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Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

When Kelly had finished her lesson she said goodbye to the couple and went to Benji and Scott in the office.
"Hey you guys had fun?" Kelly smiled walking in on Benji and Scott in the middle of a laughing fit.
"Yeah we did." Benji said stand up.
"Scott your lessons here I think."
"Ok I'll see you tomorrow." Scott said going to the couple who had come for their lesson off him.
"Right shall we go now?" Kelly turned to Benji.
"Yeah sure where do you wanna go?"
"I don't know it's just after seven. I don't know about you but I'm starving do you wanna go for something to eat?" Kelly suggested.
"Yeah I'm actually rather hungry myself." Benji said putting his arm around her shoulders as they walked out the studio together.
"So where do you want to eat?" Benji asked.
"I don't mind surprise me." Kelly smiled.
They went to a small quiet café not far from the studio.
"So you and Scott got along ok?" Kelly asked.
"Yeah he's a nice guy. How long have you known him?"
"Erm a little less than four years and we've been dancing together for three years. He bought the studio two years ago and wanted me to teach with him so I thought would be a good idea. It gave m something to do other than just competing. His girlfriend Natasha does a few lessons but not as advanced as the ones me and Scott do. You'd get along with Natasha she's a really nice girl too."
"So what have you been up too for the past three years?"
"Nothing much, just dancing really. We go competing the last Sunday of every month so we practise a lot and then there are the lessons too. So that's basically it." Kelly smiled. "What about you?"
"We toured for two years straight, got back last year and then went into the studio." Benji said.
"Cool I bet ya'll had fun going to all the different places." Kelly smiled at him.
"Yeah it was fun at first but then you get tired and home sick by the end I couldn't wait to get home." Benji said. They where quiet for a while.
"So have you been seeing anyone since we left?" Benji said breaking the silence. He had wanted to ask her that question since last night but didn't now quiet how to so he just came out and said it. Kelly looked a little taken back. "Sorry you don't have to answer that." Benji said quickly regretting what he said.
"No it's ok. Erm no not really been with anyone I've been way to focused on dancing I've not really had time for anything else. Jackie tried to set me up on some blind dates and some double date with her, Tony and other random guys no, no one special. What about you how's your love life been?" Kelly said with a little laugh.
"None existent." Benji said and smiled at her.
"I find that hard to believe with all the screaming girls throwing them selves at you." Kelly smirked Benji blushed a little.
"They don't want me they only want me because I'm rich and famous." Benji said not meaning it to sound big headed. Kelly raised her eyebrows at him but she knew what he really meant. He suddenly realised how that sounded. "I...I didn't mean it like that I..." Benji tried to explain. Kelly laughed.
"It's ok I knew what you meant." Kelly smiled. Benji breathed a sigh of relief. They paid for their food then left. Kelly drove Benji home seen as Joel had their car. They stayed in the car for a while when they got back to Benji and Joel's house. They sat in a comfortable silence for a while.
"I had a really good time with you today." Benji said turning to Kelly.
"Yeah me too. Just like old times." She smiled turn towards him too. They looked into each others eyes for a second.
"Do you want to come in, for some coffee or something?" Benji said quietly. Kelly laughed.
"What's so funny?" Benji smiled.
"Benj we both know you weren't really asking me in for coffee you should just say sex." Kelly laughed.
"Well I did mean coffee but I'll take the sex part too." Benji said grinning. Kelly kissed him quickly then jumped out the car. Benji jumped out too and chased her up to the house. She stopped suddenly when she got to the door and Benji came running up behind her. When he got to her he kept running grabbing hold of her and pinning her up against the door. They where both in stitches laughing. He started kissing her. She pulled away from him. He looked at her confused.
"Aren't you going to open the door first?"
"Oh yeah." Benji said feeling in his pockets for his keys still pinning her to the door. He took a while finding his keys. Kelly relaxed between him and the door while she waited. "Ah found them." Benji said pulling his keys out of his pocket triumphantly. Kelly gave a little laugh and rolled her eyes.
"It only took you three days." She said sarcastically.
"Shut up." he said as he started opening the door.
"Or what?" Kelly teased. Benji grinned and raised his eyebrows then pushed the door open making Kelly fall backwards. Benji caught her just before she fell properly. He was laugh standing her up as she clung onto him.
"Not funny." She playfully hit him.
"It was kind of funny." Benji said trying to stop laughing.
"Where have you two been? You've been gone ages." Joel said walking into the hall to see what all the noise was.
"We went shopping, then I had to go to work for an hour..." Kelly started to explain.
"And I waited for her talking to Scott her dance partner and then we went for dinner and now where here." Benji said throwing his arms in the air. Joel and Kelly just laughed.
"Right well I'm going to bed now so please don't make too much noise." Joel smiled heading up stairs.
"Ok we'll try. Night Bro." Benji said.
"Night Joel." Kelly shouted to him.
"Night Guys." Joel said before disappearing into his room.
"So now what are we going to do?" Kelly said turning to face Benji. They where inches apart. Benji looked into her eyes with a serious expression on his face. He brushed her hair out of her face with his hands. He placed his hands on either side of her face and kissed her sweetly.
"I really did miss you, you know." Benji said still with his hands on her face and looking into her eyes. She placed her hands on his.
"I missed you too." She sincerely. They looked went quiet again looking into each their eyes for a minute then broke into a heated passionate kiss. Hands roaming all over each others bodies. Benji picked her up and she put her legs around his waist. Benji stepped into the living room still carrying her, them still in their heated kiss. He sat on the sofa with her in his lap. She pulled his shirt off as he pulled hers off too. She kissed down his neck while working on undoing his pants. She successfully got his pants off while kissing down his body. He flipped them over so that she was now lying on the sofa with him on top. He kissed down her body and removed her pants. He kissed back up her body back to her lips. They kiss for a little longer then continued having sex. When they had finished they cuddled on the sofa for a while. Kelly fell asleep in his arms so he carried her upstairs to his bed and then he fell asleep next to her.

The next morning Kelly woke up first. She was still in Benji's arms but in his room. She looked around confused Benji woke up.
"Good morning."
"How did I get here?" Kelly asked. Benji laughed.
"You fell asleep on the sofa so I brought you up here."
"Oh right. Shit look at the time, its eight thirty babe I've got to go but I had a really good day yesterday and I'll talk to you later." She said kissing him then getting dressed and going. Benji seen her out in just his boxers then went to Joel in the kitchen. Joel was sat smirking at Benji over a cup of coffee.
"Shut up." Benji said smiling at Joel knowing exactly what he was going to say.
"I didn't say anything." Joel said innocently.
"The look said it all." Benji said sitting down opposite him with a cup of coffee.
"I was just going to say did you have a good time yesterday cough and last night cough." Joel said laughing a little.
"Well if you must know we did have a good time." Benji said innocently. Just then Tony, Jackie, Billy and Paul came through the door. They all said hi and sat down at the table.
"Hey has anyone seen Kelly? I haven't seen her since lunch yesterday and she didn't come home last night?" Jackie asked.
"Yeah she was with Benji all day and allllllllllllllll night." Joel smirked. Everyone looked at Benji he looked the other way pretending not to have heard anything.
"Now I wander what Benj was doing with Kelly all day and all night." Tony said smirking. Making everyone laugh.
"Not that you're thinking." Benji said turning round and lifting the news paper up, so no one could see his face, pretending to read it. Tony pulled the paper down looking at Benji.
"Benj you're a terrible layer." Tony said.
"Well it's none of you business anyway." Benji said. "I'm going for a shower." Benji said getting up and leaving. A little later Tony went upstairs and sat in Benji's room waiting for him to get out of the shower. Joel, Billy and Paul where playing video games and Jackie was watching them. When Benji got out of the shower he went into his room with a towel around his waist.
"What do you want?" Benji smiled at him.
"Talk to me." Tony said putting the magazine down that he was reading.
"About what?"
"You and Kelly, please tell me I want to know all the gossip. Come on I tell you everything about me and Jackie, with in reason."
"You sound like a chick."
"Benj please. Look you've got me begging now." Tony said Benji laughed.
"Hang on." Benji said going getting dressed then returning and sitting next to Tony. "What do you want to know?"
"There nothing to tell really."
"Well how did you end up sleeping together last night, before we left you didn't want anything to do with her."
"She came over and we talked well more like shouted but anyway we got or feelings out and I don't know it just happened. We looked at each other and the spark was still there."
"I've got three things to say to that 1. She came over here? 2. it's more than a spark it's more like a fire between you two and 3. I'm happy for you. So what did you do today?"
"She had to go shopping so I went with her and we had a good laugh together it was just like old times, then she had to go to work but she asked me to stay because she was only going be an hour and we could go do something after. I hung out with her dance partner Scott while she was taking her class then we went to dinner after."
"What did you talk about at dinner?"
"What each other had been up to for the last three years."
"And after dinner? How did you end up here? In bed together."
"She drove me home seen as Joel had taken the car. We talked in the car for a bit then I asked her in for coffee..."
"Coffee? Sex more like it." Tony said smirking.
"She said if I wanted to ask her in for sex I should just say it and not use coffee as an excuse." Benji said making Tony laugh.
"I forgot how much I loved Kelly's quick comments." Tony said through fits of giggles.
"Yeah me too." Benji smirked.
"So how was it?" Tony said calming down for his laughter.
"How was what/" Benji said innocently.
"You know what I mean. Was it not weird you know with the history?" Tony asked.
"No it was good really good."
"Really?" Tony said devilishly.
"Yeah it's me and Kelly we always have goods sex."
"I'm so jealous." Tony said playfully hitting Benji on the shoulder.
"Why? What's wrong with you and Jackie?"
"Nothing it just gets boring sometimes we never do anything different."
"You never have you hands off each other, that's all I know. I thought you two where ok."
"We are its just some times it would be nice to spice things up a bit."
"Sorry can't help you there mate me and Kelly have never had that problem."
"I bet you haven't. I bet she knows a trick or too." Tony smiled.
"More than one or two." Benji smirked. Just then there was a knock on the door and Kelly walked in.
"Hey what you two looking so suspicious about?" Kelly said smiling sitting on the bed squeezing between them and putting and arm around each of their shoulder.
"Nothing just you and Benji." Tony said.
"Oh yeah and what's so suspicious about that?" Kelly said raising her eyebrows at them beginning to smile.
"He's been quizzing me about our sex life." Benji said.
"Oh really?" Kelly said raising her eyebrows at Tony. Tony looked away. Kelly leaned over his shoulder and whispered seductively in his ear. "Did you tell him how good it was, really good." Kelly started laughing and Tony looked shocked. "Now why would you want to know about that? I would say that was because he doesn't have one of his own but judging by what Jackie's been telling me and what I've seen myself that's not true. So why are you so interested in our sex life Tony?" Kelly said with a smirk on her face. Tony blushed a little.
"What's Jackie been telling you?"
"Everything." Kelly teased.
"That's not fair you get to know everything about me and Jackie and I get the bare minimum from him." Tony huffed pointing at Benji. Kelly and Benji laughed.
"What are you doing here anyway? I thought you where working." Benji asked Kelly.
"I've been I don't have to go back tonight my lesson cancelled so I thought I'd come see ya'll but if you don't want me I'll go." Kelly teased getting up to go.
"No don't go, I was just asking." Benji said pulling her back down. She smiled and gave him a quick kiss.
"Ok is that my queue to leave?" Tony laughed. Kelly broke away from Benji laughing patting Tony on the head. Soon after they joined the others down stairs. They all hung out together for the rest of the day. At about six o'clock Billy and Paul left and Tony and Jackie went back to Jackie and Kelly's for the night.
"So what are we doing boys?" Kelly asked looking at Benji and Joel.
"What do you mean?" Benji asked.
"Well there aren't no way I'm going back to my apartment any time soon, not with Tony and Jackie at it like rabbits, so what are you two going to do to keep me entertained?"
"Ok if you want me to go then you two have the place to yourselves that's fine but don't try to include me in your cough activities." Joel said. Kelly laughed.
"No I meant go out for a movie or something." Kelly explained.
"A movie sounds good." Benji said.
"Yeah I think I'll just hang out here. I don't feel like being a gooseberry between you two." Joel said.
"Aw Joel you can't stay here on your own. Come with us." Benji said.
"I'll be fine here. You two go have fun."
"Joel you're coming with us whether you like it or not, don't worry we, well I won't make you feel like a gooseberry." Kelly said eyeing Benji. Half an hour later the three of them went to the cinema. Joel had decided to come reluctantly but was actually quite enjoying handing out with Benji and Kelly. He didn't feel left out at all, the three of them had a really good time together.
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