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The stones I drop

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"I'm a werewolf",those words kept circling in my dream as if they were the only motivation to wake me up. Once the words circled in my head for what seemed like the thousandth time I saw red eyes and-BEEP BEEP.
The alarm clock went off just as my dream was becoming a nightmare. My eyes went wide remembering what happened yesterday. I fainted when Ray told me he was a werewolf and when I woke up I was alone. Leaving me to wonder if what he said was true. Of course me being the skeptical type I thought it was just some ridiculous joke for the birthday boy. But then thinking about it he was very hairy and whenever you plucked a hair wether it was from his arms or his head it would always grow back a minute later maybe even with additional hair.
Well anyways I was gonna ask him if it was true the second I saw him at school. Meanwhile I got dressed, not even caring to take a shower, and left out the door yelling good bye to my mother.
I got to school on time and went to my first class. The teacher wasn't there so I waited outside the door. But I got bored about 15 minutes into waiting so I swaggered my way to my locker in case I forgot something for class.
"I know that you like me, but I highly doubt it's necessary to rummage through my locker without permission." Oh god it's him.
"Ummmm this isn't your locker it's mine," i said. Possessive much?
"Oh really? Well according to this note from the office this is my locker," Gerard said, with good evidence too.
"Well it looks like we have to talk to the office," I said. And we went to check who's locker was who's.
"Ok boys," the secretary said once we told her what happened,"It seems to me that there weren't any lockers left for Gerard and we decided he would share his locker with you, Frank. After all you are a very nice boy and looking at Gerard now I'm sure you'd be great influence".
Gerard's face was stuck in this "OH HELL NO" look while mine completely dropped to a big frown. But I couldn't speak up since I'd rather be considerate than demanding so I just let my locker be shared and thanked the secretary for her help.
"Why didn't you say anything?", Gerard asked, but I just kept quiet. After all I was going to be late for class. But just as I was coming through the door, Gerard turned me around, grabbed my waist and put me on his shoulder.
"What are you doing, let go you imbecile",I said with my face covered in his jacket.
He didn't answer neither did he stop walking until he arrived at the parking lot.
"Exactly, where do you think you're taking me?", I said refusing to get in his car trunk without a fight. He put me down and kissed me hard with his hands on the sides of my neck pushing me into his mouth. I savored the moment until I felt sleepy and sleepier. About two minutes later I was out like a light.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~2 hours later~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
I awoke to the aroma of flowers all around me. My eyes were open in an instant. "Where am I", I murmured to no one in particular.
"My garden", was the smooth and almost seductive answer given to me. I sat up only to notice Gerard laying down next to me with green eyes and nearly glowing milk white skin.
"Gerard", I said breathlessly. It was only then did I notice how beautiful he truly was.
"Frankie", he said smoothly. I laid back down coming face to face with him. His lips were strawberry red. His cheekbones were more noticeable and his hair,oh lord, that hair was flopping the best way possible covering only his ears. "You are the most beautiful human I have encountered in all my years of living", he continued with passion.
Wait hold up. Human? Years? What in Jack Frost is he talking about? "What are you saying Gerard", I asked with confusion.
"Cara mia there is something I should tell you", he said slowly,"But first I need you to promise me not to faint or run away from me."
Is it that bad? "Ok" I agreed.
"I am a vampire", he said with uncertainty.
Oh god I promised him I wouldn't faint and I also promised him I wouldn't run away. Now there's only one hint to do. Scream.
Ok guys well that's the fourth chapter I hope you liked it if not I will try my best and also thank you so much for he reviews you guys sent me. I only hope one of the best authors like Mikeys Glasses or unitedsuck007 could check out my story. But anyway I will update tomorrow with not only chapter five but the date chapter. BYE BYE MY DEAR BUTTERFLIES
Oh and p.s today my parents were making a barbecue and the food was so delicious I thought I was in heaven. I didn't even know my mother could cook so well.
Apparently our family motto is "You haven't had real meat until you've had the Ortiz's".
I know it sounds dirty huh?
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