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“In your own time Miss.” The judge said.

Acantha nodded and sniffed again.

“I don't know where to start.” She mumbled. “It happened after Raven went missing. He told me to stay behind after lesson and he locked the door and the windows and switched all the lights off and closed the curtains and... I- I didn't know what was going on. He told me to take my clothes off... but I didn't and he got angry at me. He pulled a knife to my throat and told me to do it but-”

“LIAR!!” I screamed.

Everyone gasped and turned to me.

“Ray is not violent, your honer this is bullshit!”

“One more peep out of you and you will escorted out of here, understand?” The judge snapped.

I took a deep breath and reluctantly sat back down again.

“Please continue.”

“Well... he just pinned me to the table and undressed me himself.” She cried. “It was so horrible... I can still feel his hands on me now. I tried to scream for help but he covered my mouth before I could say anything. He told me if I screamed he would slit my throat. H- he r- r- raped me.” She burst into tears. “I'm sorry your honer.”

“That's okay Miss, you can go back to your seat now.” The judge said.

Acantha nodded and walked back to her seat, I grabbed hold of her wrist as she walked passed me and dug my nails into her.

“You will regret that you lying whore.” I spat.

“Yeah well, who are they going to believe?” She smiled. “I knew all about you two from the very beginning, I think it's disgusting.”

“You're the one who told the cops aren't you?”

“Of course. But say goodbye to your sugar daddy, he won't be around much longer.” She grinned walking back to her seat.

“Raymond Toro, you are hereby charged with the rape of two of your students and the kidnapping of one of them. How do you plead?”

“Guilty.” He sighed.

“No.” I mumbled.

“Then you will be sent to prison on a life sentence-”

“No! NO!! You can't do this! He's innocent! Please believe me, I love him!” I screamed running up to him.

“Get her out of here.” The judge ordered.

I grabbed hold of Ray's hands not wanting to let go.

“Please... I love you, I love you so much.” I cried.

“I love you too.” He whispered.

“Then why are you doing this?”

“Because they wouldn't believe me and they're not going to believe you.” He said.

I felt one of the guards grab hold of me from behind and pull me away from Ray.

“NO!! Let me go!!” I screamed fighting against his grip.

“Get your filthy hands off her!” Ray shouted standing up from his seat.

“Get her out!” The judge yelled.

I continued to scream as the man carried me away from the court room, I could still hear Ray shouting after me and the judge telling him to be quiet.

The guard threw me out of the court house and slammed the doors behind him.

“Come on, lets go home.” My dad snapped.

I looked up into his dark eyes knowing he wasn't impressed with my statement during the trial, but I didn't care, I wasn't going to lie just to please them.

I wanted to run back into the court room but I knew it was no use, they would have taken him away already.

I sat in the back of the car, silence throughout the whole journey.

Mum looked out of her window, disappointment covered her entire face as did her tear tracks, where as my dad just seemed angered by my actions.

I began to think things would never be the same again, my parents would hate me forever, I would only see Ray though a thick glass window and I will never know love again.

I would never feel his warm breath on my face again, his long fingers tickling my goose pimply skin as his large member entered me.

I bit my lip and saved my tears for later, my parents couldn't see me like this, it would only make matters worse.

“When we get home I want you to pack your things.” My dad finally said after ten minutes of silence. “We want you out the house by dinner time.”

That was the moment my tears fell.
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