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Lies For The Liars.

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"She'll kill him..."

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Mikey’s POV

It was strange, this feeling, like I could feel my body decaying on the inside, burning, the pain was immense, worse than anything I’d ever felt before but I couldn’t scream, it’s although my voice box had broken, as much as the pain was begging for me to make a verbal release, it wouldn’t work, I couldn’t talk, I could barely breath, I looked to my wrist to see the two deep holes from which endless amounts of blood was pouring, I knew I what was happening to me, I’ve seen it before, when Gerard was bitten, when he locked himself away in the basement, never leaving the house, he was just waiting to die, he had no idea then, that he was far from being at peace, as much as he may have wanted it.
I closed my eyes and prayed Gerard would be back soon, with Frank, so we could get out of here, so we could go home and forget about all of this. So I can see Alicia and actually tell her how I feel, fuck it’s only taken an experience like this to make me realise how much she means to me, fuck and she doesn’t even know it, she probably doesn’t even care…
I lay on the floor hopelessly, my limbs betrayed me, my mind drifting, my world ending, and soon my heavy eyelids began to get the better of me, and then the darkness was all I knew…

Frank’s POV

After one of the younger guards were foolish enough to open the door to my cell, I broke out with ease, there was just another dead body that’d need cleaning up, and another shirt I’d need to wash blood stains from.
It felt like déjà vu, I’d done this before, just over a month ago, running through these white walled corridors, making my final escape, but it’s not my final escape, I know now it never will be, even if I do get through this, I’ll only have to run from others, I’ll spend my life running and killing, it was never my destiny to have a normal life and now I’ve let innocent people die for something that was never meant to be…
I stopped running, I turned to my right, where the wall was made of glass that over looked the rest of the building, there was so much blood, so much fighting, so much death and it was all because of me. all of this, this was my fault, I gripped a metal railing in front of me tightly before shutting my eyes tightly praying this wasn’t happening, I don’t want it to happen anymore, I don’t know what I’m doing, I’m no hero, I’m no human, I’m no one, I’m all that’s evil in the world, whatever path I walk death and destruction surely follow…
Through the glass wall, I caught a quick glance of Gerard running a across a corridor a few floors below, I felt the corners of my mouth curl upward slightly at the thought of him fighting for me, caring enough to risk his life for me, that thought brings an indescribable feeling that runs through my entire body, like a warmth coming from within. I’m not trying to kid myself here I know exactly what it is that I’m feeling…it was something I swore to myself I’d never feel…

Gerard’s POV

Running through the corridors my mind was spinning, my world was falling apart, I ran as fast as I my legs could carry me, running, looking for any sign of Frank, but there was nothing, I stopped briefly to catch my breath before running up to the higher floors, I checked in every room, every corridor, but there was nothing, no sign of him anywhere, I stopped running to breathe, and to think…after thinking for a good five minutes, I heard a crash coming from the floor upstairs, I looked out of the window to see shattered glass falling, I went back on myself toward the stairs and ran up another flight,
I burst through the doors of the stair well and ran through the corridor, until I found what I was looking for “Frank…” I shouted from the opposite end of the corridor, He turned to face me breathing uneven he stuttered slightly “H-hi, G-gerard.” He smiled weakly at me before turning back to face the now permanently open window “Frank what are you doing? We have to go…” I stated, Frank didn’t face me, instead he shook his head “No…” I stared at the back of his head confused, I cautiously approached him “What do you mean ‘no’?” I questioned, he turned to me, tears staining his cheeks “You have to go, find the others and get out.” He muttered, I shook my head “I’m not just going to leave you hear Frank, you’ll get killed.” Concern laced my voice; Frank nodded “That’s the idea…” I tilted my head in confusion “What?” he looked me in the eye “So what if I do get out of here Gerard? So what if I do destroy Better Living?” he asked, I stared at his face “You’ll be free…” I whispered, but Frank shook his head “Don’t you get it? I’ll never be free, I’ll never have a normal life, all these years I thought they were humans, but they weren’t, I’ll be constantly hunted by Vampires and Lycans and Humans and nothing will stop them, I’d rather die than have to be running forever Gerard…I’d rather die…” he trailed off “but you’ll never go through it alone…I’m here for you…” I watched as tears streamed down his pale face “That’s just it, if you don’t die now, doing this, then it will just be somewhere else, at another time, risking your life for me, it’s unnecessary and I won’t let you die because of me.” I placed a hand firmly on his shoulder “I won’t die because of you, I’d die for you, I’d give anything for you to be safe Frank, for you to be free of all of this…he looked into my eyes hopelessly “if you want me to be free…you’ll let me do this…” he whispered, I moved my hand slowly from his shoulder to his cheek “We don’t have long…” I muttered, Frank simply nodded not uttering another word “I’m sorry…” I stated, Frank looked at me confused for minute before my free hand collided with his face, I caught him before he fell to the floor and picked him up firemen style and carried him back down the corridor and back to Mikey.

Mikey’s POV


“Mikey wake up…”

My eyes opened to see Gerard and his soft voice echoing through my ears, I shook my head slightly “What…why is Frank on your shoulder?” I looked to my brother who simply rolled his eyes “not now, the building going to blow any second, we have to move, I know it’s hard but do you think you can walk?” I nodded and pushed myself up from the floor slowly, ignoring the aching pain coming from all over my body. I took a moment to balance myself before looking to Gerard and nodding, Gerard smiled back weakly and turned back toward the door, I followed him swiftly, I glanced at Frank’s limp body that was slung over Gerard’s shoulder, blood dripping from his nose and the shadow of a bruise beginning to form over his face, Gerard stopped suddenly, looking down at the bodies of some of the Better Living employee’s “Mikey, check if their guns are loaded…” I squatted and reached over and collected the weapons, “yeah, they have magazines too” he nodded “Pass one here and you keep the other, keep your eyes open okay, this isn’t over yet…” he stated before taking a gun from my hand and continuing to walk, I followed closely, keeping a watchful eye on the area surrounding us, watching and listening for any signs of enemy movement, this shit was straight out of the kind of shit you get in games these days, blood everywhere, distant screams, the eerie silence falling over the halls, we’d made it to the lobby without having to kill too many people, we were right by the door when I saw Frank move slightly, and then more, his eyes opened slowly and he looked at me and smiled “Mikey! Ow…the fuck happened to my face?” he said wiping his right hand across his nose and inspecting the blood pouring from it…his face then filled with realisation “Gerard put me down right now!” he sighed and carefully slid Frank from his arm, Frank stood in silence staring at him before punching him pretty damn hard in the chest “Why the hell did you do that?” gerard shouted holding his free hand to his chest “That’s for punching me in the face!” Frank shouted “I only did that to stop you from jumping out of the fucking window!” Gerard retaliated, I watched as Frank clenched his fists “I knew what I was doing Gerard, but no, you have to have the last word” Gerard shook his head “I didn’t want you to die!” Frank huffed annoyed “Die now, die later, what’s the fucking difference?!” Frank threw his arms around in the air to express some of his clear frustration, after standing in silence and watching them glare at each other, I thought I’d butt in “Guys shut up, now is not the time for a lovers tiff okay, now shut up the pair of you and lets go.” Gerard looked at me shocked “um…we are not lovers.” He pointed out, Frank rolled his eyes “Oh don’t sound so offended Gerard, you’d be fucking lucky to land me.” Frank stated matter of factly; Gerard sighed heavily “You think you’re so much better than everyone else, just because you’re a more advanced species, you are so fucking full of it, how about you get your head out of your own ass for once and think about how this will affect others!” he gradually went from a whisper to a shout and I watched as Frank bit back his tongue slightly “how it will affect others? I told you not to come, I told you to stay in Jersey so you wouldn’t die! I didn’t ask for your help Gerard, you followed me here, so don’t you dare tell me I didn’t think about how this would affect others!” defeated Gerard looked Frank in the eye “y’know I’m starting to think I should have left you to jump.” He stated bluntly before walking swiftly out of the building, I saw Frank’s whole domineer change, he wasn’t angry anymore, he looked to me with fresh tears staining his cheeks, I moved my gaze “you should go and find Gerard…” Frank muttered, I looked at him “Frank the building could go up any second…” I stated, he shook his head “The buildings not going anywhere, trust me I’ve spent enough time here to know that it’s all just talk to get the employees out quicker if an event like this happened…” I nodded “Okay…” Frank only nodded, I placed a hand on his shoulder as I walked past him “he didn’t mean it…I know he didn’t...” I whispered, Frank and I left the building together but parted ways, I followed after Gerard and Frank well, I guess he went to clear his head…

Frank’s POV

Gerard’s right, he should have left me to jump, all of this would be over, the world would be as it was, the world is better off without me, my stupid ambitions of bringing this place down, getting my revenge, is this what revenge is meant to feel like? Because I’m not feeling so great, Better Living will just rebuild…Gerard hates me, Mikey’s dying and Lindsey’s…Lindsey…she’s still inside.

I went back on myself and ran back into the broken building, I ran for the stairwell door and pushed it open, not letting them slow me down, I sprinted up the stairs, heading straight for the fifteenth floor.

“Lindsey!” I shouted as loud as my throat would allow, I heard it echo through the entire floor, I began running from room to room, looking for any sign of her, but I found nothing
I stood beside the elevator leaning against the wall trying to catch my breath when I heard a noise coming from down the hall, I walked slowly and cautiously toward the room where the sound was coming from, I entered the room and saw Lindsey pinned to the wall, a chair leg through her stomach, I ran over to her “Fuck, Lindsey are you okay?” I asked desperately looking from the chair leg to her face “stupid question Frank…” she muttered as if she was out of breath “sorry…” I whispered, I wrapped my hand around the chair leg “you might want to brace yourself; this is going to hurt…” I stated, she closed her eyes tightly and I pulled the make shift stake from her stomach, she screamed loudly in pain, but I couldn’t help but look at the huge gaping hole in her stomach, she placed a shaking hand on my shoulder “I was just trying to protect you Frank, and he….he attacked me.” I looked to her confused “who attacked you?” I asked, she took a difficult breath “Gerard…Frank, I think he’s one of them…” I looked at her in disbelief “No, no he wouldn’t…why would Gerard want me dead? He barely knows me…” Lindsey sighed “maybe for the protection of his brother…you told him what you were, your story, about Better Living, before anyone of the others, maybe he was scared…” her voice unsteady and tears slipping from her eyes, I thought about it for a minute…thinking back to the argument Gerard and I had had no more than 30 minutes ago.

maybe she’s right…

“Come on, we need to get out of here, can you walk?” I asked her, she nodded and smiled at me, I walked out of the door and back toward the stairwell with Lindsey following me. we walked in silence, my mind was spinning, Gerard…Gerard of all people…part of me wishes I’d never have broken out of this place at all, it’s just not worth the hassle, innocent lives wouldn’t have been lost, and everyone’s lives would be normal, or some kind of variation of normal…

Mikey’s POV

“Gerard, you are such a prick!” I stated walking over to the park bench my brother was sitting on as I sat beside him he sighed “I know…look I feel horrible…”I placed a hand on his shoulder “you should go and apologies, he’s lost enough today, he doesn’t need to lose you as well” I said softly, he looked at me and smiled weakly “I mean the whole Lindsey thing must be tough on him…he trusted her for so long…” I mentioned, gerard nodded, but then stood up quickly “he doesn’t know…” Gerard muttered I stayed sitting, having almost no energy left “what do you mean?” I asked, he looked at me “He doesn’t know it was Lindsey!” my eyes widened “He’ll go back for her…” I whispered, but Gerard interrupted, finishing my sentence “She’ll kill him…” I tried to push myself up from the bench but Gerard stopped me “No, you need to rest…” he fumbled in his pocket for a moment before handing me a key “It’s for a room Frank booked for the week, it’s the hotel opposite Better Living, go back there and rest and I’ll see you soon, I promise.” He kissed my forehead and sprinted back toward Better Living, I had a horrible feeling inside me, that he wasn’t going to be able to keep that promise, I stood from the bench and slowly began my walk to the hotel, silently praying that all this would be over soon.

AN~ right, sorry for the long wait, hope you enjoyed this, some serious shiz is going to go down in the next chapter so keep an eye out, R&R? :3 ~ BitterLoveBlackHeart xoxo
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