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The next day, when the guys went to band practice, Raven and Tiara stayed with them while Jennifer and Callie went down to the primary school "Penina wasn't in school today." Callie said as they walked down the street "Do you think it had something to do with what Raven and Tiara told us all?"

"I don't know but she'd better come back." Jennifer sighed "She's one of my best friends. And I really need to know what's wrong with her."

"Me too!" Callie cried "Maybe she'll be outside the primary school today. Let's hurry and see if she's there!"

The two girls started running towards the school and made it there just as the bell rang "Can you see her?" Callie puffed, completely out of breath.

They both looked around and then Jennifer called "There she is! She's over there."

The two girls ran inside the school gates and up to Penina who was wearing about seven jackets, a scarf and a large hat "Where were you today?" Callie cried "We missed you so much! And who's Samantha? Why didn't you tell us that you had a sister?"

Penina sighed heavily "I don't wanna get into this right now. Can I tell you tomorrow? I feel like I'm dying right now and I gotta take Samantha home."

"Will you even be in tomorrow?"

"Even if I'm not, you can come to my house and I'll tell you everything." Penina sighed and Samantha ran out the classroom to her. She threw her arms around her waist. Penina smiled, waved goodbye and the two of them walked off.

Callie looked confused and so did Jennifer as they waited for Mia, Lauren and Isabella to come out. It took a while but eventually they came out "Oh, we thought you'd be late like Tiara and Raven were yesterday." Isabella said "I'm sorry about that."

"It's okay, come on then let's go then." Jennifer lifted up Mia and they started walking down the road "So long as Alicia's okay."

It was a bit of a shock when they got home and found the door was already sort of open. Of course Jennifer started panicking and pushed the door open "Alicia, are you okay?"

A woman in about her thirties appeared in the hallway. She had greasy, curly black hair and piercing hazel eyes "What are you doing here?" The woman asked in a scratchy voice "Where's Frank? Why are you holding onto my daughter?"

Jennifer put Mia down "He's at band practice. He asked us to babysit for him until he got back."

The woman narrowed her eyes "Well, I'm here to look after them. I mean, I am their Mother. So you two can clear off now, do you hear?"

They both nodded nervously and left the house "We'd better tell Frank that his Mom is back." Callie sighed as they set off back to the school.

Gerard smiled as he finished the lyrics to the new song they were walking on "It's called Cubicles." He told them.

"Why?" Frank asked.

Gerard opened his mouth to reply but Callie and Jennifer arrived "Where are my sisters?" He cried.

"Yeah, we picked them up from school." Jennifer replied, smiling as Bob put his arms around her "We took them home but your Mom was there and was pretty mad at us for picking the girls up instead of you."

Frank put his guitar down "I'd better go home. I don't trust Mom with the girls." He picked up his school bag and started walking home.

It didn't take him long to get home because he was walking as fast as he could "Mom?" He called softly as he entered the house "Mom?"

"Frankie!" Alicia cried, running into the hallway and holding her arms up like she always did. Frank picked her up and went into the living room.

"Frank!" His Mom snapped as he walked into the room "What's all this band shit?"

"Don't say that in front of Al-"

"Don't interupt me Frank Iero!" His Mom shrieked "How dare you let some completele strangers take care of your little sisters! Are you an idiot Frank?"

Frank let Alicia down and she ran out of the room because she hated shouting "They're not strangers Mom, they're my best friends. And they wouldn't hurt them. I just really wanted to be in this band, I love playing the guitar-"

His Mom slapped him round the face as hard as she possibly could "Stop talking about this nonsense! You are to quit that band and get back to looking after your sisters. Do you hear me?"

"Yes Mother." Frank whispered, looking down at the ground and holding back tears.
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