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My best friends are lovers...

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Bob goes onto the tourbus to see what all the fuss is about and is met by two of his best friends looking sheepishly shocked.

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I am REALLY SORRY for not updating in a while!! School sucks, I have been really buisy and I was going to update last night but I found out that I had art homework and it was due in this morning so I had to do that instead. :(

Thank you sooooo much for all of that positive feedback for both this story and a one-shot that I did a few days ago (I will put the link to it in), I am really happy and I love you all!!!!!!!!!

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Bob's POV:

I was a bit miffed by Mikey being angry, usually he is the calmest one out of all of us, but there he was, swearing his head off and looking like he wanted to murder someone. I desided to go to the tourbus because it seemed to be the scorce of all of his anger.

I opened the door and stepped into the interior of the bus and was instantly met by the sheepish, shocked, and slightly confused eyes of two of my best friends; Gerard and Frank.

"What happened?" I asked, totally oblivious to the events that had just happened.

"Umm... Mikey caught us kissing... and he kind of flipped..." Gerard replied shyly. looking at Frank as if to ask if he was doing the correct thing in telling me.

"I... I think we are both gay." Frank stated. "We seem to be a couple?" he practically questioned, and to my suprise, Gerard nodded in agreement.

"Oh. Okey. That was unexpected. Well, why is Mikey so unhappy with it? I guess it must be quite desturbing to see your brother snogging another man, but he was really angry..." I trailed off, questioning whether I should have asked.

"It turns out that my brother is a Homophobic bastard." Gerard sid, bewildered. It was then Frank's turn to nod in agreement, he looked mildly discusted by Mikey's antics.

I was really suprised by this comment "Shit..." I muttered half to myself. I never expected the mild-mannered sensible half of the Way brothers to have such a stupid and petty problem. In this day and age, it is totally acceptable to be bi or gay, so why did Mikey think otherwise?

Gerard seemed to read my mind. "I had no clue that he is so shallow. I am a suprised as you are. You are okey with it, aren't you?" He asked, looking up at me with an expectant and slightly fearful expression. I looked th couple right in their eyes and spluttered my answer, descusted that my best friends even were slightly worried that I didn't respect and support them.

"Of course I don't mind! I allways thought that there was something speciel between you two!!You are so cute together! I know that the fans will also love it sooooooo much!!" I ended up squealing like a fangirl, Gerard and Frank looking at me like I had just gone bonkers; which I think I did. "You two need a name, you know, like a mix of both of your names... FRERARD!!" I shouted, immaturity seeping into my train of thoughts and therefor my speach. Frank and Gerard, or Frerard, were now laughing, any remaining awkwardness lifted out of the air with the light and sincere laughter and chuckling.

Without even thinking, Gerard and Frank leaned into each other and wrapped their arms around each other as they laughed, supporting the other one. Cute. They were made for each other.

How could Mikey not see it?

How was that? I really enjoyed writing this chapter and I hope you enjoyed reading it! I hope you liked my desision to have Bob as the Frerard fangirl! Thank you for being so awsome and please leave a rate and review!!! LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!
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