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"What do you think is wrong with Frank?" Ray asked as him and his friends walked home, putting his arm around Raven. The girls had waited for the guys after their band practice and now they were all worrying about Frank.

"I don't know but he seems tired all the time." Jennifer said, biting her lip "I don't understand why he can't tell us."

"You know what Frank's like, he doesn't like anyone worrying about him." Tiara sighed, taking Gerard's hand "Maybe we should go round to his house?"

"Yeah, that's a good idea." Gerard said "Anyone else coming?"

Everyone said they were going except Penina "Why aren't you coming?" Raven asked "You like Frank just as much as we do."

"I know but... I'm busy. Sorry." Penina sighed "I'll see you tomorrow at school. Tell me everything, okay?" And with that, Penina ran off.

Ray sighed "That makes two people we have to worry about."

"I'm sure she's fine." Mikey said doubtfully "Let's worry about Frank first. Come on."

They all walked to his house and knocked on his front door. Isabella opened it and looked startled. Frank's friends were equally startled "Frankie!" Isabella shrieked.

Frank walked down the corridor and took Isabella's hand. He looked up and saw his friends causing him to go bright red "What are you guys doing here?"

"You never told us you had a little sister." Gerard said, looking confused.

Frank sighed and ran his fingers through his hair "Why don't you come inside?" He asked eventually.

Everyone came in and made their way into the living room. Alicia and Mia were on the carpet playing a game of snap. It was exhausting playing snap with Alicia because she was so slow at playing the game, she simply yelled "SNAP!" at the top of her lungs every time they put a card down, just in case they were the same. Mia didn't care though, she just wanted to take her mind off of things.

Alicia smiled at their guests but Mia looked startled. Frank came in behind them so she leaped up and ran to him. He lifted her up "Jesus, how many secret sisters do you have?" Ray cried.

"Four." Frank admitted "This is Mia, that's Alicia and that's Isabella. And then there's Lauren who's in the bathroom."

"Hi! I'm Alicia." Alicia said happily, going over to Tiara because she thought she was pretty "What's your name?"

"I'm Tiara." Tiara smiled at her "You're so cute!"

"I know." Alicia giggled "Frankie, can they stay here for the whole night? We never have people over."

"They're not staying here long." Frank sighed, sitting down next to Gerard and placing Mia on his lap "Besides, you're going to bed at seven."

"No!" Alicia moaned "It's Friday! You always let us stay up late on a Friday!"

Mia wrapped her arms around Frank's neck and whispered into his ear "Frankie, are they nice people?"

"They're very nice people, don't worry about it." Frank whispered back, kissing Mia's forehead.

"Look, Frank, what's going on?" Raven asked "We've been worrying about you!"

"You don't need to worry about me, I'm fine!" Frank cried.

"Well why didn't you tell us about your sisters?" Gerard asked "What's going on? And don't say nothing because we know there's something."

"You really wanna know?" Frank took a deep breath and was about to start but then Lauren came into the room.

"Oh, hello." She said shyly, edging her way towards Frank. He sighed and pulled her onto his other knee, trying to keep them both calm because he knew they were both kind of scared of strangers.

"Basically, these are my sisters." Frank explained "And our Mom barely bothers to take care of us. She's either drunk or out with another one of her stupid boyfriends. Or like right now, she's just disappeared and we don't know when she's going to come back. So I have to look after them. Straight after school which is why I can't be in the band or hang out with you guys." He sighed "I'm all they've got."

"Why didn't you say something?" Callie asked "We could've helped you! And we will help you. With whatever you need."

"You should be in the band Frank." Raven told him "We all know how much you love playing guitar. We could babysit for you until you get back. We could bring the girls to school to listen to you play. You need to be in this band Frank, we know how much you want to."

"I can't just leave a stranger to look after them. Look at Mia and Lauren, they're not good around strangers."

"We're not strangers Frank, we're your best friends!" Gerard cried "You know we'd never do anything to hurt them."

"I want Tiara to babysit us!" Alicia shrieked "She's lovely!"

"Please Frank?" Tiara begged "You know that we'd take care of them, right?"

Frank ran his fingers through his hair "What do you think girls?"

"Yes, yes, yes!" Alicia cheered.

"I don't mind." Isabella smiled, sitting down next to Mikey.

"What about you two?" Frank asked gently. Mia looked up and nodded. Lauren did too. Frank smiled "Alright fine."
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