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Why Farting is Funny

by OhmyGee 10 reviews

Yanno ya'll laughing.

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Heyyooo. I am soooooooo bored. Legit.

My best friend and I are just sitting in my bed, and messing around with people on Omegle. (yes, expect an update on Text Me Maybe.)

Then, something pondered my wee little mind. Why are farts funny?

I started laughing wayyyyyyyy too hard at fart jokes. What the fuck? Why are farts funny?!

Call me imnjfmature if you will, but I know you are laughing on the inside.

haha, Whatever than. I am also listening to MCR's Kill All Your Friends and now How I disappear. Maturity level. Booyah!

Smell ya' later!!

-Emi and Ev.
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