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Yet another lovely night at the bar

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The boys share another night out at the bar. More drunken frankie !

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“So ‘ow was practice today, boys?” Carolyn asked as she began to cut the chicken on her plate up.

“We...nom nom...leaned how’t fly...nom nom nom,” Georg explained while shoving forks full of mash potato into his mouth.

“Don’t talk with your mouth full, darlin’,” Carolyn pointed out. Georg wiped the potato from around his mouth with the back of his sleeve. She rolled her eyes to the high heavens.

“We learned how to fly,” Gustav enlightened her; “It was fun.”

Gerard went wide eyed at this and stood up while pointing at Gustav, “I wanna fly! You have to teach me.”

“Gerard, sit down,” Carolyn commanded. Gerard slowly sank back into his chair as if nothing had happened.

“What’s wrong with you lot today?” Carolyn questioned, “Gerard, you’re actin’ weirder than you usually do. Frank’s too quiet. Bill, don’t look yourself darlin’, you’re barely even touching your food.”

Bill poked the chicken with his fork, “yeah? Well, my board kinda broke and...” He didn’t finish
“And...” Carolyn took a drink from her cup.

“I said ‘my board kinda broke’,” he looked over at her.

“Well, start eatin’ that food and maybe you’ll feel better.”

Frank slammed his hands down on the table, “You guys want noisy Frankie, I’ll give you noisy Frankie! I declare that I am the best man at this table right now!”

Everyone paused and looked at him with puzzled faces.

“Also, tonight I am going to go out and find my self a new friend!” Frank declared as he sat back in his chair.

“Why?” Georg asked curiously.

“’Cause I am lovable,” he declared.


“Another night in the bar,” Ray started as he sprayed aftershave into his hand and began rubbing it all around his neck, “Why not somewhere else?”

“The bar is like the only cool place to hang out, that’s why,” Bill answered him as he backcombed his hair furiously. He gave his reflection a nasty look as he tried to pull the brush out of his spikes.

“Well, tell me this, Bill” Ray turned to face him, “Where do you disappear to on Sunday afternoons?”

“None of your business.”


Tom watched as a girl with a protruding ass walked passed the bar, “hey, bitch!”
The girl turned to look at him.

“You, me, bed, now!” He indicated.

“Me, you, no way, asshole,” the girl replied as she stalked off.

“LATER, BITCH!” Tom shouted after her. He then turned his attention his twin who was massaging his temples, “S’UP?!”

“Nothing,” Bill pulled his hands away from his face and glared at his twin, “Actually, I’m just realising that we never do anything fun. All we do is race and come here to get smashed.”

“Yeah well, life’s a bitch. Life’s people are bitches too. Just like that bitch over there,” Tom gestured to the girl who blew him off. He then got up and started towards her, “YO, BITCH, C’MERE!”

Bill rolled his eyes at the twin. He turned around to look around yet was met with a face full o’ Mikey.

“Is Toni here?” Mikey asked sounding desperate.

“Uh, I dunno. Why don’t you go look,” Bill suggested.

Without saying another word, Mikey skipped off looking around the bar for the mechanic.

“Very cute, eh?” A voice sounded beside Bill. He looked around and saw Mr. Smith, “my Michael is always chasing that girl all of a sudden. One day I hope they are married. She is actually quite a pretty girl.”

Bill took a swig on his drink before interrupting the elder, “Yo, why do you call him Michael. Do you have some thing for Michael Jackson? His name is Mikey.”

“He was born with Michael. He simply uses Mikey as a shorter name,” Mr. Smith explained as if Bill didn’t know, “why are you in such a mood anyway?”

“Doesn’t matter,” Bill drank the alcohol again, “so anyway, today I saw you whisper something to ‘Michael’. What was it?”

“Does it matter?” Mr. Smith raised his eyebrow.

“I guess it doesn’t. I’m just curious.”

Mr. Smith remained silent for a while and then answered, “I said ‘try the trick I taught you when you were younger. It will be easier.’”

‘Lie’ Bill thought. Mikey had told him different. Basically, Mr. Smith was teaching Mikey tricks on the spot and leaving the others out just so he can impress the judges the next round of the race.

“Well, I bid you farewell, young Kaulitz,” Mr. Smith walked away.

Bill cursed him as he walked away.

Bill sat in the corner of the bar in a drunken state as he glared daggers at Mr. Smith who was chatting with the bartender.

“Choke...choke...choke...” Bill repeated as if he was casting a spell.

“BILL!” Frank’s voice sounded. He appeared in front of his vision with a young blond haired girl on his back. She laughed hysterically at Frank’s drunken state.

“I’m going home to have sex,” the small man slurred as hair fell in his eyes. He didn’t seem to care, “But shhhh,” he put a finger to his lips, “No telling Carolyn. HAKUNA MATATA, BROTHA!!!”

“RIGHT, LET’S GO, FRANKIE!” The blond girl shouted.

“Fuck you, Frank,” Bill flipped him the bird as he watched his friend gallop away.
Ok just a little crack chapter
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