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Being Stripped Of Your Soul...

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an entire chapter of Mikey! yaaay

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Mikey's POV

When I regained consciousness, I found myself lying on the cold floor of a rather large room that appeared to have no doors or windows, just four plain white walls, one of which had a sofa to match the rest of the plain white room. I didn’t know what time it was, what day it was, Jesus I didn’t know where I was, I could be anywhere! I looked around the room, scanning for anything that would give me some kind of clue to answer any of those questions, but nothing. Then it hit me.

Where’s Lindsey?

Where’s Gerard?

Where’s Frank?

Well I didn’t know where Frank was before all of this, but I don’t remember anything else, I remember getting into the van with Lindsey to find Frank after we’d visited Bert, but from then onwards is blank, I don’t remember anything….
what the fuck happened?

I sat concentrating for a while, scraping my brain for any kind of memory or clue as to what happened, but I found nothing…

It was about half an hour of sitting in silence trying not to go insane when I finally heard something…
something that wasn’t voices in my head, it was coming from outside of the walls.
I scrambled from the floor and stood in the centre of the room turning in a circle slowly to see if the invisible door would be revealed to me, then I stopped spinning, feeling slightly dizzy I watched as the door was opened cautiously by two men in white suits and masks, I scanned them, they seemed to be unarmed, so I felt they didn’t hold any threat toward me, one of the men approached me “Come with us…” he said, his voice thick and low, his gaze holding my own. I simply nodded and obeyed his request; I’d have done anything to get out of that room.

So now Handcuffed and being escorted like a criminal I began to think I may as well have stayed there, as I walked through the door, I entered a corridor of nothing but white walls, the only colour was the metallic glow from the silver elevator on the left hand side of the corridor, the rest of the corridor was purely white or so I thought it was until I approached the elevator doors, I noticed a yellow sign that read ‘Wet Floor’ and the picture of the stick man falling over which always seems to amuse me, but not this time, I turned back to scan the floor surrounding the sign and saw pink puddle stains, I looked back up to the men escorting me but they said nothing, finally the men stopped me outside of a room, the man on my right knocked the door firmly, and a feminine voice replied “Come in” the man pushed the door open slightly and muttered the words “We brought him, as you requested ma’am” he stated, the female then spoke again “Thank you Joshua, you and Oliver can have the rest of the afternoon off” the man nodded and looked to the other before walking down the corridor together, leaving me in the door way “Don’t bother running, they’ll just shoot you. Come in” I walked in slowly, the familiarity of the voice and the threat convinced me not to run, I was curious, I knew this woman, she wasn’t facing me, but her long dark hair hung down to the middle of her back, she was wearing a tight fitted black skirt that stopped about an inch above the knee and a pale grey blazer and black stilettos to match the rest of her outfit, I stood in silence waiting for her to speak again. “that’s Frank’s work…the blood stains on the floor in the hallway, killed seven soldiers within a split second, without a second thought.” She said before turning around to face me, my eyes widened as she smiled at me, with her thickly done red lips and lightly flicked eyeliner rimming her eyes “L-Lindsey…” I muttered, she continued to smile, she walked over to the door closing and locking it so the room was secure, she then turned to me “Hello Mikey” she released me from the bonds around my wrists and walked back over to the desk she was standing at before “take a seat, I suppose I have some explaining to do…” I sat in the chair next to where she stood and glared at her. “Oh Mikey stop being so childish!” she snapped, I shook my head “Don’t call me Mikey, only my friends can call me Mikey.” I said through gritted teeth “Fine then, Michael, would you like me to explain all of this to you or not?” she questioned, I nodded once in silence and she leant against the desk behind her “It’s been my job since I was three years old to look out for Frank, not my job specifically but when the coven found out about him, they exiled his father, but they wanted to keep an eye on their actions, which is why my family were friends with his…” she sighed deeply “I care about Frank, I really do, he’s an amazing person, but he’s too dangerous, this place was built when Frank and I were about five, It’s run my vampire elders and lycan leaders, it’s full of the most vicious and highly skilled vampires and lycans you’ll ever come across…Frank always thought it as his prison…which I understand, but it was only for the security of the humans, and our identities…he thought all the workers here were human, if he stays on the outside any longer his true form will begin to show, and that’s when we’ll have to change our methods from Capture to Destroy…” I looked at her confused “True form?...” I asked, she nodded “He’s never been around humans Mikey, he think he has, but he’s never had the craving for human blood because he’s never been around it, I can’t think of a way to explain it…do you remember when Gerard was turned?” she asked delicately knowing it was a fragile subject to bring up but I nodded in response “I remember the bodies…” I whispered, Lindsey sighed “imagine that but worse, he’s already been showing signs of blood lust…when Gerard told us he’d bitten himself in the wrist, it’s because human blood is pumping through his veins, he’s never been around huntable humans…he’s been exposed to them for too long, we knew this would happen, his escape and we needed someone, someone he’d trust completely to help him get here, to convince him...” I stood up “but that person wasn’t you was it…” I stated, she shook her head “no…sadly Frank never did trust me even as children, when he turned sixteen there was a scare he’d try to escape because he’d come of age, so we had to make a plan, we knew he’d return to New Jersey, we needed someone he could relate to…” she trailed off, I stood in silence for a while putting the pieces together “Gerard…” I muttered “You…it was you…you killed him!” I spat venomously at her, she nodded “like Frank, Gerard felt isolated most of his life, and then every vampire turned or born knows the trauma and pain of being turned, having your soul stripped from you, the feeling is a loss, Gerard needed that loss so he could relate to Frank, and we couldn’t kill your parents, so we arranged for him to be turned, it was necessary…” I could feel the anger building up inside me, the thought that I ever considered this woman a friend, someone I trusted, she even had me fooled…I felt myself begin to clench my fists, and soon enough my right hand was heading straight toward her face with all my strength, my fist was about to come into contact with her face when she moved, gripped my arm tightly, I closed my eyes when what felt like small knives pierced my wrist, after a few brief moments of sharp pain I reopened my eyes to Lindsey pulling her face away from my arm and a small trail of blood leaking from the side of her mouth, I then felt myself become dizzy, my vision blurring and my legs caving from beneath me, I collapsed to the floor, my limbs betraying me as I tried to move but failed, my blurred vision watched the distorted silhouette of Lindsey leave the room in silence…

Lindsey’s POV

I left the room, locking the door again behind me, leaving him there alone; I walked swiftly down the corridor, wiping the blood from my chin with the sleeve of my blazer, I stopped half way down the corridor and pressed the little button on the wall for the elevator, after waiting a few moments the elevator doors opened and I stepped in, pressing the button for the second floor and waiting for the doors to reopen onto the new floor.
When the doors opened I stepped out and heard shouting and gun fire, I looked down the corridor to see some of the lycans changing form and the vampires running for the lobby…

I walked into one of the offices that over looked the balcony, I looked through the window and saw Frank and Gerard together

“Right on cue…”

[*[/BOOM! Bet you didn't see that one coming did ya? mwahahahahahahahahahahhaaa >:D by the way this isn't some Anti-Lindsey thing, I love Lindsey like ridiculous amounts, her and Gerard are just perfect okay? but she just seemed to fit the role haha, anyway hope you enjoyed, already working on the next update, expect it soon, R&Rs would be lovely
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