funeral..." I slammed the hammer onto his right shoulder and grinned at him before walking away.

I moved to stand by Gerard and slung my arm around his waist. He smiled at me "You're a twisted little fucker aint ya Frankie?" He kissed me hard before sitting in front of Karl and pulling out the piece of paper with the names of the guys we wanted info on "I want each and every fucking address or you see my friend Bob over there? He's a mean motherfucker who fancies himself as an amateur surgeon only he's not very good so you gonna talk?" he shook his head whimpering and raised his gaze to Gerards "Ok...Bob do what you gotta do..." He placed his hand on Karls twisted shattered kneecap and squeezed it hard. An ear splitting scream filled the air, it was almost painful as it hit my eardrums.

Bob stepped forward and pulled out a pocket knife "you know dude you could just help yourself by telling us what we need to know..." Bob shrugged his shoulders and sighed "Well what goes first? about a finger?" Before Karl had time to react Bob had grabbed his right ring finger and pressed the blade to it "This my friend is gonna suck..." he pressed the blade into the finger firmly before slamming his other hand on top of it and severing it completley. Fresh tears began pouring down Karls face ans he started trying to thrash his body about. Bob repeated the same action on his left hand sending blood spurting to the floor. Ray stepped forward and placed his hand on Bobs shoulder. Bob stood up and nodded to Ray before walking nack over to lean against the wall.

Ray got down to Karls level and raised his head with his finger " a fair dude. If you give us what we need to know i can end this now. C'mon...tell us..."

The man appeared to weaken under Rays gaze the steel up again "Fuck you..." Ray sighed and stood up, he turned toward us as if to walk away then swung back around and slammed his fist into the mans face repeatedly. Karl's head dropped as he fell into a state of unconciousness and Ray turned to face us again "Don't worry, he'll wake up again in about half an hour just enough time to get Alicia and a coffee." Gerard laughed and shook his head "You are soo weird Toro"

We sat upstairs in the kitchen laughing and talking when Bob turned to me smiling "So Frankie an Elvis reference...Really?" I shrugged my shoulders and grinned "I have no fucking idea where it came from..." everybody burst into hysterics. About five minutes later calls of 'Help' echoed up the stairs "Well..." Gerard stood up "Come on guys...lets go..."

We entered the room one by one and stood around the broken man in the chair. Gerard moved moved over to the table and picked up a screwdriver "Tell me what i need to know..." the man didn't answer. Gerard plunged the tool into Karls stomach who screamed again "That lovely lady over there is a nurse..." Alicia winked at Karl and waved her fingers "She can make all the pain go away and nobody will find out you told us. It'll be our little secret..." Karl looked up at Gerard and nodded weakly "Good now Paul Greyman...."

After Gerard had collected all the information that he needed he motioned to Alicia to approach him "Ok Alicia make the pain go away..." she smiled and walked over to the table picking up a kitchen knife "Wh..What are you doing?...WE HAD A DEAL?!" Alicia grinned at him
"I am gonna make the pain go away...i just wanted to hurt you a little first" He began screaming again and mAlicia winced "OH MY GOD SHUT THE FUCK UP!!" She slammed her fist into his face and sliced along his face with the blade. Crimson poured through the wound and dripped onto his chest. He looked at her pleadingly "please stop..." she sighed "Fine i'lll stop the pain."

We all stood in silence as the man took his last few choky breaths. Well more like gargling as blood filled his airways "Wow..." Gerard looked at Alicia "That was...uh...unexpected??" She began wiping her hands on her jeans. We all watched her as she stood up and admired her work. She had stabbed the blade through his jugular so hard it had come out the back of his neck. It was...shocking but effective "well he wanted the pain to end..." she walked to the door "Im going in the shower...". When she left we all stood there staring at each other "Guys..." Ray stepped forward "Does anyone else get the feeling she has killed before..." we all looked at the dead man then back at Ray. Almost in complete unison we nodded "Yeah..."
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