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The next day at school Frank got into trouble for not doing his homework the night before. Well that wasn't his fault. He'd helped the girls with their homework but he'd been so busy that he hadn't had time to do his own. Frank could've explained this to his English teacher but he didn't see the point. They'd only phone social services. And anyway, he was just too tired. Alicia had woken up shrieking with nightmares so Frank had had to comfort her and then Mia had insisted she'd had a nightmare too and even though Frank knew that wasn't true, he comforted her anyway. So he was like a walking zombie.

"Are you okay Frank?" Penina asked "You look kind of... Dead."

"I'm fine." Frank muttered. He didn't want his friends worrying about him. He hated making people worry about him. There was nothing to worry about anyway. He had everything under control.

Except for the fact that he'd had to leave Alicia at home by herself even though he knew she hated it. He'd made her a sandwich for lunch and put it in the fridge for her then promised that he'd come straight home to her after school. But she was still scared. Frank spent the entire day worrying about her, worried that someone might've broken into the house and kidnapped or muderered her.

Those were the reasons he was so quiet at lunch time while the others chatted away happily "So how are things going with the band?" Callie asked with a small smile. Frank felt like groaning. The last thing he wanted was to hear about the band right now.

"Oh it's going really well. We think we've written a new song." Ray smiled "But we think we need another guitar player to make it work." Everyone turned and looked at Frank.

He sighed "I already told you, I can't. I'm busy. Like every night."

"Doing what?" Tiara asked.

"Oh umm nothing." Frank blushed bright red, feeling like an idiot.

"Well if it's nothing then surely you can be in the band?" Jennifer asked, raising her eye-brows "Come on Frank, tell us what's really going on."

"I just can't, okay?" Frank snapped causing everyone on their table to fall silent. Frank sighed "I'm sorry. I just can't. Trust me, I want to but I just... I can't. Sorry."

"Why not though?" Mikey cried "You've been like this for a long time now Frank. Tell us what's wrong. Please?"

"Maybe tomorrow. Maybe." Frank said even though he had no intention of telling them anything. He didn't understand. Why couldn't they just leave him alone? Couldn't they see that he was exhausted and in an awful mood anyway?

"You'd better tell us tomorrow." Gerard said, biting into his sandwich "We're getting worried Frank. We need to know these things."

Frank rolled his eyes and let them continue with their pointless conversation. As he listened, he wished that he had their worries. Gerard and the others were worried that they maybe weren't good enough to be in a band. The girls were moaning about how their parents never seemed to let them stay out late. The only person not saying anything, just like Frank, was Penina. She was staring into space and looked just as troubled as Frank did. So Frank made a resolution to find out what she was so worried about.

"Where's Lauren?" Frank asked when he got to the school gates and found only Isabella and Mia waiting for him.

"She got detention for getting into a fight with that new girl." Isabella sighed "She told the teacher it wasn't her fault and they weren't really fighting and everything but she wouldn't let her leave."

Frank bit his lip "Well I can't leave her here alone but I need to get home and look after Alicia." He put his head in his hands "What the hell am I meant to do?"

"Just go home with Mia." Isabella said "I'll wait for Lauren and then we'll walk home together."

"No, you're too young to walk home by yourselves."

Isabella sighed "I'm eleven Frank. Half the kids my age walk home by themselves. We don't even live that far away. It's the only solution anyway."

Frank thought about it for a moment and then realised he didn't have any other choice "Alright fine but take care of Lauren, okay?" He picked up Mia and kissed Isabella's cheek then started speed-walking home because he knew Alicia would be terrified "Mom had better come home soon." Frank hissed.

"Are you gonna get mad at Lauren?" Mia asked fearfully "It wasn't her fault Frankie, honest, I promise. It was the new girls fault. She's really annoying and really mean. She ripped up my painting! Frank! Frankie?" Frank was still exhausted from the night before so wasn't really listening "Frankie, are you okay?"

"I'm fine." Frank looked at Mia "And no I'm not gonna get mad at Lauren."

"Good!" Mia smiled "Will you play your guitar for me Frank? I wanna hear you sing again."

"I don't see why not."

"Does that mean yes or no?"

"It means yes Sweetie."

"Oh, good!" Mia smiled again and kissed Frank's cheek "I do love you Frankie."

"I love you too Sweetheart." Frank replied with a small smile. He unlocked the front door and stepped inside "Alicia? We're home."

Alicia ran into the hallway "Mommy didn't come home today!" Alicia cried, throwing her arms around Frank's waist "Where's Lauren and Isabella?"

"They're still at school but they'll be back soon." Frank said hopefully "Come on, I'll read you a story. Let's go into the living room."

[A/N] - Cutting this chapter short because I need a shower :3
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