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Sara ran back to her house while the others ran into their house and straight down into the basement "Why are we hiding in here?" Becca asked "What's this gonna do?"

"They won't be able to find us down here." Gerard re-assured them.

"Who won't be able to find us?" Mia whimpered.

"But what if they do find us?" Lauren cried "They could run down here and find us, it's not like it's invisible or something. And then we'd be trapped right?"

"Who won't be able to find us?"

"We'll be fine, we'll protect you." Mikey said.


"Shush, shush..." Gerard hissed, putting his arms around the little girl "We don't know exactly what's coming. We... We knew something was coming though."

"What do you mean?" Becca asked "What's going on?"

"It's why our parents are working overtime. We've known for a while now that there are gonna be some pretty unfriendly people coming and that they have a different way of living." Gerard ran his fingers through his hair "They don't like our way of living. They think we should be like them. Our parents were coming up with plans. Plans to try and make peace with them. And if they didn't want to make peace, they had a plan on how to kill them too. So even though they're here with their scary transportation, there's no reason to be scared. Because our parents would never let us get killed."

"Why did they tell you and not us?" Becca looked miffed "What the hell?"

"They didn't want to give you nightmares." Mikey said.

"It wouldn't have given me nightmares. Why do you all treat me like I'm one of the babies?"

"I'm not a baby either!" Lauren cried.

Mia didn't say anything. She was on Gerard's lap with her thumb in her mouth as tears dripped down her cheeks "When will Mommy and Daddy be back?"

"I don't know." Mikey looked towards the stairs "Gee, we're not doing the right thing. They'll be in the house any minute trying to knock the door down or something and they'll get us. Mom and Dad are too far away right now. We need to do something."

"Okay, fine then." He turned to the girls "We need to runaway."

They both stood up. Lauren stood up too. She was kind of confused about the whole situation but she had no reason not to trust her brothers so she went along with what they said. Becca was more reluctant "No. We're safer here, aren't we? I thought we were just supposed to stay put."

"Come on Becca, we have more of a chance out there. You know we do." Gerard told her.

Becca shook her head "No we don't. They could be waiting outside the house for us and kill us on the spot. I'm staying here." She folded her arms and stuck her tongue out at them.

"Becca, if you don't wanna be treated like one of the babies then don't act like one." Gerard replied, raising an eye-brow and putting one hand on his hip.

Becca blushed bright red but stood up and walked over to them "I still think this is a bad idea." She muttered.

The only one still sat on the floor was Mia who was still sobbing "Mia, come on, we need to go now." Mikey told her.

"No, I don't wanna go!" Mia whimpered.

"Look, come on." Gerard walked over to her but Mia leaped up and ran away from him. Gerard tried to pick her up but she shrieked and grabbed hold of a heavy book shelf. He instantly let go of her, not wanting her to make too much noise "Mia, come on, I know you're scared but I'll protect you."

"But they might get you too." Mia sobbed "And then we'll all be dead!"

"Nobody's gonna die. Now come on! Please!"

There was a loud crash from downstairs. Mia opened her mouth to scream but Gerard quickly put one hand over her mouth and used the other to put his finger to his lips, signalling to the others that they had to be silent. They were pretty sure that whoever was upstairs wasn't their parents or anybody friendly.

Mia whimpered quietly and hid her face in Gerard's leg. He lifted her up and kissed her cheek to try and calm her down. Becca bit her lip and Lauren grabbed Mikey's hand. All of them were terrified.

They heard the person upstairs searching the entire house. They checked the top floor first. And then the bottom one. It didn't seem to take long for them to find the door to the basement.

It was kicked open and they all jumped and looked away. For a moment. Gerard was the first to turn back and found himself looking at what he assumed was a man. He was wearing a white suit with white shoes and had a strange white dracula mask on with black hair. Gerard glared at him "What do you want?"

"Get outta the way!" A voice snapped from behind the strange dracula man. Someone else came into view. A tall man with a bald head wearing a long jacket and holding a white weird looking gun in his hand "Oh. Just kids." The man snorted "Lock them upstairs."

The first dracula man made his way down the stairs and grabbed hold of Becca "Let go of me!" Becca screamed.

Several more of them came downstairs, grabbed the kids and started dragging them upstairs. One of them pulled Mia out of Gerard's arms, causing her to scream hysterically "Leave her alone!" Gerard shrieked but they ignored him.

Gerard and Mikey were shoved into their parents bedroom while the girls were shoved into Lauren's bedroom. The door was shut instantly and there was a strange noise before silence. Then came Mia's sobs. The brothers leaped up and started trying to open the door but it was locked.

They were trapped.
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