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Once he'd walked round the shops with his sisters, Frank took them straight over to Penina's. Lauren and Isabella were excited because this way better than staying in on a Friday night. Mia and Alicia were kind of scared because they didn't like strangers very much. And as for Frank... He was nervous. Really nervous. He couldn't explain it. He just felt... Different around Penina. Not like himself at all.

He knocked on her door three time and she answered almost straightaway "Hey." She grinned "Are you ready?"

"Yeah, we brought everything." Frank replied with a small smile as the girls ran into the house. Lauren ran in first and Isabella followed, holding onto Alicia's hand. Mia held back, holding tightly onto Frank's hand.

"Come on in." Penina moved out of the way "So what are we gonna do tonight then exactly?"

"I brought some movies. Kids ones and then a couple of horror ones for when the kids go to bed." Frank grinned, walking in and Mia ran along with him "And I brought over some chicken nuggets. Because I love chicken nuggets!"

"I love them too." Penina smiled at Mia "Do you like them?"

Mia nodded shyly before hiding behind Frank "Don't worry about her." Frank said "She'll warm up to you eventually. She's just extremely shy. Come here Mia." He turned around and lifted her up.

"I'll start making dinner then." Penina started unpacking Frank's shopping bags "You'd better go and find the girls and make sure none of them have broken anything."

Frank laughed then left the room with Mia "She's very pretty." Mia whispered.

"You're pretty too." Frank said as he blushed. It was true. Penina was really pretty.

He went into the living room. Isabella and Alicia were sitting politely on the sofa while Lauren and Samantha danced round the room, singing songs at the top of their lungs. Frank rolled his eyes and let Mia down who ran over and started singing the songs with them. He smiled and rolled his eyes then went back into the kitchen to see if Penina needed any help.

She shoved the tray of chicken nuggets into the oven along with another tray of chips then turned around and jumped as she saw Frank standing there "I wanted to see if you need any help." Frank said "Do you?"

"Oh no, I'm fine thanks." Penina blushed, feeling kind of stupid for jumping "What movies did you bring then?" She unpacked a My Little Pony DVD, Cinderella and Snow White "My Little Pony?"

"Mia's favourite thing in the whole world." Frank smiled fondly "So what do you wanna watch then?"

"Let's watch Cinderella. I haven't watched that in ages." Penina grinned, picking it up.

"I'm so glad you said 'I haven't watched that in ages.' There was some annoying chavs up at the shop who were saying 'Oh I haven't done that in time.' That gets on my nerves."

"Mine too! At my old school they always used to say stuff like that and it always got on my nerves. I wanted to throw a dictionary at their heads." They went into the living room "Girls, would ya calm it down maybe?"

"We're gonna watch Cinderella." Frank announced and sat down on the sofa. All the girls cheered. Mia jumped onto Frank's lap and Alicia sat on one side of him. Penina flopped down by Frank's other side and grinned at him. Samantha, Lauren and Isabella sat on the other sofa. Penina pressed play on the DVD.

"This movie gets on my nerves a bit too." Penina said as it started "I mean, if the shoes fitted her perfectly, then why did one fall off? Also, why were they made of glass? That's just plain stupid."

"You're such a spoilsport." Frank teased "Though you had a good point about the shoes falling off."

"I can't really be proud of it, I stole it from Tumblr." Penina giggled.

They watched the rest of the movie together. About halfway through, Penina leaned against Frank who instantly went bright red 'It doesn't mean anything,' He told himself 'She's just tired... She's just tired... Or maybe she wants me to put her arm around?' While Frank was still thinking about it, Penina jumped up and cried "The chicken nuggets!"

"They better not have burnt!" Lauren yelled "Poor chicken nuggets!"

"Frank, could you come and help me please?" Penina called from the kitchen.

Frank pushed Mia gently off his lap and went into the kitchen "I don't know what kind of portion you want me to give your sisters." Penina said "So I'll make mine and Samantha's then you make theirs, okay?" Frank nodded and sorted out five plates for him and his sisters. They carried in the plates.

"Are you sure you want them to eat in the living room?" Frank asked nervously "I let them eat in my room the other night and there are crumbs everywhere."

"It doesn't matter. Cleaning up will give me something to do." Penina shrugged.

They finished their dinner then munched their way through several bars of chocolate. Mia and Alicia were the first ones to fall asleep so Frank carried Mia upstairs while Penina carried Alicia. They tucked them up together in Penina's parents old double bed "You and me can sleep downstairs." Penina said "I'll bring down blankets and crap. We'll sleep on the floor. If you want."

"That sounds great." Frank grinned.

They went back downstairs and decided it was time to calm down Lauren and Samantha who had definitely eaten way too much chocolate by this point. They were jumping up and down, shrieking, chasing each other around the house... Frank loved his sisters but he kind of wanted them to go to sleep so that he could spend some alone time with Penina.

When they finally managed to catch the girls, they sat them on the sofa and read them a story. Frank read all the boys parts and Penina all the girls. It took a while, but finally they calmed down and agreed to go up to bed. Isabella went up too without making much fuss.

Finally they were alone. Frank smiled and produced the horror movie he'd brought for them "This isn't too scary." Frank admitted, putting 'The Descent' into the DVD player "But I like it either way."

They watched the movie, Frank talking and laughing while Penina barely made a sound. Frank's voice eventually trailed away, realising that he wasn't getting anywhere. It made him nervous. Did Penina not like him or something? She wouldn't have invited him over if she didn't, would she? Or maybe she just felt sorry for him?

When the film finished, Frank asked if he should put the other one on "Oh umm no, I'm kind of tired now." Penina said, looking down "Frank... Can I be honest?"

"Of course you can." Frank's heart started pounding. This was it. She was going to admit he didn't like him. Well that was okay. He'd just die alone and-

"I actually don't really like horror movies. I tried to convince myself that I was getting older now and I thought I'd be able to handle it but... But I can't." Penina sighed and a tear ran down her cheek "I know you think I'm a right baby. Shit like that shouldn't scare me so much. I'm really sorry."

"Hey, don't apologise." Frank said gently, putting an arm around her "You can't help being afraid of horror movies. Though there's nothing to worry about. If those demon things come after you, I'd kill them all off." Penina smiled through her tears "I'd never let anything happen to you."

'Do it!' His mind yelled at him 'Lean forward and kiss her! NOW!'

So he listened to his mind. He leant forward and kissed her lips gently. They stayed kissing for a good two minutes before Penina pulled away and asked "W-Why did you kiss me?"

"Honestly?" Frank asked "Because you're perfect. There's not a thing about you that I dislike. You're not just pretty like my sisters say, you're beautiful. And I know there's no chance you'll feel the same way about me but I just... I don't know."

"Are you kidding me?" Penina replied "Frank, I've felt the same way about you since the day I met you. It only increased the more I got to know you. You think I'm perfect? I'm nothing compared to you."

Frank smiled, wrapped his arms around and kissed her again.

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