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Sometimes Falling Too Fast Works...

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Gerard goes back to save Frank from Lindsey, but is he too late?

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Gerard’s POV

I’ve never ran so fast in all my life, I could feel the numbing feeling spreading through my thighs as I ran back to the building, my heart racing, sweat rolling down my forehead, I didn’t know what I was going to find when I got there, whether it would be Frank dead, Lindsey dead or that they are both still alive, and I’ll have to be the one to make Frank realise his whole life is a lie, whatever happens I know it’s going to be painful in one way or another.
Right now part of me was wishing I’d tried harder to convince Frank to stay in Jersey, none of this would have happened, but instead I let him go, I let Mikey get hurt, and now everything we’ve known if just falling apart, I don’t know what’s worse, my life before I met Frank, or the situation I’m in now.

I burst through the main doors to the building, where I saw Frank and Lindsey walking together, “Frank, get away from her, she’s one of them!” I shouted, Frank looked at me, eyes wide, mouth open slightly, like he was in shock but then within a split second his expression changed, his eyes fluctuating between his human and vampire states glaring at me, his raised the gun he held in his hand “This was all your doing. I should never have trusted you! YOU JUST WANTED ME DEAD!” he screamed approaching me, I shook my eyes went wide, I didn’t know what to say I shook head frantically “No, Frank you’ve got it wrong, whatever she’s told you it’s not true, that last thing I’d want is for you to be dead, infact I want you to be the complete opposite, I want you to be very much alive, I wish we’d met under different circumstances, because you’re amazing Frank, and I mean you, not your abilities, not your power, just you. It was always just you.” I finished my emotional rambling with tears rolling down my cheeks, I held my eyes closed tightly waiting for the impending click of the trigger but instead I felt a hand fall gently on my face, I twitched slightly but I opened my eyes, the barrel of the gun replaced by Frank’s smiling face, tears staining his cheeks his breathing slightly unsteady, he made his smile slightly bigger before looking down to the gun in his hand, checking how much ammunition was in it and turning back toward Lindsey, who had been silently standing and waiting for my death from the other side of the lobby, Frank began to walk toward her and her smug smirk fell to a look of horror “F-frankie, what are you doing? He’s the one who wants you dead, I’m trying to protect you…” but Frank didn’t stop, he continued to move toward her “get on the floor…” he said quietly, “Frankie please!” she begged “GET ON THE FLOOR!” he screamed, his words echoing through the building, I didn’t move. I stayed where I stood in silence. Slowly and silently Lindsey crouched down and sat against the wall on the floor, “how could you do this to me?” he questioned her she took a deep breath “It was necessary…” she breathed slowly, “wrong answer.” Frank muttered before shooting her in the arm, her screams of pain echoed through the lobby “Frank please!” she begged, tears running down her face “You never, cared about me, after knowing me for my entire life, it was all just an act, a way of keeping an eye on me, and then you try and blame the only person who gives two shits about me! you’re a traitor, after all the years I trusted you, and you just rammed a fucking stake right into my back! And you expect me to be merciful? After all the years I suffered in this hell?” Frank then turned back to me his face completely changed, his eyes were black and green as they were when I followed him back in Jersey, but this time, his face was…bones. The small amount of colour from his skin was drained to a shade of grey, his jaw bones stuck out at a crooked angle and his eyes were deep in their sockets where the jade green was shining brightly he looked withered yet powerful then I realised. This is what he really is. He turned back to Lindsey “he’s known me for what? A month? Two maybe? And he cares about me more than you ever did in my nineteen years of existence!” Lindsey with a hand clasping her wound on her left arm let out a small sob and mumbled something of an apology “sorry? You’re sorry? Well sorry isn’t going to bring my parents back from the dead. sorry isn’t going to make up for the years I spent being tortured hear, and sorry definitely isn’t going to make up for the fact that Gerard is still here and having to watch me do this to you!” he stated. He then bent down in front of her “You should have spent less time trying to mould me, and spent more time being scared for your lives…” he whispered, he then gave Lindsey a quick shot to the head, taking advantage of Lindsey dazed state he walked over to the reception desk and broke one of the chairs, taking the sharpest of the four legs her returned to Lindsey, he pulled her up so she was standing, she was still conscious but not quite all there yet, Frank whispered something into her ear which made her look him straight in the eye and rammed the chair leg into her heart, he then dropped her back to the floor.

He stood for a few minutes just facing her limp body on the floor. We were both silent.
When Frank finally turned to face me he was once again in his human state. His eyes instantly locked to mine and he walked toward me slowly when he stood in front of me his face dropped to the floor, hiding behind his hair he mumbled “I’m sorry you had to see that…” I placed a hand on his shoulder “you know it hasn’t changed a thing, I stand by what I said, you’re amazing and that will never change…” he looked up to me and smiled “Thank you…” I returned the smile and Frank nudged me “Come on we have to get to Mikey…” I nodded and Frank and I ran back toward the hotel.

Mikey’s POV

I was lying on the bed, I couldn’t feel anything, my vision was blurry and my chest felt like it was burning in the pits of mount doom, I couldn’t breathe and every time I tried to do anything or move anything an immense wave of pain flooded my body, but most of all my wrist was aching, it was irritable and painful and all I wanted to do was scratch it but I knew I couldn’t, every breath I took it got harder for me to breathe. I glanced at the clock on the wall in front of me it was half seven in the evening now…Gerard had been gone a long time. I could feel myself start to worry about him and about Frank after all he is the reason we came here in the first place. I just hope they are okay…

I could feel my mind start to black out, with everything I had I’d try and stay conscious but the pain was overwhelming and as much as I tried, I fell into a world of darkness…

Gerard’s POV

Frank and I ran through the halls of the hotel and burst into the hotel room, Mikey was lying unconscious on the bed, I ran over and checked his pulse, it was slow, so slow… I pulled away and turned to Frank who was still standing in the door way “Is there anything we can do?” Frank asked, I shook my head “All we can do now is wait…” I stated, Frank nodded and leant his head on my shoulder “I’m sorry Gerard, it’s all my fault… if it wasn’t for me Mikey would never have been bitten…” he sighed, I shook my head and wrapped my arm around his waist “It’s okay. At least I know he hasn’t died in vain. At least his life wasn’t wasted, not like mine…”

Frank’s POV

He trailed off and I stood up straight facing him “Gerard. Some people aren’t born to live, some people are born to die, and you know what, I wouldn’t have you any other way, you’re perfect…” I stood on my tip toes and pressed my lips softly against Gerard’s before returning to my previous stance of having my head on his shoulder. He looked at me in shock firstly but then smiled and tilted his head so it balanced on top of mine…

It took three days for Mikey to complete his ‘transformation’ he’s very jittery, he can’t sit down, Gerard thinks we should go back to Jersey soon, but I don’t know whether it’s a good idea to put Mikey in a vehicle where he’s meant to stay still, but I just think Gerard wants to try and make his life as normal as possible again, and try and forget or at least move on from what has happened, we finally got back in touch with Ray and Bob who thank god are safe, they told us nothing had been happening in Jersey while we were away so they kind of forgot about everything, so they ended up basically having a sleep over which is fair I guess, we haven’t told them exactly what happened yet, we’re waiting to do that in person, it’s not really something you can talk about over the phone. But it’s been quiet, the workers at Better Living have had to clean up our mess and cover up what happened, they said there was ‘a biohazard risk drill’ that wasn’t scheduled and it sent everyone into panic, but everything was taken care of and the workers return to work next week…

But thankfully they will only be working on products to make human lives better. They will not, and I can promise this to anyone and everyone, they will never be doing what they did to me, ever again. They won’t risk it.

But for now, Gerard is my main priority, and Mikey is his, we’re like a family, and it’s the best feeling in the world caring about people and knowing they care about you too, it’s something I haven’t felt for a long time and it’s something I know now that I’m willing to die for.
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