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Raven and Tiara ran as fast as they could behind Penina and Samantha until they made it to the school. They found Mia sobbing her eyes out, Lauren looking bored and Isabella looking scared "We thought you'd forgotten about us!" Isabella cried, putting her hand on Mia's shoulder "Where were you? Alicia's gonna be terrified."

"We're so sorry, we got lost!" Tiara cried "We're so sorry." She bent down and hugged Mia close "It's okay, we're here now. We'll just go and get Alicia then we'll go and meet Frank, okay?"

"Okay." Mia sniffed, wrapping her arms around Tiara's neck "Will you carry me?"

"Of course I will." Tiara lifted her up "Raven, hold Lauren's hand."

Raven shuddered but took Lauren's hand. She wasn't very keen on little kids "Bye Samantha." Lauren said, waving.

"Bye Lauren!" Samantha giggled, waving wildly. Penina quickly dragged her away before her friends could ask her any more questions.

"Maybe we should go and ask her what's up?" Raven said, looking over her shoulder at her.

"We can't, not with Alicia at home by herself." Tiara said, walking down the road with Isabella walking next to her. Raven followed her "So what do you guys do for fun?"

"I like to play mind games with Frank." Isabella smiled evilly.

"I like it when Frankie reads me stories." Mia told them "And when he lets us make cookies!"

"I have fun when Frank plays guitar for us." Lauren admitted "Is he really going to be in a band?"

"Yeah, he is. With our boyfriends." Raven replied.

"Are they going to be really famous?" Mia asked.

"Who knows?" Tiara smiled "I do know that they're all really talented though."

They made it back to the house and Tiara used the house key Frank had given her to open the door. Alicia ran into the hallway like she did whenever Frank got home but was shocked to find Tiara and Raven instead of Frank. She'd completely forgotten the conversation they'd had last night about being babysat. Alicia thought that Frank was never coming home.

"Oh no, why's she crying?" Raven cried, looking terrified.

"I don't know." Tiara shrugged, letting Mia down. She walked over to Alicia and put her hands on the little girls shoulders, bending down to her level "What's wrong Sweetheart?"

"I want Fwankie!" Alicia sobbed.

"We're gonna go and see him now." Tiara re-assured her "But first let's have something to eat."

Raven went into the kitchen and looked in the fridge "Umm they don't have much." Raven said, biting her lip.

Tiara walked in and looked in. She took some butter out of the fridge "Where do you keep the bread? Let's have some toast."

"I wanna make the toast!" Isabella cried, running forwards "I like it when it pops out of the toaster. You can spread the butter though."

Isabella made them all one slice of toast so that they could eat dinner with Frank later and Tiara and Raven would eat with their families later "Can we go and see Frank now?" Mia asked. She really missed him and Alicia was still crying because she still didn't understand that she'd be seeing Frank again soon anyway.

"Yeah, sure." Raven dumped the dirty dishes in the sink and pulled on her jacket "Let's go."

"Will you carry me this time?" Mia asked happily, holding her arms out to Raven.

Raven rolled her eyes but smiled and lifted Mia up. She was kind of cute, Raven had to admit it. Tiara lifted up Alicia and took Lauren's hand and then they set off.

Back at school, band practice was going really well "We'll need to write a rhythm guitar part as well." Ray told them "That's where Frank comes in. Do you think you could write a part to this?"

While the guys practiced the bits of the song 'Skylines and Turnstiles' that they already knew, Frank wrote out his guitar part. Then he got up and started playing it with the others. It fitted perfectly to the music "What do you think?" Frank asked nervously.

"I think that sounded awesome!" Gerard grinned "Once we have five songs, we can apply to play at the band night in Oakengates. Not exactly a large venue or anything but still! We'd be playing to a real audience. That'd be so amazing."

"Well I'd need to get someone to babysit-" Frank said nervously.

"You know we'll always babysit!" Callie cried "Stop stressing Frank. Everything's gonna be okay. You can have fun with your friends and take care of your sisters."

"FRANK!" Mia and Alicia shrieked at the same time as they ran into the room. They tackled him to the ground and soon all three of them were giggling.

"Miss me?" Frank teased.

"Yes!" They both yelled.

Lauren and Isabella came in and hugged Frank as well but not as forcefully as Mia and Alicia "Hey, they just finished writing their first song." Jennifer grinned "Do you guys want to hear it?"

"Yes, yes, yes!" Mia cheered, sitting on top of a desk like Jennifer and Callie were because she wanted to look like one of the big kids.

Alicia wanted to sit on the desk too but couldn't pull herself up so Frank had to help her on "Alright." Gerard took the microphone "This song is called Skylines and Turnstiles."

"What's a turnstile?" Alicia asked but nobody heard her because they'd already started playing.

"Frankie, you're reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally good." Mia told him as they walked home. Frank was having to carry Mia with one arm, Alicia with the others and made Lauren and Isabella walked in front of him so he could keep an eye on all of them.

"Thanks Sweetie." Frank smiled.

"I missed you Frankie." Alicia told him, leaning her head on his shoulder "I didn't think you were ever coming back."

"I'll always come back Ali." Frank promised "You know I will."

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