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Chapter 4

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next chapter hope you like it let me know what you think. I have already wrote the next chapter and it's a really good, one of the best i've wrote so far but i'll only post it if i get some reviews.

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Chapter 4

Three weeks later, Benji and Kelly's relationship was getting better and better. They where as close now as they used to be. Everyone was having a good time hanging out together. The guys where making the most of their time off, mainly doing absolutely nothing; when Kelly wasn't working of practicing for the upcoming competition she went and hung out with the guys.
It was 8pm Saturday night and the dancing competition was the next day. Kelly was usually finished by 7pm but her and Scott stayed late practising to make sure everything was prefect for the next day. At 8:30 they finally decided to finish and Kelly went over to Benji and Joel's so hang out with the guys. Tony let her in, they where all sat out in the back garden because it was a nice warm summers night.
"Hey Kel, we thought you'd got lost." Tony laughed as they walked to the garden.
"It's the competition tomorrow so me and Scott stayed late making sure everything was right." Kelly laughed. They got to the garden; everyone was dotted around playing or relaxing. Jackie, Joel and Billy where having a water fight, mainly Joel and Billy soaking Jackie, Benji was sat on the swinging Bench watching them and Paul was lay on the sun bed asleep. When they noticed Kelly they all said 'hi'. Kelly went and sat with Benji and Tony sat on the sun bed next to Paul; watching the water fight.
"Hey baby." Kelly said sitting next to him a giving him a kiss.
"Your late I was beginning to think you'd bailed on us." Benji said.
"I'm sorry I was going to call but we where really busy getting everything ready for tomorrow."
"It's ok you here now." Benji said putting his arm around her and she leaned into him.
"You remember it's the competition tomorrow so I'll be away for the next two days?" Kelly checked with him.
"Yeah I remember you saying something about it." Benji smiled, she had told him three times yesterday never mind the other hundred of times during the week.
"Are you ok with it?" Kelly asked.
"Yeah course I am." Benji smiled giving her a kiss. They heard Jackie scream and Tony, Billy and Joel laughing. They had just chucked two buckets of ice cold water over her. Benji and Kelly looked at what was going on.
"Kel come help me, their picking on me." Jackie pouted like a five year old. She was dripping wet. Kelly laughed.
"You wouldn't get us would you Kel?" Joel smiled nervously; Kelly had a reputation of always wining water fights. Kelly raised she eyebrows then smirked devilishly. Then picked up the water gun next to her and ran at them, Billy and Joel ran. Joel managed to get away but she caught Billy. Jackie came with buckets of water. Kelly held him while Jackie soaked him. Tony, Benji and Joel who had just come back from hiding where all laughing.
"Don't think you've got a way with it." Kelly said looking at Joel Before he had a chance to run she ran at him and rugby tackled him. Jackie went and got the other bucket of water and chucked it at him. As she chucked it Joel pulled Kelly in front of him so Kelly got the full force of the water and he only got a little bit. Kelly screamed. Kelly had a white top on that conveniently went see though with the water.
"Right!" Kelly said Joel got up and ran towards the house but Jackie got there first and locked him out. Kelly came up behind him and poured two full buckets of water over his head. Joel screamed, everyone laughed.
"Ok I give up now." Joel said holding his hands in the air.
"Good choice." Kelly smiled. Joel, Kelly and Jackie walked round to everyone else. Benji, Tony and Billy burst out laughing when they seen the very soaking wet Joel, Kelly and Jackie return.
"Nice top Kel." Tony smiled.
"Yeah I have Joel to thank for that." Kelly laughed.
"What me? Jackie was the one that chucked the bucket." Joel defended.
"Yeah the bucket that was meant for you and you pulled me in front of." Kelly laughed playfully hitting him on the shoulder. Joel playfully hit her back.
"Oh we playing that game now are we?" Kelly warned. Joel stopped and sat on the far side of Tony. Everyone laughed.
"Is he still asleep?" Jackie said looking at Paul.
"Yeah. He could sleep though a bomb going off." Benji said.
"Hey Jackie I dare you to get him with the water gun." Tony laughed. Jackie looked round thinking about it.
"I can't, it's tight and he'll kill me." Jackie said.
"Go on don't be a baby." Billy said.
"Well you do it." Jackie said to him.
"I'll do it." Kelly said standing up getting the water gun walking over to the sun bed.
"Woo go Kel, see she's got guts." Tony laughed. Kelly stood at the bottom of the bed. Everyone went quiet trying to stop laughing while they watched her. Kelly pointed to gun at him, she was about to do it then he moved but he was still asleep. Kelly started laughing then managed to calm down. She aimed the gun then squirted it. Paul screamed and jumped up shocked. She got him straight between the legs. Everyone was in stitches laughing. Once she shot him Kelly ran and chucked the gun at Tony. Tony caught it, as Paul began to realise what had happened he seen Tony with the gun and thought he did it.
"LOVATO! I'M GOING TO KILL YOU." Paul said running at Tony. Tony dropped the gun and ran trying to explain that it was Kelly who did it but Paul wasn't listening. Everyone was in stitches laughing.
"Good one Kel." Joel said.
"Well it was Tony's idea; I'm not taking all the blame." Kelly smiled. They all sat around talking, ten minutes later Paul returned with a smirk on his face. He sat down looking very pleased with himself. Seconds later Tony came walking round the corner, his pants soaking. Everyone laughed.
"Had a little accident Tony?" Kelly laughed.
"This is your fault." Tony said to her.
"My fault I wasn't the one with the water gun." Kelly said innocently.
They all hung out for a little longer after a while everyone went in apart from Kelly and Benji who sat cuddled up on the swinging bench. They sat together in a comfortable silence watching the sun set.
"I'm going to have to go now babe, I've got to get up at six in the morning to leave for the competition." Kelly said sitting up.
"Ok, I'll walk you out." Benji said getting up and pulling her up too. They walked to the front door. He opened the door and Kelly stepped out. They stood looking at each other for a second.
"Good luck for tomorrow." Benji smiled.
"Thanks. Come here." She smiled back pulling him in for a hug. They broke away from the hug and kissed. "I'll be home Tuesday after noon. I'll call you tomorrow and let you know how it went."
"Ok. I love you."
"I love you too." Kelly said giving him another kiss before leaving.
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