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Gerard looks back after they see a video

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“If you’re watching this then we’re no longer with you so the purpose of this is to just say a final few words to you all.” The group of friends were gathered in the front room staring at their departed best friends on the screen. The oldest of them found the video after rooting to the very bottom of the box. He felt some comfort from hearing his best friend’s voice one more time. “First up, what we’re leaving to whom, so the last wishes of Mr and Mrs Iero are as follows.” Frank beamed on the screen as his partner held up her hand with a wedding ring on it.
“The house we leaving to the whole of My Chemical Romance, we hope it will be of use for inspiration to continue with the band and to come in times of need.” Eleanor spoke smiling, “treat it like you used to, the only thing we ask is that you leave the kitchen and our bedroom as it is and don’t change anything.” She smiled her caring smile.
“My guitars I leave to you all one each. Gerard please practice some more I know you can do it if you put your mind to it. I hope Ray will continue to teach you just like I had started to.” It was the young man’s turn to speak. Gerard felt a sense of pride that his best friend had acknowledged his progress.
“My clothes I leave to you Robyn you always said how much you liked them so have fun.” Eleanor smiled as the older girl couldn’t help but feel like her friend on the screen was talking to her directly, as though she knew exactly where she was sat. “We want you to sell our cars and donate the money to charities, we don’t need them and neither do you.” She continued to everyone in general.
“Ray I leave you my record collection, listen to them when you’re struggling to think of parts and think what would Frank do, then do the complete opposite, because what you right was and always will be wonderful.” He was looking directing at the camera smiling as he spoke what he knew to be truth.

After the young couple had gone through the band and their wives, it had been decided that they were going to stay overnight at the small, cosy home as there was a storm rippling around outside.
“We’re going making supper babe are you coming?” Robyn squeezed her husband’s shoulder lovingly as he sat on the floor in front of the frozen television.
“Yeah I’ll be in in a moment, I’m just going to play it a little while longer.” He looked up at his wife as he kissed her hand that had remained on his shoulder. She nodded before returning into the kitchen with the rest of the group. As Gerard stared a while longer at the tape which showed his best friends talking amongst themselves about their other possessions he thought there was nothing else he needed to hear. He crawled slowly over but he suddenly stopped when he heard his name come from the screen.
“Gerard, we know you’ll still be watching this.” Eleanor spoke softly as he sat back to see the couple holding hands on the screen. “We just want to give you a personal message. In my left desk drawer there is a letter for you. We want you to read it whenever you feel like you can’t handle this or cope. We want you to know that although we’re not with you to help you overcome these emotions we will try to help you as much as we can from wherever we are. Please don’t go back to your old ways you’ve come too far to go back and you have a loving wife and friends around you to support you, they are all you need.” She spoke softly, her eyes glazing over as his best friend didn’t look up from the hand that belonged to his new wife. “We love you Gerard and we know you can get through this.” They both looked up at him smiling just before the video cut off.
“I just wish you were here so bad.” The singer whispered to black TV screen before re-joining his friends in the kitchen.

That night when the house was silent with everyone sleeping Gerard lay thinking about his friends words. Why was it him they felt they needed to encourage more than Mikey or Ray? The memories of how he first met Eleanor came flooding back as did the reason he was in that state. His grandmother’s death. She was the first person close to him he had ever lost, he was so close to her that he considered her more as a friend than as a relative. He remembered how he could tell her anything, for instance when he first thought he might have been gay, the first person he turned to was his grandmother knowing that she would offer a useful and an solution reserved from judgement as to what he should do. He remembered turning to his her for advice when he first asked Robyn on a date, it was her that offered the cute little beach cove with a picnic where he took her and wooed her. Whilst there were very fond memories he held of her, they were tinged with pain and sorrow of her sudden and unexpected death. He remembered when Mikey came to tell him, Frank and himself had been laying down new lyrics when Mikey broke the heart breaking news. He remembered how Frank held him tight as he broke down into fits of tears, bursts of anger and general sorrow. He remembered all the sleeplessness nights Frank endured in order to comfort Gerard and how he had never properly thanked him for that. At the funeral it was Frank who was a pillar of strength, consistently by the older man’s side, holding him up when he felt faint. He remembered how it was Frank’s face he woke up to every time he had passed out from the drugs or drink. He never really thanked his best friend any of that, he just took it for granted and as he looked back he realised why the young couple had directed that message to him now. Frank wasn’t there but that doesn’t mean to say that Gerard had to fall to pieces, it was up to him now to step up and thank his friend for all those times. He was grateful to his best friend for being there through all those times, for the good and the bad and the damned right stupid times.
“What you thinking about babe?” Robyn whispered as she interlocked her fingers in his.
“About how much I needed to say to them but how much I didn’t.” He spoke more to himself then his doting wife. “I love you so much.” He whispered softly on her forehead as he rested his lips there softly, “so so much.”
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