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Don't Let Him Forget.

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Frank's leaving Jersey to Travel the world, but Gerard isn't so keen on seeing him go.

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6 Months Later…

Gerard’s POV

It’s strange how quickly everything went back to being almost normal, Mikey’s doing great he very rarely gets blood lust and he finally got the balls to ask out Alicia, they’ve been together for five and a half months now, she also knows about everything, I let Mikey tell her so there were no secrets in the relationship, but I don’t know how long it will last…
Frank’s and I…we’ve kind of had a thing going on, well we’re not dating but we kiss every now and again, and yeah I’m completely in love with the little shit but hey ho, some things don’t work out the way you want them to and I’ve come to terms with that, Frank isn’t as interested in me as I am him but whatever. He’s living with us too well living with us up until today, about a month ago he decided he was going to go travelling around the world, he realised that being locked up for so long gave him such dream of adventure that he just couldn’t have in New Jersey, not now everything is over with, he’s getting a plane to London, and then he’ll travel through Europe, head over to Asia, then down to Australia and New Zealand then he’s going to South Africa, after that he’s going to Mexico and South America before he finally comes back home…
He’s planned it all out, he thinks he’ll be gone a few years, I think he’ll be gone forever, he’ll probably take a fancy to someone in England or Australia or anywhere, he’ll forget about me and then I’ll be left heart broken and I’ll just turn into a hermit vampire like that twat out of that tween vampire movie what was it called? Oh right that’s it…Twilight.
So here we are, standing on the front lawn helping Frank pack his bags into a cab and saying our goodbyes, Mikey doesn’t really seems phased by it but inside I think my dead heart is breaking, the thought of him leaving my life for so long is unbearable.

As Frank loads the last bag into the taxi he approached Mikey and I, he gives Mikey a hug and whispers something in his ear causing Mikey to look at me, I shook it off and Frank then stood in front of me and smiled “You could have come too y’know…” he muttered, I nodded “I know but I need to make sure Mikey’s okay, he’s still kind of new to all of this…” I whispered, Frank nodded a single tear rolled down his cheek “I’ll miss you…” I shrugged “No you won’t, you’ll probably find yourself some British chick to party with…” I stated, Frank shook his head and placed a gentle kiss on my lips “shut up Gerard, of all the people I’ll meet I can tell you now none of them will be anywhere near as amazing as you…” he wrapped his arms around me and I wrapped mine around him treasuring the moment, because I know it might be my last “I’m coming back Gerard…” he muttered, I shook my head “Really? You’ll travel the world for years and then after all that, you’ll come back to shitty old Jersey and a shitty old house?” he nodded “Yes, and you know why?” I shook my head “No…” Frank smiled and kissed me again “I love you that’s why.” I felt my face blush “I’m sorry what now?” I questioned wondering if I’d misheard him, he shook his head “I said I’m going to come back to ‘shitty old Jersey’ because I love you.” His smile now a contagious grin, my gaze fell to the floor put Frank picked up my head gently with a hand under my chin “I love you Gerard Way, and nothing, no person, in any country will ever change that.” I smiled and wrapped him up into a hug.

The cab driver beeped his horn and Frank pulled away “That’s my cue to leave…” he stated, Mikey smiled at him and gave him a brief hug and Frank returned to me and kissed me on the cheek, before walking down the yard and climbing into the cab, and before I knew it he was gone.
Mikey placed a hand on my shoulder, I looked at him and he smiled “are you okay?” Nodding attempted to smile at Mikey but instead found more tears falling from my eyes I didn’t want Frank to leave, I don’t want my life to be ‘normal’ like it used to be, I want him here and making everything seems stranger and crazier, I let out a deep sigh before turning to my brother “What did he say to you? When he whispered in your ear…” I questioned, Mikey’s smile widened “He said ‘look after him don’t let him forget me’…” he trailed off and then took his hand from my shoulder “come on, we better get inside, it looks like it’s going to start raining…” Nodding I followed my brother back indoors not closing it behind me until I’d had one last look down the road and whispered into the cool air “Goodbye Frank…”

AN- I know I've been really shit, and the ending is a bit shitty but I've been sooo busy and I've had a new idea for a new story that I'm really excited about starting! so look out for that! and I promise next story updates will be more frequent ~BitterLoveBlackHeart xoxo
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