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Happy Birthday Jennifer!

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Birthday Chapter for atomickilljoy =)

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Jennifer’s POV

I felt something fall on me but I couldn’t be bothered to open my eyes and look.
The ‘thing’ then hugged me.
“Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Jennifer, happy to you!” the thing sang.
I opened my eyes and Callie was lying on top of me.
“This must be a dream, you’re up early,” I mumbled.
Callie laughed and hugged me tightly.
“Happy birthday Jen,” she whispered.
“Thanks Cal,” I mumbled.
She then got off me.
“Look, I’ve been saving this for a special occasion,” she said.
I looked at her and realised she was wearing a Pikachu onesie.
“Awesome,” I said.
“Come on, everyone’s waiting for you,” she said pulling on my arm.
I slowly got up and followed Callie or if the giant Pikachu.
She skipped down to the dining room.
I slowly followed her.
“HAPPY BIRTHDAY JENNIFER!” Kasper yelled running up to me.
I laughed and hugged her.
“Thanks,” I said.
“Come on Jen! Presents!” Callie shouted.
I sat on the bench and was buried in presents.
“Open them! Open them!” Mia exclaimed bouncing on Callie’s lap.
I grinned and ripped the wrapping paper off.


My presents had been band t-shirts, CDs and they all even pitched in to get me an itouch!
“You guys are awesome!” I exclaimed.
They all laughed.
“Oh Jen, you missed one,” Penina said handing me a small package.
“Who got her that?” Gerard asked.
“I dunno, let her open it and find out,” Hozzie said.
I slowly ripped off the paper.
I opened the little box and peeked inside.
A necklace with the silver letter ‘J’ hanging on it.
“Wow, who got you that?” Mikey asked.
I found a little card inside:

Dear Jennifer
Happy Birthday
From your secret admirer

Kasper gasped.
“Jen has a secret admirer!” Kasper screamed.
I shushed her in embarrassment.
“Who is it? I bet its Frank,” Hozzie said.
“No it’s not! No offence Jen,” Frank said.
“None taken Frankie,” I said.
“Mikey?” Penina asked.
“Nope,” he replied.
“What about you Bob?” Callie asked.
He simply shook his head.
Hozzie looked around the room suspiciously.
“Well he’s gotta be here somewhere,” she said.
The bell then sounded and we all scattered to music.
“Oh Jen, I almost forgot, I made my special cookies for you,” Callie said handing me a bag.
“Gee thanks Cal,” I said taking one and eating it.
“It’s really good,” I said swallowing it.
Callie grinned.
We arrived in the music room and Gerard and Hozzie were getting it on at the back.
“ABSTINENCE!” I yelled.
Hozzie pulled away and blushed.
Skye sat on the desk.
“Okay, I shall draw a name out of the hat and they will perform,” she said holding a cap.
I watched her hand dig into the pile and emerge with a piece of paper.
She slowly unfolded it.
“Well, Bob you’re up,” she said.
“Miss I only have the first verse and chorus,” he said.
“Doesn’t matter perform it anyway,” she said.
Bob reluctantly sat on the piano stool and began playing.
The melody started to take over me and he sang quietly.

I fell for her
The first time I looked into her eyes
Nothing could compare to that moment
It was just taking me over
Will she ever know?
I had to say it in this song

She is my wondergirl
My hero that took me off the ground
I never felt this way before
And I just wanna say
I love you Jen

Bob then stopped and stared at the floor.
The guys then started cheering and I just stared at him.
“Kiss him Jen!” Frank yelled.
My legs started moving by themselves.
I took Bob’s face into my hands and pressed my lips against his.
He hesitated then kissed me back.
“WOOOOOO! That’s my girl!” Callie shouted.
“Yeah! Go Jen!” Penina shouted.
We slowly pulled away from each other and we smiled.
“Was that present from you then?” I asked.
“Yeah it was,” he replied.

Sorry it’s so short I didn’t have time to do a lot =(
Hope you liked it =)
Happy Birthday AJ!
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