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What's happening with the rest of the Brides while Ashley is rotting in his cell?

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As Ashley sat in his cell, something odd was happening in the real world outside of the hospital.

Jake was beginning to fee as though something was wrong. It was getting under his skin and bugging him. So did Jinxx. Did it have anything to do with the fact that they'd turned down Davey's pleas to help their band mate? They weren't sure what to think about it yet, however.

On the other hand, Sandra didn't have the feeling of something being wrong. In place f that, she felt extreme guilt. It hadn't developed overnight. No, this had been brewing a while. For the first month or so, she felt that she had done the right thing by leaving him in the hospital. She had seen him deteriorating in front of her, and she felt as if by sending him there, he would get the help that he needed. It was her last resort.

But after the first month or so, not hearing from Ashley, she had called the hospital. They told her that they would only give information to family members. So she said that she was his step-sister. Then, after a lengthy wait time, a doctor came on the line. He sounded annoyed to be interrupted, and had been cold and snappy with her. He said that Ashley was in seclusion for violent behavior, and there was no visitors allowed, not even family. Then, he had hung up on her.

Sandra had ended the call disappointed. She thought that if Ashley was going to get help, he shouldn't go attacking the people who were supposed to be giving him the help. However, something seemed off to her about the reason he was locked away. Sure, he could have a bad temper when he wanted to, but it was never unprovoked, and she could count the amount of times that he had gotten physical on one hand.

By now, however, Sandra was feeling immense guilt, escpecially since she had said no when Davey asked her to take Ashley home.

CC wasn't feeling all that much differently about the situation. Even though he mightn't look it on the surface, he was pretty sensitive. He had felt at first that it was a good thing that Ash was getting help. They said that he'd be there maybe a week or so tops. But that week turned into a month into two months, and now he was worried it would turn into a year. He had begun to get discouraged, and was drinking himself into a stupor from the minute he woke up every day with a hangover, just to repeat the cycle all over again. Davey had managed to catch him moments before he was able to grab the nearest bottle.

The truth behind the reason why everyone always said no to taking hom the Purdy creature was just because they all thought the same thing. If they brought him home, would he kill himself, and would they be able to live with themselves after that?

But as for Andy, he couldn't care less. When he heard what Ashley did after the argument they had, all he did was scoff and say, "typical".

He hadn't even bothered to think about the Outlaw, much less try to contact him, or even find out what was going on second hand from Sandra like the rest of the guys were currently doing. And the kicker to this was that this scrawny bastard was going to be the almost last resort for Davey.
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