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Killjoys4. Your words surly kill

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let me know what you think. Party returns back to the camp site with no Ghoul.

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“Party… Please…” I try to speak but my voice breaks and I just can’t think of anything to say. My head is still spinning and my body feels numb. Party just laughs at me. He moves his hand back up, hooking his fingers at the hem of my shirt then slips his hand underneath. He spread his finger out as he moves it up to my chest. Softly he kisses me just under my jaw. I can only feel the cold air hit my exposed skin as he continues to feel the soft flesh under my shirt. I just lay there unmoving and broken looking up at the night sky. Party moves down my body and pushes my shirt up to my chest with both his hand, one still holding the gun. He smirks and softly places his lips on my stomach just above my navel. He tenderly kisses up to my chest.

Party smirks against my skin then moves up my body and nips at my jaw. He sits up and wraps one hand around my throat, I don’t even flinch as he digs his fingers into the delicate flesh of my neck, it feels like the life as been drained from me just leaving an empty shell.

“You fucked everything up.” Party reminds me as he lets go of my neck to hold his ray gun with both hands and points it to my forehead with his arms out stretched. He just looks at me with heartless eyes. The white moon beams light up his face and reflect off his skin, I can see half a crooked smile curving his lips. He just sits there over the top of me with the gun pointed to my head.

“If it makes you feel better, you can shoot me.” I tell him in a monotone. I’m begging on the inside for him to put me out of my misery, like you would a dog that’s in pain and can’t be save, I am the dog that can be saved, I need to be put down. He says nothing but just narrows his cold eyes at me. I don’t wanna live if it means I’ve lost my friend. Some part of my stupid mind believes if Party kills me then he will be happy and everything would go back to normal except I just wouldn’t be around, but that’s ok because Kobra will still have his brother.

Party half laughs at me then leans down.

“You’re not even worth the ammo to end you pathetic existence.” He flashes his small teeth in a sinister grin then softly pecks my lips. He stands up and put his ray gun back in its holster. I notice that he wobbles a bit as he stands. He takes one step away from me than suddenly kicks me hard in the side. My body goes back to feeling completely numb but emotionally that hurt real bad. He then stumbles away back towards the camp leaving me behind. I hope they just leave me to die, I don’t wanna be the one holding them back.

I recall the taste of alcohol as he kissed me. I didn’t even know we had any alcohol. I wanted to think about this more but emotionally I was in paralyzing pain and physically I was numb and lifeless. I attempt to get up but only make it as far as rolling onto my stomach. I give up and just cry. Streams of warm salty tears flow from my eyes as I sobbed into the dirt. I had no idea Party hated me so much. I cried, sobbed and wept until I just couldn’t anymore. Mud from my tears mixing with the dirt was smudged on my face and an unsympathetic chill washed over me, I shook violently in the cold night air. At some point I just black out, I don’t sleep but just black out. My heart is no longer intact, my spirit and soul have been tortured then murdered. I just wanna die.

“Sticks and stones may break my bones but your words surly kill.” I mutter into the dirt then let the darkness swallow me.
Kobra Pov.

“Kobra, sleep.” Jet tells me as he stays up on watch next to the warm glow of the fire. I’m worried, Party and Ghoul are still not back, What if their lost? What if their hurt? What if they ran into some Draculoids? No. I can’t sleep, I’m too worried. I look over a Jet and he offers me a small sad smile, he understands.

“They’ll be ok.” He tries to reassure me. But I still can’t relax, Party is the only family I have left and Ghoul’s been my friend since we were just kids. I’d fall apart if anything happen to them, I’d fall apart if anything happens to Jet too. I need these guys just to survive.

I sit up and slip out from under the blanket I was under to go and sit next to Jet. He gives me a one arm hug to try and make me feel better. I attempt a small smile in response.

“What are you doing anyway?” I ask trying to distract myself as I looking down at the broken radio at Jets feet.

“I was going to see if I could fix it…” He looks down at the wires hanging out the back and cringes, “But I think I better leave it till Ghoul gets back.” He tells me as he scratches the back of his neck.

I huff out half a smirk, Ghoul’s pretty good with that kind of stuff. Jet leans down and puts the back of the radio on then sits it off to the side next to one of our bags. I sigh and look out into the dark trying to spot Party or Ghoul but see nothing.

“We’re gonna need to find some more water soon.” Jet comments as he shuffles through the bag behind me looking over our supplies. I look over my shoulder to see him frowning into the bag.

“What’s wrong?” I ask fusing my brows together at his expression.

“I just thought we had more water.” He answers as he lifts up an almost empty bottle.

“I swear there was more in that before.” I comment thinking back to the beginning of the day when we filled our individual bottles with water. Jet just sighs and zips up the bag. He walks over and sits back down next to me. He stretches then lays flat on his back with his arms above his head. I half smile at his position.

“Shut up, it’s comfy.” Jet smiles back at me. I then turn to look out into the dark searching for Party and Ghoul again. I jump to my feet as I see Party’s figure walking towards the fire.

“Party!” I yell and sprint towards my older brother. I can’t stop the smile that splits across my face. I reach Party and wrap my arms around him. He briefly hugs me back and offers half a tied smile. I let him go and he continues to walk over to the fire then drops down onto my blankets I abandoned earlier with one arm over his eyes and the other resting on his chest. I look around and notice that Ghoul is nowhere to be seen.

“Party where’s Ghoul?” Jet asks looking concern as he sat up. Party just lazily waves one arm in the air.

“Don’t know, don’t care.” He states then drops his arm back down and goes to sleep. I blink at my brother and his action then look over to Jet who just looks just as surprised. Ghoul and Party are super close and it’s not like Party to be so…cold hearted.

I look into the darkness searching for Ghoul but still can’t see him. I turn back and look down at Party. His clothes and hair are covered in dirt. It’s obvious that he and Ghoul must have had a tussle on the ground. I’m really worried about Ghoul now, where the fuck is he? I look back at Jet hoping he knows what to do. Jet move down to crouch next to Party and shoves him in the shoulder to wake him up.

“Party, Where is Ghoul?” he asks again but this time sternly. Party just groans and scowls with his eyes still shut.

“I already told you, don’t know don’t care.” He growls bitterly.

“Party.” Jet pushes the matter.

“Oh for fuck sakes, he’s over in that direction,” he snaps waving an arm in the direction he just came from. Thank you party very helpful, I think to myself sarcastically.

“It’s not like it matters anyway, he’s just a useless annoying piece of shit.” Both Jet and my jaws drop at Party’s words.

“That’s not true and you know it, Ghoul dose so much for us and has saved our asses many times.” I frown at the person that is supposable my brother.

“And plus he knows how to fix the radio,” Jet puts in “not to mention he’s our friend.” Jet frowns disapprovingly at Party who just shrugs his shoulders arrogantly and continues to go to sleep. Jet stands up and marches off in the direction Party had appeared from.

“Stay here with him and I’ll go look for Ghoul.” He tells me as he walks pass. I nod my head with a worried expression and go to sit next to my now sleeping brother in front of the fire. Shit, I hope that ghoul is alright. What the fuck happen out there?

A/N Ta-da!! ok now i'm just gonna say that i am really fucking excited about the killjoys comic coming out next year!!! OMGee I have been full on fan-girling over it! ok that's all, oh let me know what you think of my story X) .XOXO.
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