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More insight to those treasured memories

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"Do you remember this?" Ray's wife asked holding up a picture of the young couple. The picture was taken when the band had been invited to a themed party of comic book characters. Frank had gone with Iron Man knowing it was Eleanor's favourite character and she had adopted a Pepper Potts look. In the photo she had Frank's mask on her head with her arms around his neck both giggling and both very drunk.
"That was the night he proposed to her isn't it?" Robyn asked smiling.
"Yeah he asked her whilst they were drunk didn't he so at he wouldn't be as nervous." Ray laughed. "I remember when he told me he'd bought her a ring, I thought he was going to pass out he was that scared." The guitarist smiled fondly. "I asked him when he was going to ask her and his response was 'when she's drunk' I didn't think he was serious." Ray laughed again.
"We should have realised though given the fact that's how he used to calm everyone down." Mikey joined in. "Remember our first gig when he was a fan?" He looked round the table waiting for us to confirm. "Well we were so nervous." The younger Way looked at his brother, "he came backstage with a six pack of beer and a bottle of Jack and we drank and drank until we felt like we could face the stage. Of course that meant we were absolutely wasted but we wasn't nervous. We just had to focus our attention on not throwing up." The Way's both laughed hysterically at the memory.
“So it technically worked.” Gerard spoke still smiling.

“What do you think their wedding would have been like?” Ray’s wife asked looking at the females of the table.
“I reckon it would have been simple but elegant.” Robyn chipped in, “just like Eleanor was. I mean Frank was loud and giddy and Eleanor was quiet and graceful so that would have suited them really.” On first glance the couple looked polar opposites but when they got together they sort of evened each other out, she tamed him and he made her wild. No matter what they did, or where they were though, they both were always dressed appropriately and often smartly, unless they were lounging around at band practice.
“Looks like we don’t have to guess.” Alicia spoke holding up a patterned book, or more specifically the young couple’s wedding book. “Looks like they both kept a wedding book.” She held up a batman one, clearly Franks.

As the group quickly discovered their theories on the wedding were correct, the two books both had very similar ideas for their ceremony. A ceremony which would finally see them joined as one, as Mr and Mrs Iero and there was no other couple that would suit a wedding better. Why Frank chose that time to propose none of the group were sure, after all as far as they knew it held no significance of the date, it was not an anniversary or a birthday and it was nowhere near Christmas or Valentine’s day, the young man must have just felt it was the right time that they would be joined. Ray allowed the memories he had of the young couple to fill his mind.

There was one that stood out the most. It was when the band had received the call asking if they would like to be Green Day’s supporting act. The whole band knew how much Green Day had helped Frank through his difficult times, he had often spoke how it was Billie Joe who influenced his decision to play guitar instead of following in the footsteps of his family member to play the drums. He also never hid the fact that when he would have issues at school or his parents arguing since their divorce or even when he had his own issues inside his head, that the only constant fixture in his life was the music that Green Day made. The punky attitude which Billie Joe and the rest of the band showed during their gigs inspired Frank to continue in his own way through life. There had been many of times where Frank would skip lunch and save up the money his mother had given him to spend on a ticket to their show. Ray had got lost in the conversations he had with Frank about this topic and quickly remembered why he started to think of this. He remembered that the rest of the group found out and was pretty damn excited however, Frank had been taken ill into hospital and obviously not heard the news. The guys went around at their normal visiting time, taking him video games and comics. None of them knew how they held in the smiles and the news for as long as they did.

“So erm we’ve got some news Frank.” The other guitarist picked the moment when the group had all fell silent.
“Oh.” The younger man said simply, he had feared this moment. He had always been an ill person, from his childhood he had always had spurts in hospital from his many illnesses, so much so that he had made friends with the nurses who would sneak him extra food and he also had his own room there which they allowed him to make more homely with a few posters that were easy to take down. It was because if his illnesses he feared the band would be fed up of him missing shows and would tell him that they had decided to replace him permanently. No matter how much he tried to prepare himself for this moment he could not guarantee not crying. This band meant everything to him, he had even sacrificed relationships –up until meeting Eleanor Thacker– in order to pursue the band. “You know what you don’t need to say anything, I get it I understand. Thanks for the opportunity. I still regard you all as friends.” He tried to put on a brave face and be gracious.
“What are you talking about Iero?” It was the lead singer who quizzed their friend, after noticing the same look on each other’s faces, the look of confusion.
“Well with me being ill all the time you want me out of the band?” Frank said quietly not looking at the other members.
“How can we want you out of the band when we’re about to ask you if you want to tour with Green Day?” It was the man who was remembering this memory who asked the question.
“Did you just say tour with Green Day? As in the Green Day?” The now sick man in the bed asked excitedly, trying to calm him nerves.
“Well I hope so, if not there is a guy who sounds very much like Mike Dirnt.” Ray added smiling when Frank jumped up and threw his arms around him in the tightest hug he’d ever been given.

“What are you smiling at Toro?” Gerard asked his friend softly, not wanting to break his chain of thought, but curiosity getting the better of him.
“Oh just about him and his love of Green Day.” The two friends smiled at each other knowingly.
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