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They were getting rid of me?

They wanted me out?

For what, because I fell in love with my teacher?


I dried my watering eyes as I zipped up my suitcase, I still had no idea where I was going, but I didn't care, I suppose anything was better than living in awkward silence for eternity.

“Your taxi is here now.” My dad said walking into my room.

“But where am I going?” I asked trying to hide my tears.

“It's an all girls school out of town. No boys on site and you'll be far away from the prison that sick fuck was sent to.”

“Don't you speak about Ray like that!” I shouted.

“Enough!” He yelled. “Now leave.”

I grabbed my case and ran out of the house not bothering to say goodbye to my mum, I didn't see the point, she'll only ignore me.

I climbed into the yellow taxi and sat waiting for it to take me to my destination.

I just wish I could have seen Ray one last time, but no one would tell me which prison he was sent to.

He could have been sent to another country for all I know.

I just couldn't believe Acantha betrayed me like this, she was my best friend I thought she would have understood.

I sighed and pressed my head against the window finally let my tears fall.



The cell door slammed behind me making me flinch, this was it, my new home.

A tall, muscular man jumped off from the top bunk and circled me.

I stayed completely still as his eyes took in my every detail.

“So... I guess you're my cell mate then.” I said trying to make a conversation.

“Cute.” He said in a rough voice. “If that's what you want to call it then go a head. Now take your clothes off.”

“W-what?” I stuttered.

“You're that guy who raped those two girls aren't you?” He cackled. “Now take your clothes off, or do I have to do it for you.”

“Go to hell.” I spat walking up to the bunk beds.

He grabbed hold of me and forced me onto the bottom bunk.

“No! Let go of me, help!” I shouted.

He laughed and covered my mouth with his large, calloused hand.

“Go ahead, scream.” He breathed in my ear. “The cops won't save you and our neighbours will only laugh and jerk off from your cries. Now stay still and this will be less painful for the both of us.”

I felt his rough hands pulling my jumpsuit off, I screamed through his hand and struggled to get up but he was a lot stronger than me.

The second I felt him remove my underwear I used all my strength to jump up and kick him in the groin.

He grunted and fell back holding onto his injured cock.

His dark black eyes stared into mine, his rotting teeth clenched tightly together as he sucked in a deep breath.

“You're going to pay for that.” He hissed running up to me and pinning me to the bed, I tried to force him off me but it was no use.

He ripped the sleeves off my jumpsuit and used it to tie my wrists together.

“What are you doing? Stop! NO!!” I screamed.

He slapped me around my head and attached the material to the bars of the bed.

“No! Please, stop!”

“Oh shut up!” He hissed.

He ripped off the other sleeve and shoved it into my mouth tying it tightly around the back of my head.

I screamed through the gag began kicking my legs as I pulled on the material attaching me to the bed.

The man sighed heavily and began to undress.

I struggled even further, but my pleas were muffled through the gag.

“My name is Boris. Remember that whore, you're mine now, and that's the name you're going to be screaming all night long.” He let out a dark chuckle as his thick cock laid on top of my ass cheek.

I tried to beg him to stop but my breath was taken away as he forcefully entered me.

Tears instantly fell from my eyes as his cock thrustered in and out of me.

He let out a deep moan enjoying my pain, his cold hand slid under my stomach and manoeuvred itself down to my crotch where his sharp nails dug into the sensitive flesh.

My screams grew louder and began to hurt my throat, Boris just laughed and continued to scratch my cock as his large member slid even further into my ass.

“So fucking tight.” He gasped. “Ahhhh, so close.” He finally ejaculated inside me and slowly pulled himself out of me.

I turned my head towards him and shuddered as I saw his blood covered cock.

My blood.

“You need a shower whore.” He spat. “Can't let the cops see what I’ve done to you now can we?” He laughed grabbing a dingy looking towel off his bunk and walked out of the cell.

I tried pulling against the thin material that bound me to the bed, the door was wide open and I wasn't going to let any of the other criminals see me like this.
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