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How to sleep with your friend, on a tourbus.

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It is time for MCR to go to bed, but how will Mikey like Gerard and Frank's desision to sleep on the same bunk?

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I am sooooo sorry that I haven't updated in a while, I have been buisy doing other stories... But hay, that is the past, so, I AM BACK, AND BETTER THAN EVER!!! Enjoy!!

Gerard's POV:

Mikey was still out, even though it was over four hours after he stormed out of the bus. We were all starting to get really worried. Frank had his head on my chest, nestled under my chin. I had my arm wrapped around him and we were both staring at the door, a mix of guild, worry, and even a bit of anger radiating from our close bodies. Ray and Bob were sat next to the door on the other sofa.

Bob sighed, "We should get to bed... It is getting late." I looked at the clock and sure enough, it was the early hours of the morning. Bob was right, I realised, I was very tired...

"Yeah. But where the fuck is Mikes?" Frank asked sleepily, obviously he needed to go to bed. Suddenly, he slid his head off my chest and pottered over to the kitchen. "I vote we fuel up on some strong Coffee and wait for a while longer." He said as he placed the kettle under the sink to fill it.

I nodded slowly. I was really worried about my little brother so I had no chance of sleeping anyway. I was just about to respond when I heard faint but definate footsteps, which were coming closer to the bus by the second. The others finally noticed what could only be Mikey's footsteps, I could practically see his awkward knees wobbling in tiredness.

He reached the door and opened it, his mousey hair and glasses the only barriors between us and his deathly expression.

"Hello, Brother." He spat at me, glaring through his lenses. "How is you Boyfriend?"

Frank desided to take a brave approch to try to defuse the tention. "I'm fine thanks, Mikes!" He chirped from the kitchen. "Coffee?"

With that, Mikey looked like he was about to punch someone. He was clenching and unclenching his fists and his mouth was but a white slit on his face. "I don't accept Coffee from Faggots!"

With that, Mikey spun around and stalked to his bunk and flopped down onto it, facing the wall of the bus, leaving the rest of us stood and sat in a stunned silence. Slowly taking in Mikey's harsh and biting declanation of his favourite drink.

Ray was the first to recover. He got up and took a few steps towards his bunk. "I think now that we know that Mikey is safe, we should all take a leaf out of his book and go to bed. We haven't had any Coffee and there is nothing else that could possibly stop us from sleeping." He suggested diplomatically, gesturing towards all the bunks and the sulking form of Mikey.

Bob eased himself off the sofa and grunted as he walked over to his bunk and flopped down on top of his duvet.

"Well," I started,"I myself agree with the Torosarous and Bobbert." With that, I also went over to the bunks and flopped down on my own bunk. Frank looked a bit worried, as his bunk was directly opposite Mikey, who was still in the biggest anger fuelled sulk I had ever saw. "Hey, Frankie, Would you like to join me?" I suggested, glancing at my little brother to see if he would react. He did, with a splutter of disbelieving descust.

Frank looked at me with large, pleased eyes. "Gee, you sure?"

"Yeah. Come on, join me, what harm could it do?" I shrugged as I finished. Frank grinned and to walk to my bunk, flopping down next to me and curling into my torso.

Well, there you go!! I am sooo sorry that I haven't updated in a while, but I hope that chapter was worth the wait! Please Rate and Review, as they are really important to me and if you don't, I might stop the story!! D:

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