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[A/N] - Can someone please write me a personal one-shot? I'll write one for them :3 I've just been really stressed lately and kinda wanna read one even though I had two yesterday :L I'm greedy haha :') Anyway, this'll probably be my last update tonight because of the Spanish :(

Gerard and Mikey sat cross-legged on the floor, staring at the door "Well just staring isn't going to get us out." Gerard said after about half-an-hour.

"Mom and Dad will get us out." Mikey told him "The moment they realise that we're trapped."

"Oh get real Mikey, Mom and Dad are probably dead." Gerard snorted "I mean, if they were gonna help us then surely they'd have shown up by now?"

"Mom and Dad can't be dead!" Mikey cried "Y-You can't say that!"

"Well it's probably true. They were only ten minutes away from us. Don't you think they'd be here by now if they were gonna at least try and help?"

"Maybe they have to prepare and-"

"Mikey! We're their kids! They'd come rushing straight over. They know just how dangerous these things are. They'd do... I don't know, something!"

They were arguing pretty loudly. The girls could hear them next door "Just ignore them." Lauren said quickly, seeing the look on Mia's face "Of course Mom and Dad are okay. Gee and Mikey don't know everything. They'll be back soon. I promise."

"Oh grow up." Becca laughed "We're on our own now. It's time we found a way out of here." She walked over to the window that looked out on the street below them "What are they doing anyway? Not a lot. We could take them down."

"Do you hear yourelf?" Lauren snapped "They have guns for Gods sakes." She got up and stood next to Becca "I don't get it. They're just standing there. Not doing anything."

"Well then I guess it's time we got out of here." Becca smiled "Remember what Mom and Dad taught us about what to do if there was a fire and we were stuck upstairs?"

"Shove the mattress out of the window and then jump out of the window onto it? That always sounded kinda unsafe to me." Lauren's eyes widened "You're suggesting we jump out of the window, right?"

"Of course."

"Well that's stupid. They're right outside our house! They'd just shoot us when we made it to the ground. If we even made it down there. They'd probably shoot your head off just for opening the window. Anyway, I don't think they're unlocked. I'm pretty sure Mom locked them for me."

Becca tried the window and groaned "Well what did you do that for?" She thought about it "Maybe we can't get out the window... But Gerard and Mikey can? I mean, that side of the house is over the back garden. The weird dracula creeps wouldn't spot them or notice." She walked over to the wall and knocked loudly against it "Gee? Mikey?"

"It's gonna be okay, we're gonna get out of this!" Mikey cried, pounding on the wall too.

"Yeah, yeah, whatever. Look! Open Mom and Dad's bedroom window, shove the mattress out and jump on top of it! Then let the rest of us out, okay?"

"Why the hell didn't we think of that?" Gerard asked, going over to the window. It opened easily and he pushed it as far back as it would go "That's not very far. Not far enough for the mattress anyway."

"Oh well. We'll have to try." Mikey replied, grabbing the mattress and pulling it. He grunted and pulled it harder but it didn't move. Gerard sighed and walked over then pulled to. It moved with ease. Mikey sighed.

Together they managed to shove it towards the window. It was pretty tricky lifting it up to get it out of the window but with a lot of effort, managed to lift it up and shove it out the window. Mikey and Gerard looked at each other "Maybe you should go first." Mikey said.

"Why me?" Gerard asked nervously, looking down at the mattress in the back garden. It looked like a massively long drop.

"Because you're the oldest."

"But you're better than me at PE."

"Oh be a man Gerard!"

"Why don't you be a man Mikey!?"

"Please do it first? I'm scared." Mikey pouted and made puppy dog eyes at his older brother who instantly caved in.

He hitched his leg up and pulled himself up onto the window sill "If I break my leg, leave me behind." He told his little brother. He sat on the edge with his legs dangling out of the window.

"Wait!" Mikey hissed but Gerard didn't wait. He pushed himself off with his hands and started falling down towards the mattress "Gerard!"

Gerard landed on his feet and remembered to bend his legs but still fell backwards onto his ass. His ass didn't land on the mattress either, it landed on the patio and hurt like a bitch "I'm okay!" He said pretty quietly because he wanted Mikey to hear him but not the creepy dracs "You can jump too."

Mikey took a deep breath. If his brother could do it and be fine then he could as well. Mikey copied what Gerard had done and pushed himself off of the window. He stumbled backwards as well but Gerard caught him before he could hurt himself. Mikey smiled, pretty proud that he'd managed to get out of the window "Alright then, let's go see if we can get the girls out." Gerard said and the two of them went to the back door... To find that it was locked "This a pile of shit." Gerard hissed.

Mikey noticed an open window on the second floor... It was just above the garage. Mikey had a feeling that if he got on Gerard's shoulders or something, he could fit himself inside. Mikey whispered that to Gerard and he nodded. The two boys climbed onto the garage "Oh shit, they're there." Gerard whispered "You'll have to be quick and we'll have to be silent." Mikey nodded and Gerard bent over. Mikey climbed onto his back and Gerard stood up straight again. He grabbed the window and pulled himself halfway through. He realised when he got inside that there was nothing he could grab onto. So he had to wiggle through like a fish and landed hard on the landing floor.

He looked at the two bedrooms. There were large locks on both of them with codes. Mikey sighed and made his way down, praying that there were no creepy people hanging around. There weren't. He was okay.

He opened the back door for Gerard and he came inside "Alright, now let's get the girls out." He said and the two boys made their way upstairs.
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