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Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

"Well that went well." Benji smiled at Kelly when she walked into the kitchen.
"Yeah maybe for you." Kelly laughed holding up her shirt. Benji laughed and walked over to her putting his arms around her and kissing her.
"So where do we go from here?" Benji said looking into her eyes.
"I don't know." Kelly sighed. "I love you."
"I never stopped loving you." Benji said.
"Well want to give us another go?" Benji replied by kissing her passionately.
"I'll take that as a yes." Kelly said smiling as they pulled apart. Benji smiled.
"Defiantly." Benji said.
"Wait what time is it?" Kelly asked. Benji looked at his watch.
"Almost one am."
"Shit I have to go to work at nine in the morning. I'm going to have to go. I'll call you tomorrow." Kelly said about to leave. Benji pulled her back and kissed her. She kissed him back for a few seconds then pulled away. "Benj I'm really sorry I have to go." Kelly said.
"Ok I'll walk you out." Benji said. They walked trough the living room. Jackie was sat on Tony's knee making out. Joel, Billy and Paul where smirking at Benji and Kelly when they seen them enter the living room. Kelly stopped and tapped Jackie on the shoulder.
"If you want a lift home with me we need to go now cause I've gotta be in work for nine." Kelly said to her.
"Erm, I'm ok, I was going to spend the night at Tony's. Is that ok?"
"Yeah fine." Kelly said walking out. Benji and Kelly where trying to avoid eye contact with the others.
"I'll meet you for lunch tomorrow though." Jackie called to Kelly.
"Ok see you tomorrow. Have a good night." Kelly said smirking to Benji. Benji went back into the living room and sat next to Joel when Kelly had left.
"Hey Jackie what does she work as?" Benji asked.
"She's a professional dancer." Jackie replied. Then she and Tony went back to making out.
"Don't try to change the subject bro Tony busted you two." Joel said smiling at Benji.
"I'm not changing the subject."
"So what's up with you two?" Joel asked.
"Nothing." Benji tried to say innocently.
"Well are you two together or not?"
"Which one? Are you together?"
"Maybe." Benji said smirking.
"I'll take the huge grin on your face as a yes then. What happened?"
"Joel I don't kiss and tell." Benji said smirking.
"Oh so you two kissed." Paul grinned.
"Judging by what I seen they did more than just kiss." Tony said breaking away for his heated kiss with Jackie.
"By the way didn't your mother ever teach you to knock on a door before entering?" Benji said smugly to Tony. Tony flipped him off. They hung out for a little while longer.

Later that night Tony and Jackie where in the kitchen still up to no good. Benji went in to get a drink. Tony pulled away from Jackie to talk to Benji.
"Hey Benj can I talk to you for a sec?" Tony asked sitting opposite Jackie at the table holding her hands.
"Sure." Benji said standing next to the table.
"Well I know your not going to like what I'm about to say but it needs to be said. I really like Kelly she's a great girl and I'm happy for you but are you sure about getting back together with her. I remember how fucked u you where last time she broke up with you. All I'm saying is how can you be sure she's not just going to fuck you over again when she gets bored of you or what ever it was. I just don't want you getting hurt like you did last time." Tony explained concerned for his friend. Benji sighed.
"Tone I know you just trying to look out for me and I appreciate that but last time was different and there's a lot of things that went on that you don't know. Jackie I don't know how much Kelly told you but there's only Joel who knows the full story from my end and Tone mate you don't need to worry about me last time was completely different circumstances. Me and Kelly have talked about all this and where clear on everything." Benji said.
"Yeah Kelly told me the same as what you told Joel so I know basically the full story and babe there's nothing to worry about Benji is safe with Kelly." Jackie explained to Tony.
"How come I never got told this story?" Tony said confused.
"Tone mate it was hard enough telling Joel when I had too. I'm really sorry but I hope you understand me not wanting to relive it. You seen the pain it caused be three years ago I don't want to open old wounds if you don't mind."
"Don't worry Benj I understand." Tony said giving him a hug. "Ok you can leave us alone now." Tony smirked shooing Benji away. Benji laughed getting the message and leaving. "You can close the door on your way out too." Tony laughed.

(A/N If you have seen 'Take the Lead' the movie that's the kind of dancing that Kelly does and she's really good. For those of you who haven't seen the movie it's kind of like ballroom dancing meets R'n'B type dancing. Kelly and her partner Scott are some of the top ranked dancers in the world.
Kelly and Scott practise from nine till twelve in the morning. Then went back again at six in the evening till nine at night teaching dance lessons. They did this Monday to Friday, on Saturday they only went in the studio for a few hours to practise. The last Sunday of every month was the dance competition. Kelly and Scott are very dedicated to their dancing and usually come first in most competitions, second on a bad day. They take their dancing seriously but also have a laugh in the process. Scott and Kelly had been friends for years but neither of them where interested in being anything other than friends. Scott has a girlfriend called Natasha and they have been together for five years. Scott owns the dance studio.)

The next day was Monday at twelve o'clock when Kelly had finished her dance practise she went to the café that she and Jackie went to every Monday for lunch. Jackie was already at the café when Kelly got there.
"Hey I've already ordered for us." Jackie smiled as Kelly sat down.
"Thanks. Did you have a good night last night?" Kelly asked grinning. Jackie blushed a little.
"Yes I did thank you for asking but what I really want to know is what's going on with you."
"Going on with me?"
"Yeah before I left to go out with the guys last night you didn't want anything to do with Benji then when we go back to their house you where in bed with him. What happened?"
"I don't know I really don't. I don't know what made me go to their house. I nearly bottled it when I got to the door but Benji opened it before I had chance to leave. We talked well more or less shouted and got all our feelings out and well you can guess what happened after that."
"So you two are back together?"
"And that's what you want?"
"Well I'm happy for you. It's just really weird I thought you two where over."
"We where I don't know what happened but it's what we both want so that's it."
They talked and ate lunch together. When they had finished eating they noticed that the guys had just entered the café.
"Well fancy seeing you two here." Tony said smiling then kissed Jackie and sat next to her.
"What are all of you doing here?" Jackie asked as Benji, Joel, Paul and Billy sat down too.
"We just finished in the studio for today so we thought we'd come see you." Tony said.
"Mither us more like." Jackie said rolling her eyes laughing.
They talked for a little while longer then decided to leave.
"Ok so what are we all doing now?" Benji asked as they got outside the café.
"We've erm got to be somewhere." Tony said as he and Jackie rushed off together with arms around each other kissing.
"Me, Billy and Paul are going to the new video store you can come too if you want/" Joel said to them. Benji looked at Kelly.
"You go if you want I have to go shopping then I have to go back to work for six." Kelly said.
"Mind if I come with you?" Benji asked her.
"No not at all." Kelly smiled.
"I'm going to hang out with Kelly so I'll meet up with you guys later." Benji said to Joel, Billy and Paul.
"So what we shopping for?" Benji asked gently brushing his hand next to Kelly's she got the hint and grabbed hold of his and laced their finger.
"Boring shit. It's my week for doing the house work me and Jackie take it in turns."
"Ok. It's good for me because I have maid Joel to do everything for me." Benji smiled making her laugh.
"Poor Joel."
They had a good time even though they where only doing boring shopping. They forgot how much they enjoyed each others company and how much they have together.
"Ok I have to go back to the studio now. It was fun shopping for boring shit with you though." Kelly said at five thirty.
"Well I had a good time with you shopping for boring shit too." Benji laughed.
"Do you wanna come with me to the studio? I only have one lesson to take and it will probably only last about an hour then we could hang out after if you want."
"Yeah sure." Benji smiled glad of the chance to spend more time with her. They walked to the studio together. Kelly introduced Benji to Scott. Benji and Scott hung out together while Kelly took her lesson.
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