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Killjoys2. Fights in fire light

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Just a short update. Ghoul and Party have an argument.

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We sit around the fire, the night sky dark above and sprinkle with stars shining bright. Party still hasn’t spoken to me since we got back to the site. The bandanna's help prevent me from gaining more splinter but it still fucking hurt as we continue to dragged the dead tree back.

Jet and Kobra managed to catch two small wild rabbits so they were grinning like fool at their accomplishment when they showed up a few minutes after we started the fire. They took one look at our grim expressions and instantly knew something was wrong. I told them that we were just tied and they didn’t question it but they knew something more was going on.

We skinned and gutted the rabbits, well Jet and Party did while Kobra and I stood back with green tinged cheeks. Jet was cooking the meat over the fire while Kobra and Party where off having one of their brotherly chats. I was sitting close to the flames trying to use the yellow glow as light to remove as many of the splinter that I could.

Time passed slowly as Jet divided the meat and we all sat around the flames. I just sat there and death stared the chunks of meant on my plate while the others scoffed theirs down.

“Ghoul, eat.” Are the first words Party says to me in hours. His stern words make me snap my head up to look at the vibrant red head. Our eyes meet and I can see all the emotion he is hiding on the inside, the reflection of the flames dance and flicker in his concerned eyes. I sigh and look back at what use to be a living rabbit. I wrinkle my nose at it with disgust. I can’t do it.

“I can’t.” I whisper with shame and pass the plate to Kobra who was sitting next to me. Kobra just stars at me with concern.

“Ghoul you need to eat.” Jet wisely informs me. I sigh and shake my head. Kobra Looks to Party and Jet unsure what to do with my plate of meat. I know he’s really hungry but he doesn’t what me to eat nothing. Party grunts and stands up, he walks over to one of our bags and pulls out one of our canned supplies. I quickly stand up.

“What are you doing?” I ask with hast, I already have an idea of what he’s planning.

“What’s it look like? You need to eat! You haven’t eaten for the last couple of days!” He snaps back at me as he pulls out a can opener. I lunge forward and snatch the unopened can from his hands.

“NO! We can’t waste these.” I state clutching the can to my chest protectively like it’s something precious. Party sighs heavily and puts his hands on his hips as he warns me with his eyes.

“It’s not wasting it if you eat it.” His voice is trying to sound calm but he clenches his jaw in frustration.

“No, what if one of you guys needs it in the future? We’re not opening it now.” I stare at Party waiting for his argument. He clenches his jaw even tighter and rubs his temples.

“You need to fucking eat!” He is losing his patience. I frown back at him.

“No I don’t.” I argue. Party looked like he was about to explode but then took a deep breath before he replied.

“Yes you do.”

“No I don’t.” I snap back childish and poke my tongue at him.

“Do.” He stomped his foot on the dirt and crossed his arms over his chest like a spoiled child.















Party and I continue our screaming match until Jet finally snaps.

“SHUT THE FUCK UP ALL READY!” He yells nearly causing Kobra to fall off the log he was sitting on with fright. Party and I look over at Jet Star surprised at his outburst.

“Ghoul listen to me. You need to eat or you’ll get sick and weak. We can’t keep running if you don’t have strength. Also Party’s not gonna drop this until you eat.” Jet softly speaks with concern dripping of every word. I look at the faces of my friends. I know that they care about me and they’re worried.

“I know I need to eat but really I’m fine, I may be hungry but it’s nothing serious.” I try to reassure them. Party just sighs and storms off into the dark mumbling something under his breath. Kobra stands to follow but I move first.

“I’ll follow him.” I tell the others as I drop the can back into the bag. I slightly jog to catch up to the red head. Luckily it’s almost a full moon so it’s not too dark, though I still trip and stumble on a few rocks and rabbit holes. I don’t want Party been upset with me. I can tell that he’s stressed and worried, he needs to talk about it instead of bottling it all up inside.
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