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[A/N] - Because I live in England, this story is set in England because it's easier for me :L

Frank sat at the science table, drumming his fingers against the desk and listening to his friends talk about what they were doing after school that day "We've started a band." Gerard explained "Mr Mills asked us to join it so me, Ray, Mikey and Bob are going."

Frank sighed jealously. He'd been asked to join the band too but he couldn't go to band practices, not the after school ones anyway and those were the most important ones as Mr Mills had explained. All his life, that was all he'd ever wanted to do. Play guitar in a band. Whether they became famous or not. He didn't have a choice though. He didn't have the time to stay behind after school.

"What are you doing Frank?" A friendly voice asked.

Frank snapped out of his daydream and looked at the new girl, Penina Dayne who was smiling at him "Oh, nothing." Frank said quickly "What about you?"

"Just going home and listening to music I guess?" Penina shrugged her shoulders.

The bell rang. Penina opened her mouth to say something extra to Frank but he didn't have time. He grabbed his bag and ran out the room way before anyone else even thought about moving. He raced out of school and down the road to the primary version of his school "Frankie!" Three voices shrieked.

Frank smiled and found three out of four of his little sisters. His oldest sister being Isabella who was eleven with short black hair, the next being called Lauren who was eight with long, curly, dark brown hair and then Mia who was six and had black curly hair down to her chest. And they had a fourth little sister back at home called Alicia who had short black-brown hair down to her cheeks and was only three.

"Come on, we've gotta go home." He lifted up Mia and took Lauren's hand with his spare arm. Isabella was old enough to walk by herself "How was school today?"

"It was awful!" Lauren cried "There's this new girl in my class and I tried to make friends with her but all she wents to do is play fight with me. I don't like play fighting!"

"Don't worry, I'll play guitar for you later to make you feel better." Frank promised "What about you guys?"

"We got to do finger painting in art." Mia said. It looked like she'd done more than just finger painting since her face, arms and clothes were also covered in paint.

"We had to do PE today and she made us go outside and then I told her I couldn't do it because my PE kit was wet this morning but she still yelled at me. And you promised that she wouldn't." Isabella pouted.

"I'm sorry, I did ask Mom to write you a note but she just freaked out at me." Frank sighed "You know I'd talk to your teacher but I can't leave Alicia at home with Mom any longer than I have to."

"I know but I still didn't like her yelling at me." Isabella pouted "Frankie, can we have McDonalds for tea pleeeeeeease?"

"I'd love that but we can't. I don't have enough money and neither does Mom. I'm sorry." Frank felt really bad. Why did they have to go without just because their Mom couldn't be bothered to get a job? He couldn't wait until Isabella was a bit older so that she could get a paper round. Frank had a Saturday job working in HMV but he had to spend all his wages on things like clothes and food which didn't leave money for much else. He saved about two pounds of it every week so that he could get them Christmas presents at the end of the year though.

"It's okay." Isabella told him.

"No it's not." Frank sighed as they made it home. He let down Mia and got his house key then unlocked the front door.

Alicia ran into the corridor and held her arms up. Frank lifted her up and found Alicia had been crying "What's wrong Honey?" He asked gently, stroking her hair.

"Mommy left me here by myself." Alicia sobbed, leaning her head on Frank's shoulder "And she didn't give me any lunch and I've lost my teddy bear and all the power went out so I couldn't even watch TV."

"The power card must've ran out." Frank looked at Isabella "You know where the spare power cards are, right?"

"Yeah." Isabella went down the corridor and found one out of the desk drawer then came and replaced it. The power instantly came back on.

"Help me find my teddy." Alicia gave Frank some puppy dog eyes and he didn't have a choice.

The evening included finding Alicia's teddy bear, making the girls dinner, killing a spider for Mia even though he was terrified of them too, listening to Isabella play her piano, playing guitar and singing to Lauren and then tucking Mia and Alicia into bed at the same time "Night Beautiful." He said, kissing Mia's forehead.

He went to walk away but as he did, Mia took his hand "Frankie, is Mommy going to come home?" She asked innocently.

"I don't know Sweetheart." He replied, running his fingers through his hair "We'll see in the morning. You know I'll take care of you though either way." Mia nodded "Goodnight."

"Night Fwankie." She snuggled under the duvet and fell asleep.

He went downstairs and found Lauren and Isabella watching TV "Hey, what are we watching?" He asked, sitting down and pulling Lauren onto his lap.

"My sister's keeper." Isabella replied, snuggling up against her older brother.

Frank smiled. He'd do anything for his sisters and would destroy anyone who tried to hurt them.

[A/N] - I know it was a boring start but it should hopefully get good soon :3
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