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You Should Be Scared Of The Day No One Loves You

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"you shouldn't be scared of falling in love..."

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Gerard’s POV

“So how do we find Frank?” my brother asked turning to me like I knew any better than he did.
“Frank’s not stupid, he’ll go and stay somewhere for a while, let everyone calm down a little bit more from the attack and then make his move, the FBI are still crawling the building looking for clues to who did it, give it a week or so and they’ll be gone, we have to think like him…” she stated, I rolled my eyes “we have to think like a homicidal, suicidal psychopath?” Mikey questioned, I glared at him and he shrugged “exactly, now within the mile radius, where is the furthest hotel, he’ll probably be there…” Lindsey muttered looking puzzled, I shook my head “no…” I whispered, Lindsey turned to me “what do you mean ‘no’?” I looked at her “well I have a hunch…up is down and left is right, y’know?” Mikey and Lindsey both looked at me confused, I rolled my eyes and sighed “Look you go with Mikey to look for him and I’ll go with my gut instinct, if I find him I’ll call you on the Walkie” I stated handing her the keys to the van, Lindsey nodded “be careful” she muttered I smiled at her reassuringly and watched as they walked away.

Frank’s POV

I was really in the mood for Chinese food, I could just devour some duck in plum sauce right about now, but I couldn’t risk it, the streets outside are crawling with Better living workers and FBI agents plus I was in a really comfortable position in bed, I closed my eyes and lay my head down on the pillow, I lay like that for about five minutes before I heard the sound of static coming from somewhere in the room, I sat up and glanced around, the TV was off and there was no stereo, so what’s making the noise, I thought maybe the room was bugged so I stood up from the bed and followed the sound of the noise to my bag, I tilted my head in confusion as I rummaged, I pulled out the Walkie talkie I’d taken from Lindsey and pressed down the black button on the side to talk “h-hello?...” I sounded it more as a question than as a greeting, but I heard a sigh of relief come down the line “I fucking knew it! Frank, where the fuck are you?” Gerard’s voice rang through my ears bringing a smile to my face I sighed “I’m in New York, like I told you, where are you?” I asked confused “Lindsey, Mikey and I came looking for you, we want to help…” he trailed off “are they with you now?” I asked “No, they went looking for you down town…” he stated “why didn’t you go with them?” he sighed again “I had a hunch, and half of it was right, so I’m hoping the other half is too” he stated, “what was the other half?” I asked, but there was no reply, just the static sound again, I sighed and threw the device onto the bed I sighed to myself not knowing what to do now, then I heard a knock at the door, I walked over to the door cautiously and placed my hand on the handle, I’d have looked out of the peep hole but I’m too short to reach so I had to trust my instincts to tell me it was okay to open the door.
“Hey” Gerard greeted smiling at me; I looked at him in shock, staring at him from head to toe before letting my eyes meet his “How did you find me?” I questioned, he shrugged “well most sane people would have hidden out as far away from Better Living as possible, but y’know, you’re not exactly sane, left is right and up is down, right? plus I looked at the guest book since when has your last name been Pricolo?” he explained, a grin spread across my face “Right, and it's my mother's maiden name.” I agreed “Can I come in? Food is getting cold.” He stated lifting up a yellow carrier bag and waving it around a little; I smiled and moved from the doorway allowing him entrance “What food is it?” I asked “Chinese, it’s one of those days” he said shrugging I laughed slightly and he looked at me “you read my fucking mind!” I stated, Gerard chuckled “Well isn’t that a change, usually it’s the other way around.” He pointed out while taking the different containers out of the bag and placing them onto the table, I smiled as I watched him place everything onto the table carefully, he looked over to me “What are you staring at?” he questioned, I diverted my eyes to the floor “Nothing…” I muttered, I heard him huff an amused sigh and he walked over to me “you were staring at me weren’t you…” he stated rather than questioned, I shuffled where I stood awkwardly trying to avoid eye contact with him but he laughed again “you can go off and try and take down an internationally known company all on your own, but you don’t have the balls to look me in the eye and tell me you were checking me out” he stated amused walking back toward the table, picking up a tub of what looked to be Chicken Chow Mein and crawled onto the bed using his one free hand “I know I’m fat, but seriously I didn’t buy this food just for me.” he stated nodding his head toward the food, I walked over to the table and picked up a lid from one of the plastic tubs and threw a bit of everything onto it before clambering on to the bed to sit beside Gerard “You’re not fat.” I stated defensively he laughed and rolled his eyes “whatever.” He stated bluntly before shoving a fork full of noodles into his mouth, I shook my head “if you think you’re fat you’re insane” I stated Gerard laughed almost choking on his food “says the psychopath!” he laughed, I elbowed him in the ribs playfully and he elbowed me back a little harder in response I smiled softly almost forgetting why I’m here in the first place, for now my life almost feels, normal.

“Frank, are you okay?” Gerard’s voice pierced my thoughts, I came back to reality and realised my head was leaning on his shoulder; I shot up straight “sorry, I err, yeah sorry.” I stuttered not really sure of what to say, Gerard smirked and shook his head “it’s alright, you sure you’re okay?” I sighed and shook my head “no, you shouldn’t have come here Gerard…” Gerard shuffled so he was closer to me although I don’t really so how that’s possible without sitting on me but he managed “what do you mean?” he asked, “I mean you shouldn’t have come after me, I can do this alone...that last thing I want is for you to get hurt, or worse killed.” Gerard positioned his body so he was sitting cross legged facing me “you don’t want me to get hurt?” he asked looking confused “surely Lindsey would be the one you’re most concerned about…” he added trailing off slightly at the end, I shrugged and let my gaze fall the zigzag pattern on the bed sheets “I didn’t think I’d have to be concerned about anyone…” he whispered Gerard sighed and I felt his hand fall softly onto my right cheek “you didn’t think we’d come for you…” he whispered as quietly as I had just moments ago, I leaned into his touch slightly before closing my eyes and shaking my head “I thought you’d be getting on with your lives like you had before I came along…” I felt the thumb of his left hand wipe away the first tear that fell from my eyes, before sliding his hand down to my chin and lifting my head up to face him “I could never live my life the way I had before I met you, you were and are the only person who really understands me, and I trust you as much as I care about Lindsey I don’t trust her, not completely, but you’re different, up until I met you I didn’t trust anyone but my brother” he stated softly, smiling weakly at me before pulling his hand away from my face “I just…I’ve spent so long being alone, I don’t really know how to act around people, I don’t know what to say and when to say it and I’m scared, not of this but of people, I’m scared I’ll make my parents mistakes…” Gerard looked at me confused “Your parents’ mistakes?” he questioned, I nodded “They fell in love…and they died because of it…” I muttered, Gerard sighed “no one chooses who they fall in love with Frank, it just happens, and when it does happen you realise that you’ll do anything for them, even die, and they were willing to do that for each other, and for you, Frank to them you must have been like a symbol of how powerful love can be, because you and I both know you shouldn’t even exist, it shouldn’t be possible for a human to conceive through that…you shouldn’t be scared of falling in love, you should be scared of the day no one loves you…” he trailed of, his eyes not on me, I sighed “When did you feel like no one loved you?” he looked at me “It’s kind of hard from one minute being a half normal human being and then a rather traumatic week later I’m a fucking blood sucking, man eating creature of the night…I just thought the world had given up on me…” I placed a hand on his shoulder “well I haven’t given up on you.” I smiled and he returned it weakly “I should tell Lindsey that I’ve found you, I told her I would…” he mentioned, I nodded “Maybe you should…” I muttered, I glanced out of the window and saw the sky was now a burnt orange I sighed “I don’t have to tell her yet…I can tell her tomorrow if you want, and when her and Mikey get here, you can fill us all in on your action plan…” I looked and smiled “it’s up to you honestly…” Gerard smiled at me and the slightly familiar sound of static began echoing through the room “Not mine…” I stated, Gerard nodded and crawled back to where the now cold Chinese food was on the table, and picked up his Walkie talkie “Yo.” He greeted, the voice sighed “Never say ‘yo’ again Gerard or I’ll rip your tongue out.” Lindsey stated “love you too Linds, what’s up?” he asked casually “Have you found Frank?” I glanced at Gerard and he looked at me, I sighed “I’m here” I stated “Oh thank god…” she trailed of beginning to sound uneasy “Lindsey what’s wrong?” I asked steadily “They took Mikey…” Gerard glared at the black machine he was holding “What?” he said defensively “They followed us, in the van, they ambushed us, they took Mikey and I didn’t know what to do so I ran, but they followed me, they still are, I’m so sorry Gerard…but they might have followed you too…” she stopped, her speech replaced with hysteric sobs, I crawled over and took the Walkie talkie from Gerard’s hand “Lindsey where are you?” I questioned desperately “give it a few hours, I’ll be with the others… and you’ll know where I am…” then the line went dead Gerard took the device from my hands “Lindsey! Lindsey!” he shouted, but the static echoed through the room, “She’s gone Gerard, I guess it’s just us now…” I stated bluntly, Gerard looked to me, tears in his eyes “They have Mikey…” he managed to mutter, I placed a hand on his shoulder “Gerard, look at me…” he eyes hesitantly met my own “We are going to get him back, we’ll save all of them, Ray, Lindsey and Mikey, I promise…”
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