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Agree to Hell

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He didn't know what he'd just signed away with that one word.

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"First order of business, who the fuck ate all that fucking Mexican food?" Slash yelled at the (fairly) silent assembly of merpeople in front of him. Nnoitra raised his hand sheepishly. Slash rolled his eyes, before saying, "Next time, give everyone gas masks before you do. And they better fuckin' work!"

Senor Spoon nodded.

"Secondly, Szayel, any news on that weird glowing shit Frank and Gerard found?"

The pinkette perked up instantly at hearing his name. It was time to shine and bore everyone to death with his goddamn smarticles. "Why yes, King Slash! That waste is highly toxic! I did a molecular analysis on several-" He started, but was interrupted by Slash yelling, "Dumb ass language, pinkie!"

Szayel heaved a massive sigh, before, "It's radioactive, everything around it's been poisoned, it's creating zombies, and might take over the entire world if we don't stop the spread. Things all over the place are starting to turn into zombies, and if you get bitten by one of the infected, you become as they are. If you ate any of the contaminated food, you're fucked. But the thing is, they know the food is contaminated, yet they still sell it. And no, this company isn't going to take responsibility for any of this shit, or even tell people what's going on until it's a full blown zombie apocalypse. "

A somber mood spread over the group.

"How do we stop the spread?" Slash asked.

"We stop whoever's manufacturing it, at least from them dumping it here." Then, we gather up all the waste, and send it into deep space. Oh, and then we eradicate the zombies."

"Jesus fucking Christ!"

"There's no proof he existed."

Slash rolled his eyes. The last time that merpeople tried having contact with humans, things didn't work out very well. They'd started catching the mermaids and merman, and experimenting on them. Sure, it was quite a few centuries ago, but it might happen again, even worse this time.

"This isn't gonna end well." Gerard muttered. Frank was squishing his hand like nobodies business out of fear. Slash ignored him. "Meeting dismissed." He said. The merpeople swam off so quickly, you'd swear that the ocean was drying up with them in it. Andy tried to swim off, but was prevented from doing so, as Slash had grabbed his tail.

"Not so fast, Andy. I need you to do something for me."


"Next time that boat shows up, I want you to follow it. We need to find out where it goes."

"But I thought Szayel said that place is toxic?"

"They dump the waste in the same place, and take the same route. Based on their past records, tonight's the night. You won't go near that place, trust me."

Andy sighed. He was experiencing a rather sinking feeling of quantities unheard of before. Something would probably go wrong, he knew it. But he had no choice in the matter. "Alright." he muttered.

He didn't know what he'd just signed away with that single word.
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