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The 9 Month After Party

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Frank gets a bit tipsy and cheats on his girlfriend with his best friend. The next 9 months get rather complicated.

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Penina's P.O.V

I eyed Frank, my best friend, from across the living room. My vision was a bit blurry. This party offered a lot to drink, so I took that opportunity. There was vodka, and beer, and, well, pretty much everything alcohol based here. Frank walked up to me. I smiled at him.

‘Hi Frank.’ I slurred.

‘Hey. Are you okay Penina? You look really, really, drunk. Maybe you should tone it down?’ He suggested taking the cup out of my hands.

‘Where’s Jennifer?’ I asked.

‘She couldn’t come. It’s her parents’ anniversary so they took her out to dinner.’ He said before hiccupping. I giggled.

‘You’re drunk.’ I sung.

‘I’m not drunk. I’m a little tipsy, that’s all. I just had 2 shots of vodka. Come on. It’s getting late, and there’s no way you can walk home on your own.’ He said taking my hand. I wanted nothing more than to pin him up against the wall and kiss him until I couldn’t breathe anymore, but even at the state I’m in, I knew that was a bad idea. Especially with all these people around. He pulled me up, and sat me down in his car. He then started to drive off to my house.

‘You’re so nice Frank. You’re the best friend ever.’

‘Are your parents’ home?’ He asked.

‘No. They’re out of town for the weekend. I’m so bored at home.’ I pouted.

‘Well, that’s good. That means they don’t have to see you drunk.’

‘You’re so clever Frankie.’ I said laughing. He really is my clever best friend.

‘Okay then. We’re here.’ He said sounding amused. He helped me out of the car and to the front door. He saw me having trouble getting the key into the lock. ‘You need a little help there?’

‘Yes please. You’re so friendly!’ I exclaimed. He giggled again. He helped me to my bedroom, which was probably really needed. I could barely stand up.

‘Are you gonna be okay?’ He asked. I shook my head.

‘I’m so bored and lonely. Besides, when you go you’re probably going to see Jennifer.’ I said making a face at her name. He sighed, got by the window, and locked the car.

‘Penina, you said you liked Jen. I asked you to tell me the truth.’ He sighed.

‘I did tell you the truth. She’s really friendly and really pretty, but she’s with you.’ I whined.

‘So, you want me to be single?’ He asked. I shook my head.

‘Nope.’ I said, popping the p. ‘I want you to be with me. I want you now. You’re so handsome.’ I said. I then giggled. ‘You’re also talented. I really like you Frank.’ I admitted. He groaned.

‘You don’t mean that Penina. You’re just drunk.’ He said.

‘I wasn’t drunk when I first saw you. You’re so hot Frank. I want you in me!’ I whined. When I saw he wasn’t going to give in any time soon, I grabbed his head and pulled his lips onto mine. He pulled back.

‘Whoa! No, Penina. No. I’m with Jennifer.’ He said.

‘So? I won’t tell anyone. Please Frank? I’ll do whatever you say.’ I said seductively. I could see the tent growing in his skinny jeans. ‘That must hurt. Let me kiss it better.’ I offered.

‘Fuck.’ He mumbled. ‘Okay, fine, but just this once. I can’t believe I’m doing this, and you can’t tell anyone about this. Especially Jennifer.’ He warned. I agreed, and pretty soon, things started happening. He smashed his lips against mine, and stuck his beer tasting tongue down my throat. He clearly lied about what he was drinking. He took off my bra, and gently massaged my breasts. I moaned in pleasure. ‘It’s only going to get better babe.’ He whispered in my ear. We both got completely undressed, and the skin on skin contact was perfect. I traced his tattoos with my fingers. He stroked my pussy and inserted his middle finger.

‘Oh, Frank!’ I moaned.

‘If you’re as tight as you are wet, I’m going to be in for a treat.’ He said.

‘I’m only wet for you.’ I gasped as he inserted another finger.

‘Well, it’s about to get soaking.’ He said. He lined his cock up against my entrance and started pushing his way in, slowly, and carefully, and I was in ecstasy.

‘Oh my god! Frankie! Harder!’ I moaned. He did. He went harder and faster with his long, hard cock.

‘Moan for me again bitch.’ He said. I never knew he was so angry and passionate in the bedroom. I loved it. I screamed in pleasure.

‘Frank! Come on! Fuck yeah!’ I moaned, obeying his command. I loved the way he was making me feel. Inevitably, we wouldn’t be able to look at each other the same after this, but it was so amazing for right now, and who knows what the future would bring? Maybe we could end up doing this more often. I would love that.

‘You’re so fucking tight. Come on Penina, tell me how much you love my cock in your pussy.’ He demanded.

‘I fucking love it. I’m going to make you cum so fucking hard. I need you Frank. I need you to cum because of me.’ I panted. That pushed him over the edge. I felt his cock twitching and releasing his warm, sticky liquid inside me. That was so hot, and I came too. My walls tightened around him, making him moan in pleasure. We both just stayed in the position, panting for a while.

‘That was the biggest mistake of my life.’ He said.

‘No it wasn’t you were amazing. Everything I’ve ever dreamed of.’ I said cuddling him. He peeled my arms off him.

‘Penina, I cheated on Jennifer with you. That’s not okay. I can’t believe this. What was I thinking?’ He groaned, brushing his fingers through his dishevelled hair.

‘You were thinking about us having sex, and you enjoyed it, and I did too.’ I purred into his ear.

‘Penina, please just promise me you’ll never bring this up again. This could’ve ruined everything between us, and I took advantage of you because you were drunk. You are drunk. Insanely drunk. I just had a couple of shots and maybe a beer. I’m so sorry Penina.’ He said. He gave me one last kiss. It was soft, passionate, and meaningful. I wanted him to do it again, but I knew that if I chased it, it would definitely be impossible. I love him though. I’m glad we had this together. I fell asleep pretty quickly because I was so drunk, and I knew tomorrow’s hangover would be a bitch, but I would never forget that amazing night I had with Frank Iero.

Happy new story everyone!!!! WOO!!! Haha. I hope you liked this chapter. This is my first smut scene that I wrote that I think is actually a bit decent. I don't know. Anyway, this is the first chapter of a new story that I think might have a sequel involved. I don't know though. We'll see. So, what do you think? Let me know! Rate and review. OH! Also, tomorrow's the start of Chanukah, so I think I'm going to make a story with 8 chapters. One chapter each night. Haha. What do you guys think? So, again, I hope you liked this chapter. It will get better though. More drama and babies will get in the story. Haha. :D xx
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