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Don't Be Late...

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Gerard finds out what's really going on at Better Living...

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Frank’s POV

Gerard and I were both surrounded by vampires and lycans, I looked at them confused, the vampires wearing Better Living uniforms, yet they didn’t have the scent, and neither did the lycans, I heard a crack against the floor, I glanced to my right to see Gerard had dropped his weapons and placed his hands behind his head, he looked to me “Trust me…” he whispered, I nodded and copied his actions

The echoing growl of Lycans on edge ran through the building, two vampires were escorting us to one of the higher floors, we stood in the elevator, Gerard to my right and the two men behind us, I looked down to Gerard’s wrists, they were turning red from the friction of the handcuffs around them, I then looked to my own, the skin starting to tear around the edges, it wouldn’t be long before I started to bleed and then these dipshits standing behind us might just go a little crazy for it, I glanced to Gerard who was also looking at my wrists, his eyes full of concern but also of worry, I caught his eye and whispered “It’s alright” he took a deep breath and nodded I felt a sudden thump in my back “Shut up.” Came the voice of one of the two men guarding us, I turned and glared at them both “Go fuck yourselves.” I stated bluntly, before turning back to face the elevator doors in silence, I could see the smirk forming on Gerard’s face from the corner of my eye, the four of us almost lost our footing as the elevator came to a sudden halt, the monotone female voice ringing through my ears “Floor 15” felt my stomach drop a little bit, after years of trying to escape this place, they’ve just brought me straight back, the doors opened and the men rather forcefully pushed us out of the small space and into the corridor, I looked cautiously down either side, I then felt a hand grab my wrist violently and placing it to the top of my back, I looked to Gerard, the other man had done the same to him, and he was now being escorted in the opposite direction of myself, I could see him struggling to get free of his captors grasp, I saw him look back to me, our eyes met, and all I could see was fear “I’ll find you.” I mimed to him down the corridor, I saw Gerard nod and then turn away allowing the man to carry him…

Gerard’s POV

I felt lost without Frank, I felt lost and alone, I didn’t know what to do with myself, I trusted Frank to find me, like he said he would, he knew this place inside out, but I just don’t like the feeling that there’s something bigger going on here, Frank seemed shocked when he saw the Lycans and Vampires, he was expecting humans, I know he was, which makes me think there’s something bigger that Frank isn’t aware of yet…
The guard stopped outside of an office door, he pushed it open and waited for me to enter, I walked in slowly, as soon as I was in enough he shut the door firmly behind me, leaving me alone…

Frank’s POV

I was taken to my old room, well cell, but there was something different, something wrong, I looked around the white room, I stood in the centre and started spinning in circles slowly…Mikey’s been here. I ran over to the part of the wall the door was and thrashed my hand against it “Hurt me all you want, just leave the others alone!” I shouted, but no response, I hit the wall again this time causing a fist shaped dent in it and an echoing thump.
After a while of attempting to communicate with whoever is outside of the room, I turned around, leant my head back and sank against the wall, I pulled my legs into my chest, placed my head on my knees and wrapped my arms around my head.

I’ve been so certain I’d succeed, all this time, I thought of my life of freedom
I never prepared myself for the time I fail, the time I’d have to spend the rest of my life here…alone.

Gerard’s POV

There was something wrong in here, I could sense it, I could…smell it, I scanned the room eagerly looking for where the oh too familiar scent was coming from, but there was nothing, I knelt on the floor in silence trying to think of what to do next when I heard the door open and close, I lifted my head quickly and stood up, staring, speechless… “Good afternoon Gerard…” Lindsey gentle voice echoed through the room, I could feel the anger already building up inside me, I stared at her in silence, in my mind her words echoed through my mind

“They followed us, in the van, they ambushed us, they took Mikey”

“…I’m so sorry Gerard…”

I ran at her full speed and pushed her against the nearest wall, my hand around her throat holding her up against the wall a few inches above me “Where is he?!” I shouted loudly the venom in my voice audible even to my ears, I felt her swallow back some air underneath my hand, but I didn’t loosen my grip “Where?!” I repeated more forcefully, pushing her harder against the wall, I watched her eyes move to something on the other side of the room, I followed her gaze and saw a small television screen, I moved my grip from her throat to her wrist in one swift movement before dragging her across the room toward the small screen, I pushed the standby button firmly and after a few moments the picture on the screen became clear…

It was Mikey, lying on the floor in an empty office, blood pouring from his wrist, tears streaming from his eyes, pain on his face, I knew what was happening to him and it was the one thing I swore to myself I’d never let happen to him, I felt my decayed heart break as I watched my brother suffer in such pain, alone.

I turned back to Lindsey, I grabbed her by the collar and pushed her again against a wall, I punched her in the face viciously to daze her while I broke the wooden leg from the leather padded chair on the other side of the room, I slide her up the wall and injected the wooden chair leg into her stomach purposely not piercing her heart so she wouldn’t die, she screamed in pain but I quickly cover her mouth after the screams stopped I looked her in the eye “Once I find them…I’ll kill you.” I turned away and walked toward the door, as I opened it I turned back to look at the woman I once called a friend “And don’t expect it to be quick…” I stated before slamming the door behind me

I ran through the corridor looking into every office window I could find, but there was no sign of Mikey, I retraced my steps walked down the corridor where Frank and I had been separated and continued in the direction Frank was taken in, next to the elevator was another office, I placed a hand on the door knob only to find it was locked, I placed through the circular window of the door to see nothing, I stared at the empty space for a while, wondering where he could be, but I was dragged from my thoughts when a blood covered hand slammed against the window on the opposite side, startled I took a step backwards only for the hand to be replaced with a dying face “Mikey…” I muttered, I could see him try to reply but I shook my head, “Get away from the door…” I stated, Mikey nodded weakly once before stepping aside, once I knew he was clear of the door I kicked it open with all my force, I ran in to see Mikey collapsing due to no support from his legs, I caught him before he fell to the floor “Fuck…Mikey, I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry…” I stated, he shook his head “no…don’t apologies, none of us knew Lindsey was…” he managed to mutter before he began coughing up blood “Hold on Mikey….hold on” I whispered trying to hold back the wave of tears that were flooding my eyes, I felt his hand fall onto my own “It’s okay Gerard…it’s okay…go, go and find Frank…” I shook my head letting the tears fall “No, no I won’t leave you alone, I know what it’s like to go through this alone Mikey, I can’t let you suffer the same way, I can’t” Mikey shook his head “Gerard, Listen to me, It’s okay, you made it through, I will too, you need to find Frank before this place blows…” I looked at my brother in confusion “Blows?” I questioned, he nodded “I heard one of the employees talking about evacuating everyone, there’s too much evidence of vampire and lycan existence in this building, the only thing that will get rid of it all is if the building goes down with it…” he spluttered, I stood up “I’m coming back for you Mikey…I promise” I stated, I watched my brother prop himself up against the wall “Don’t be late…” he muttered, I nodded and ran out of the room to find Frank.

AN- Shitty chapter I know, I apologies, new update coming soon hopefully
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