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It felt like years since I last saw Ray even though it was only an hour ago.

The cops dropped me off at home where I was smothered by the mum and dad, both of them crying and saying they'll never let him hurt me again.

I grew angry and frustrated at the horrible names they called him; rapist, sick fuck and so on. I burst out of their strong grasp on me and ran to my room where I spent the entire night crying over our photos together and thinking I’ll never have that again with him.

After finally managing to cry myself to sleep I was woken up by my parents telling me it was time to go to court.

I sighed and got changed before slowly making my way into the back of the car.

“Now don't worry darling, he can't hurt you while you're in the court room, the cops will stop him before he gets anywhere near you.” My mum said.

“Whatever.” I grumbled.

“And don't hold anything back.” My dad added. “Tell the judge straight, tell him everything that sick bastard did to you so they'll put him on death's row.”

I wanted so badly to scream at them but I knew it would do no good. I kept quiet and waited until we made it to court.

The only reason I agreed to show up was to see Ray again and to finally pluck up the courage to tell the truth about us, even though I know they won't listen.

The judge started the trial but my attention was stuck on Ray, I wasn't going to let them take him away from me, I was going to plead his innocence and tell them I wanted him to do those things to me.

“Raven.” My mum said shaking me.

“Huh?” I asked.

“Go on, tell them.” She said pointing to the stand.

I sighed and got up and walked up the stand before taking my seat.

Ray looked up at me, his sparkling dark brown eyes staring into mine, he was terrified, knowing the concequences if he they found him guilty.

“In your own time Miss.” The judge said. “Tell us everything this man did to you and how it all started.”

I smiled to myself remembering the day I first met Ray.

“Well...” I began. “It all started when I was being bullied a school. These bitches were pushing me into lockers and stealing my stuff, Ra- I mean Mr. Toro, my teacher, made the bullying stop. He helped me. And after a while of having him as my teacher I got into the habit of turning up late and not doing my homework he kept me behind after school. But... one day I just couldn't help it... I kissed him.”

The courtroom gasped and my mum looked as if she was going to faint.

“And then he took advantage of that and raped you?” The judge asked.

“What? No!” I shouted. “I wanted him to do that to me. I love him. And I don't care about what the law says about teachers dating students but I love him and you should accept that!”

“Young lady, I don't care if this man has threatened you to say that but you are under oath and lying is not an option here.”

“I'm not lying.” I hissed.

“It still doesn't change the fact that he raped other girls.” The judge said.

A few gasps filled the room, I turned towards Ray whose head shot up and his eyes widened.

“What? No, h- he wouldn't.” I stuttered.

“That's a lie!” Ray shouted standing up.

“Sit down Mr. Toro!” The judge yelled.

Ray's lawyer grabbed hold of him and forced him back down to his seat.

“I never touched anyone!” He shouted.

“Silence!!” The judge yelled.

“This is bullshit!” Ray screamed.

“Miss. Vannacut you may leave the stand.” The judge said.

I stood up and walked passed Ray placing my hand on his cold shackled hands.

“I'm sorry.” I whispered.

“It's too late. There's nothing you can do anyway.” He whispered shaking his head.

I sat back down in my seat to see my parents had already left the court room, probably couldn't stand the truth.

“Can Acantha Clover Echo please come to the stand.” The judge asked.

My head shot up at that name, I turned to see Acantha sitting in the seat, she sniffed and dabbed a tissue under her eyes as she pretended to cry.

That lying, fucking bitch, she was going to get him locked away for good!
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