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You can't quit a band in the middle of a tour!

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It all kicks off now, Mikey is not at all happy and he wants to leave the band. This is Ray's POV as he tries to make Mikey stay.

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HELLO!!! I am sooo sorry for not updating for a few days, I have been really ill, I swear I almost died! Anyway,thank you everyone who has reviewed my previous chapters, I am really suprised at how successful my little idea has become, I know that over 80 people have read my story so far, and that means alot to me!! THANKS!! :D

Ray's POV:

After Mikey went to the bus for a rest and to see if Gerard and Frank are there, Bob and I carried on chatting for a few minutes before we also desided to go to the bus. As we made our way across the short span of tarmac that separated the stage doors from the tourbus we were stopped by Mikey storming out of the bus towards us.

"I am NOT proforming with a pair of FAGGOTS!" He exclaimed, pointing back towards the bus. "I FUCKING QUIT! You need to find a new bassist, because I am not working with those two fags!" Bob looked worriedly at me before rushing to the bus to see what Mikey was so angry at.

"What is your problem?" I demanded, "You can't quit a band in the middle of a tour! Why do you want to quit?"

"Because of Gerard and Frank are eating each other's faces! That is soo gross! Why would anyone want to kiss another man for their own pleasure?"

"So, you are leaving the band because you are a homophobic little git, Mickael?" I accussed, shocked.

"I AM NOT A HOMOPHOBE, IT IS JUST GROSS! AND I CAN LEAVE, AND I WILL LEAVE!" He screamed in my face. Tears of white hot anger starting to form in the corners of his eyes.

I grabbed his sholders and shook them, "I expected more of you, how could you be so shallow? You are turning away from your own brother, no less, just because of who he kissed? That is not discusting, you are!" I finished. "If you leave the band now, just think of how many fans you will let down. Think of how they have spent their money to have a chance to see you, MEET YOU! Do you really want to let those people down?"

Mikey looked at his feet, ashamed. "You are right. I will stay in the band until the tour is finished, but as soon as we are finished, I will find a reason to perminantly leave the band. That is the best offer I will make you." He announced.

"I can only wish that you will change your mind and carry on, even if it is just for the fans..." I replied as I started to make my way over to the bus, my face ashen with worry. The band would be nothing if our Mikes leaves...

How was that? I hope it was Okey, because I had to rewrite it 3 TIMES!!! I would love it if you leave a review and rate my story, if any of my chapters go green, Unicorns will fly leaving trails of rainbows out of their butts as Mikey surfs on their backs!! :D I'll update soon!!!
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