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Practice makes perfect

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Mikey practices asking Toni to the dance. His Dad gets secretly threatening? Tom gets suspicious.

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AN: Euffffff have to go to a carol service tonight! I hate those things but I guess I‘ll just have to deal with them!

Anyway hope you guys enjoy this chapter.

“Oh hi, Toni! I was wondering if you would…um…” Mikey waved a hand at his reflection in frustration. He walked a few feet away from the mirror and then back again. He leaned forward with a hand on his hip and the other high on the wall.

“Yeah, so, Toni..honey…I’ve been…” he cursed with frustration and brooded away from the mirror before walking towards it again.

“I LOVE YOU!” He declared to the imaginary Toni.

“That’s the spirit, Michael!” Mr. Smith rounded the corner of the hall way. Mikey jumped back from the mirror, shock embedded in his face.

“I was,” he stuttered as he pointed to the mirror.

“I know, boy,” he smirked, “I know what you were doing. It is nothing to be ashamed about when someone loves themselves.”

“Dad, I do not love myself. I was practicing something,” he informed his father.

“And what would that be?” The older man questioned him further.


“Are you sure?”



Mikey looked back to the mirror and swallowed a lump in his throat, “I said yes.”

Mr. Smith slowly sauntered over to his son, “I know exactly what you are doing. I did hear quite clearly you say the name ‘Toni’. I believe Toni is the little mechanical girl who fixes the boards. Am I right?”

“I don’t wanna- -” Mikey started as he began to walk away. He was stopped when his father paused him with his hand.

“I know you have feelings for her. It’s not hard to figure out, Michael,” he pushed on further.
Mikey felt his stomach drop and nearly fell to the floor. He was not having this conversation with his father.

“That reminds me,” his father began again, “why don’t you take her to the dance since you like her so much.”

“YES!” Mikey blurted out. He then covered his mouth looking shocked at his reaction, “w-w-w-well I-I’ve been thinking about it.”

“How could she not say no?” Mr. Smith asked, “now off you go! She will say yes, trust me!”

Mikey then walked away still looking shocked. He had a slight skip in his walk. He rounded the corner and gone out of the house.

“...if she knows what’s good for her,” Mr. Smith sneered.


“So, Billa, the dance is in tomorrow night and you have not made a move,” Tom retorted seated on a comfy sofa in Carolyn’s lounge room.

“Yeah, well you think I might wanna surprise her first?” Bill stated, “it will really excite her. Girls like surprises.”

“Oh, you do?” Tom smirked smiling sheepishly.

Bill gave him a dirty look as he chewed at his nails.

“Ok, being serious,” Tom leaned forward, “I think Toni’s a lesbian. A big...dirty...les-bi-an. I mean look at you! Your spitting imaging of a girl.”

“She is not a lesbian! Trust me and I do not look too much like a girl,” Bill snapped back at his twin, “she even said I was very manly.”





“I lied...she never said that,” Bill admitted, “but she will be surprised though! On another note, why don’t you try and surprise that chick from the bar and maybe she’ll like you!”

“I got a new bitch!” Tom declared.

“AND HIS NAME IS GERARD!” Gerard declared waltzing into the room and plopping himself down on the sofa beside Tom.

“No, just no,” Tom shimmied away from the red head.

Bill laughed as he bit his nails again.
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