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Chapter 1

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I know it's shorter than my others. I really like this one, hope you do too. I might write more if i get people reading and REVIEWING.

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"Come on Kel please just this one" Jackie, Kelly's best friend begged as she was deciding what to wear to her boyfriend Tony Lavato's birthday party.
"Jackie I've told you if this was any other party I would but I just can't risk it. He's Benji's best friend, do you really think he's not going to be there."
"I know this must be difficult for you but it's been three years. I thought you said you where over all what happened in the past."
"I was, I mean I am." Kelly sighed.
"Please just come. It's a big party you probably won't even see each other. Don't make me go on my own. I promise this will be the last one." Jackie begged.
"You say it'll be the last one every time and I fall for it every time." Kelly said coming round.
"Including this time?" Jackie asked hopefully Kelly sighed.
"Yes, including this time." Kelly smiled.
"Thank you, thank you, thank you." Jackie squealed jumping up and down giving Kelly a hug. Kelly laughed.
"I don't know why you need me, you won't be alone. As soon as we get there you'll find Tony and you'll be glued together all night. I'll be the one on my own."
"I know and I want you to know that you're the best, best friend ever." Jackie said smiling. "Now what shall I wear?"
"Does it really matter? Chances are as soon as you and Tony see each other he'll be ripping off, what ever you decide to wear, in the bedroom." Kelly teased. Jackie playfully hit her.

The girls got ready for the party; both of them looked really good. Kelly drove as it was her turn to drive and Jackie's turn to drink. Like Kelly predicted as soon as they got into the party Jackie found Tony and they stayed together all night. Kelly wandered round the party talking to some people she knew. When it got late she decided to go find Jackie so that they could leave. As she was search through the people she started thinking about how strange it was not seeing Benji. She thought maybe he didn't come after all for some reason. She then got deep in thought about her past with Benji. She wasn't looking where she was going and walked into some one. She didn't notice who.
"I'm sorry I..." She stopped dead when she seen who it was.
"Benji." She said shocked. Benji had also frozen with the same expression on his face that Kelly had.
"Kelly." Benji replied looking at her.
"Benj, what the ..." Joel said bumping into Benji. Then noticing Kelly. "Kelly... oh no." Joel said looking at Benji worriedly.
"Kel we should...go." Jackie said. Her and Tony walking up behind Kelly. She noticed the situation. "Kel we should go." Jackie said worriedly looking at Kelly and giving her a little push towards the door. Benji and Kelly hadn't taken their eyes of each other, froze to the spot. Jackie and Joel both looked worried for their best friend or brother. Tony looked confused.
"Jackie we need to go." Kelly said snapping out of it, grabbing Jackie's hand and leaving.
"What was all that about?" Tony asked looking from Benji to Joel to the door which Kelly and Jackie had just left.
"Benj are you ok?" Joel asked.
"I need to sit down." Benji said going into the kitchen and sitting at the table. Tony and Joel followed.
"Will one of you tell me what that was all about?" Tony said still confused.
"That was Kelly." Joel started. Benji was just sat staring into space.
"Yeah I know, she's Jackie's best friend." Tony said not getting what he meant.
"Yeah she's Jackie's friend but she also used to be dating Benji." Joel explained.
"So what's the big deal? Benji date lots of girls."
"But none like her." Benji said still staring into space.
"What do you mean?" Tony asked.
"He means, he loved her. When he told her he loved her, it was right before Good Charlotte made it big and was going on tour, she dumped him." Joel said.
"Wait Benji got dumped, by a girl." Tony said laughing.
"Hard to believe I know." Benji said. Joel rolled his eyes.
"Seriously I need to meet this girl. She not only got Benji Madden to fall in love with her but also got him to admit it too. She must be something." Tony said amazed.
"She is and she broke my heart." Benji said truthfully.
"But Benj that was three years ago I thought you said you where over it?" Joel said.
"I don't want to talk about this any more." Benji said defensively, getting up and leaving.
Meanwhile back at Kelly and Jackie's apartment.
"Kel I'm really sorry. Are you ok? You haven't said a word since we left the party." Jackie said worriedly.
"I'm fine." Kelly said bluntly. "I'm going to bed, see you tomorrow." Kelly said going up stairs.

The next morning Kelly got up late.
"Hey, morning. How do you feel?" Jackie said cheerfully. Kelly just grunted looking depressed.
"Some of the guy from Good Charlotte and Mest are getting together going out tonight, want to come with us?" Jackie asked hopefully.
"No." Kelly said bluntly.
"Why?" Jackie said a little hurt at the way Kelly was acting.
"And risk part two of last night's fiasco. No thanks." Kelly said bitterly.
"Fine." Jackie snapped.

Meanwhile Benji had also been moping around the house all day.
"Come on Benj cheer up. If she bothers you that much why don't you go see her, talk to her, sort things out a little." Joel suggested.
"There's nothing to sort out." Benji grunted.
"Well at least come out with us tonight, get your mind off things."
"No. Jackie's going which means she'll probably be going too."
"Oh Benj you can't hide away for ever."
"Fuck off."
"Fine. I was only trying to help." Joel said storming off.

Later that night it was time for Jackie to go meet up with the guys. Kelly was watching a romantic comedy movie on the TV.
"Ok I'm going now. You sure you don't want to come. I got a call from Joel earlier, he said Benji wasn't going."
"No thank you. Have a good night. I'll see you when you get back." Kelly said not taking her attention off the TV. Jackie gave up and left.

When Kelly's movie had finished it had got her thinking about Benji. She didn't know what made her do it but the next thing she knew she was stood outside Benji's door. She was about to knock on the door then nearly bottled it. Just then Benji opened the door about to take the trash out. She stopped when he seen her. She looked at him. She never realised how much she did miss him until now.
"What do you want?" Benji said bluntly, snapping her out of her thoughts.
"I... we need to talk... can I come in?" Kelly stuttered. Benji stepped back. Walking into the living room leaving the door open for Kelly to follow. Kelly followed him nervously, closing the door behind her.
"So what do you want to talk about?" Benji said turning to face her.
"Us." She said quietly looking at him.
"There is no us." Benji shrugged.
"I forgot you do that." Kelly laughed to herself.
"Do what?"
"When ever I try to talk to you seriously about us, you shut me off and get all defensive."
"Oh that's a good one. See I'm not the one who slammed that final door behind me." Benji said angrily.
"Benj..." Kelly begged.
"I'm not the one who threw everything we had together away." Benji ranted.
"Are you done?" Kelly shouted back.
"all I'm trying to say is I spilled my heart out for you and I thought you felt the same way but I guess I was wrong." Benji said truthfully.
"the guy I'm with, the guy I'm hoping to spend the rest of me life with tells me he's got leave for eight months to a year and that he wont be able to see me during that time." Kelly explained her side of the story.
"That's not the words I used." Benji shouted.
"While he tours with his band." Kelly continued.
"I did." Benji said defensively.
"All I could think was if you wanted out fine just don't lead me on. Keep me waiting for you just to find out you've found some one else." Kelly said starting to get upset.
"It was the truth Kelly I loved you and only you. I did have to go on tour but I never wanted to break up with you." Benji said starting to get upset too.
"Back then I thought you just wanted to dump me." Kelly said quietly.
"Whoa lets not forget who dumped who." Benji said getting defensive again.
"I thought it was what you wanted." Kelly said defensively.
"I wanted you."
"I didn't want to hurt you."
"But you did."
"I'm sorry."
"Me too." Benji said. They stared at each other for a second before breaking into a passionate kiss. They pulled away slightly daze then kissed again. Kelly pulled Benjis shirt off as Benji pulled hers off. Benji grabbed her hand and lead her to his bedroom. As soon as they got there they went back to their heated kiss. They stepped back and fell on the bed. Kelly undid he belt and slid his pants and boxers off. Still not breaking the kiss. Benji kissed down her body till he got to her pants. He undid them and slid them off in one quick movement. They continued having sex. Later they where cuddled together.
"We should fight more often." Kelly says.
"Defiantly." Benji said smiling and kissing her head.
"We where always good at it." Kelly said remembering the good old times. Benji sighed also remembering all the fights and the make up sex that followed.
"This we where good at." Kelly said meaning the sex.
"mm." Benji said smiling leaning down kissing her.

Meanwhile Jackie, Tony, Joel, Billy and Paul had just arrived down stairs. Tony ran upstairs because he 'really needed to piss'.
"Typical Benji leaving his cloths everywhere. I'm always tidying up after him." Joel complained picking up Benji's shirt revealing Kelly's shirt that had landed under Benji's.
"Wait isn't that Kelly shirt?" Jackie said recognising her friend shirt on the floor under Benji's. Everyone instantly had an idea of what was going on.

Upstairs after Tony had used the bathroom he decided to see Benji. He burst in on Benji and Kelly mid kiss.
"Benji I... Kelly." Tony stopped noticing Benji and Kelly, in bed, together, naked. "I'm going to go now." Tony said feeling uncomfortable and embarrassed. He closed the door and went down stairs to the others.
"I guess there back." Benji said smiling at Kelly. Kelly laughed and they carried on kissing.

Down stairs Tony went into the living room shocked at what he had just seen.
"Tone where guessing Kelly's here." Joel said.
"Yeah and we think her and Benji have made up." Jackie said holding Kelly's shirt up.
"Yeah they made up alright. I just walked in on them in bed together." Tony said everyone laughed at Tony.
"It's not funny." Tony said starting to laugh himself.

A few minutes later Benji walked in wearing Boxers and a new shirt. He went straight into the kitchen ignoring the comments from everyone. Seconds later Kelly came in wearing her pants and one of Benji's shirts. Some of the guys whistled at her. Jackie smirked at her holding her shirt up for her. Kelly didn't look at anyone she just carried on going into the kitchen to Benji, taking her shirt off Jackie on the way past.

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