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[A/N] - Guys I was so embarrassed D: We had our school photo's taken for some ID things and this woman was like 'SMILE SMILE SMILE SMILE' and so I was like 'What does it look like I'm doing!?' and she took the picture as I said it so I had my mouth open and she had to re-take it... Then my eyes were closed! So she had to re-take it again and the whole line of people got mad at me :'( Also singing at ASDA was good except I nearly passed out so I had to sit out ;/ But packing bags was good ;D

Penina told him that she didn't care what his Mom said, he had to carry on being in this band because it was what he wanted to do. He shouldn't have to take care of his sisters, not while he was still a kid. He said that Penina shouldn't have to take care of Samantha by herself all the time. Penina had shrugged her shoulders and told him that she didn't have a choice. But Frank did. All he had to do was talk to his Mom.

Once it turned three, both of them walked down to the primary school to pick up their sisters. Mia was happy to see that it was Frank collecting the three of them but Lauren and Isabella were upset. They'd wanted Frank to stay in that band "Hey, it's Friday." Penina said "What if we do something fun? Why don't you and the girls come and stay at my house?" She raised her eye-brows "My Dad won't mind."

"Are you sure about that?" Frank asked "You won't mind?"

"No, it'll be good for Samantha. And your sisters. And maybe you and me." Penina smiled "Come on Frank, I know about it. You and the girls don't go out too often, do you?"

"Well where would we go?" Frank raised his eye-brows "The park's full of druggies. Everywhere else seems to cost money. Window shopping depresses all of us."

"Let's stay at Samantha's house!" Lauren cried.

Mia looked nervously at Penina and then back at Frank. Frank noticed and picked her up straightaway "We'd love to come over." Frank smiled "For the night?"

"Yeah, of course." Penina bit her lip "I was kinda hoping you could bring some food. We don't have much left and since there'll be like six of us-"

"Don't worry about it, we'll bring all the food. It's our shopping day anyway." Frank took Lauren's hand "But we've gotta get back for Alicia now. We'll be over in a couple of hours, okay?"

Penina nodded and smiled then walked off with Samantha. Frank spent a good two minutes staring after her until Isabella pulled impatiently at his sleeves. He snapped back into life and they all walked home together "Frankie, are we really gonna stay at that girls house?" Mia asked suspiciously "We don't even know her."

"Yes we do. Well, I do. And you guys know Samantha. Lauren, she's your best friend, right?"

"Well I guess so." Lauren shrugged her shoulders "She's the one who got us into trouble for fighting but she said sorry and she hasn't done it again since..."

"You need some friends your own age." Frank told her "We're gonna go and stay at their house for the night. We're gonna have fun, okay?"

"What could be wrong with them?" Raven asked as her and her friends sat around eating pizza while watching a cheesy horror movie "I mean first Penina's too ill to come into school and then Frank just runs off without telling us where he's going."

"We should probably ask them." Ray said, his mouth full of pizza.

"Well why don't we?" Jennifer asked "We could go over tonight."

"We can't just barge over in the middle of the night." Gerard told them "We'll go over tomorrow, okay?"

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