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It would appear that Andy was following them a little TOO closely...

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That night, Andy lay quietly in wait of the motorboat. Soon enough, he could hear the steady chopping noise of the boat's motor. He could barely see anything by the dim rays of the moonlight that filtered below the waves. Soon enough, the sound of the motor drew even closer. Now, Andy could make out the bottom of the boat. IT passed him, the sound fading. Slightly off in the distance, he could make out the glowing forms of the barrels of radioactive waste sinking down into the ocean to join the quickly growing pile of barrels.

Then, the boat began to come back the way it came, moving slightly faster, seeing a sit was lighter, sans it's radioactive cargo. It leaked a slightly phosphorescently glowing trail behind it.

Andy cringed to think about the long term health effects that this might have on him as he swam as quickly as he could behind the boat. He was intending to at least stalk this thing back to where it came from, even if that was the only thing that he could do. He kept an easy pace next to the side of the boat, and several yards behind.

On the boat, one of the nameless, faceless men in the hazmat suit looked behind him, off the edge of the boat. He thought he saw something moving in the water, in the dim light from the crescent moon. He peered closer, nearly leaning over the edge of the boat. Yes, there was definitely something moving there. It was much larger than most of the fish in this area, and it seemed to be keeping up with the boat, as if it were following it.

He looked even closer, bracing himself against the railings of the ship so he wouldn't fall into the ocean. It's tail didn't seem to be like a dolphin's tail. No it seemed to be more of a decoratively shaped tail, like those you'd find on guppies or maybe goldfish or a beta fish in an aquarium.

"Hey." He called to his companion.


"I think we got a follower."

"One of those goddamn environmentalists?"

"I think it's a mermaid."


"Come look."

The other man, leaving the boat speeding back to it's destination, came back and saw what his companion was talking about. "Let's catch it! We'll get rich!"

With that, the one who had come out of the cabin of the boat, fetched a net, and the other man grabbed a powerful flashlight.

Andy had no knowledge of it, as he couldn't hear over the combined noise of the ocean and the motor. If he knew, he would've swam away as fast as his overgrown tail would have taken him. Yet, he still stayed behind the boat, never too far away. The man with the flashlight turned it on, illuminating the merman's tail, coming out of the water every so often. "If that's a goldfish, it's one fucking big goldfish!" The other man muttered, before plunging the net into the water.
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