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"Bet you can't catch me." The six year old girl jeered as she ran away from her older sister and her older sister's best friend. She ran right up the road at top speed until the other girls couldn't see her anymore.

"I thought your brother said you shouldn't let her run off." The friend, Sara, said.

"She'll come back in a second. I just couldn't be bothered to chase her." Becca said, sitting down on the pavement. Sara sat next to her "She'll be back in a second anyway."

"What if she never came back? What if Mia ran off forever?"

"I know her too well. She wouldn't do that. She'd just get scared and come running back. I mean, she's scared of butterflies for crying out loud." Becca giggled.

Lauren came out of the house that the girls were sitting opposite "Where's Mia?" She yelled.

"Went for a run." Becca yelled back.

Lauren sighed and went over to them "If Gerard finds out you lost her he's gonna kill you."

"He's not gonna find out. She won't have gone far, I said that." Becca looked up at her little sister "What's that?"

"It's a key."

"A key for what?"

"I don't know. I found it in the basement just lying on the floor."

"Why were you in the basement?"

Lauren just shrugged and sat down. Mikey came out "Gerard said dinner's nearly ready and that Mom and Dad are gonna be late home from work." He looked around "Where the hell's Mia?"

"Oh well she ran off but she'll be back soon." Becca said, suddenly nervous and biting her lip "Where is she?"

"If you've lost her Becca then I swear to God-"

"Gerard!" It was Mia, running back down the ship "Gee! Gee!"

Gerard came running out of the house "What's wrong?"

Mia ran over to him and threw her arms around him. He lifted her up "I saw some aliens!" She sobbed "Aliens!"

"What the hell are you on about?" Becca laughed "Aliens? Oh please."

"Don't make fun of her, she's only a kid." Gerard sighed "And she's only playing anyway."

"I'm not playing! I really saw them!" Mia cried "Well... Not the aliens. But I saw their space ship."

"Yeah, right. More like-" Becca was cut off by a loud noise. It was coming from above them.

They all looked up and found a large white flying object above them. It flew past them and landed in the garden next door to theres. A couple more of the white flying objects appeared and landed in different peoples gardens "What the hell's going on?" Lauren cried.

"I don't know but we'd better get inside." Gerard said, gathering the kids up.

[A/N] - Just a quick prologue kinda thing :3 Also, does anyone have any advice on how to remember words quickly!? Gotta learn two more Spanish paragraphs by tomorrow and it's so hard D:
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