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47. Precious Love

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Frank's POV
"Mr. Iero!!"
"yeah?" I look up from my desk at my annoying honors Anatomy teacher. 
"I hope you know it's a privilege to be in this class and if you won't pay attention, I'd like you to leave." I glare at him for a few seconds then pick up my pencil. 
"thank you. Anyway.." he starts his lecture again. I try to copy down what he's writing but soon after, I fall asleep. 
"alright, class is over." Is all I hear when I shoot my head up. When I stand and pack my stuff exiting the classroom, my teacher stops me. 
"Frank may I talk to you?"
"sure." I walk over to his desk. 
"you're a very smart kid.." he starts, "but very lazy and you get distracted really fast." 
"ugh.." I role my eyes and throw my head back. 
"no seriously Frank, what's wrong?" he sits back on his chair and taps his finger on his chair.
"I dont know, I'm just tired of school."
"but school is the way to success Frank. Don't you want to be a rockstar?"
I giggle, "sure I do but, honestly, I feel like school is holding me back right now. I mean, my chance is calling and I'm willing to take it."
"what are you talking about."
"I'm talking about quitting school." Mr. Smith widens his small wrinkly eyes and leans in on his desk. 
"I have nothing against your decision but, what if your dream fails."
"it won't. I know it. I have 4 other amazingly talented guys. I'm sure we can make it."
"but listen Frank. What if? Wouldn't you want a back up plan?" 
I don't respond. That's true.
"I'll come back to school and pursue another career."
"I dont know Frank. If that's really what you want, I can't stop you from doing it. All I can say is I wish you the best Frank."
"thank you Mr. Smith." I start to walk out when again, he stops me. 
"you at least want to know your grade Frank?"
"sure why not."
"89% B+"
"thanks." I giggle and step out. 
As I walk down the hall towards the exit I think, is it worth it?
"yeah, I'm sure fame is calling."
"hey Emma." I enter my house greeting my beautiful /fiancée/. She sits on the couch watching the 7 o'clock news. 
"hey Frank, how was class?" I don't respond but grab a beer and sit across from her on the couch. Getting ready for all the screaming that's about to happen. 
"yeah?" I respond like if I didn't hear. 
"you didn't answer my question."
"listen Emma.." I set my beer down after taking a huge gulp and scoot a little closer, "you know how I've been so excited about the band and everyday, I just wait for the recording day to come?"
"yeah.." she looks at me hesitant. 
"well you see.."
"you didn't."
"your parents, Jade and I adviced you."
"you don't even know what I'm gonna say! Why would you assume that?"
"you started off talking about the band Frank!"
"I know you want the band more than anything. More than your education. You've said it before!"
"ugh Emma." I stand and enter the room.
"don't ugh Emma me! Frank, you know your education is really important."
"I know, but I know for sure that MCR will go far. Soon, we'll have our own record, it'll sell out, we'll have our very first big concert and what does that equal? Money. And that means? A better living. Emma, don't you see that the band will be big?"
"Frank, I believe in you guys but can't you see? You're dreaming too big and the record isn't even done yet!" she looks at me worriedly and massages her temple. 
"baby, but you have to be optimistic!" I grab her hands and put on he most convincing grin in the world. 
"oh Frank.." she hugs my neck and whimpers on my neck. 
"we'll be fine. Before you know it, we'll be recording a new record." 
"Frank.. Stop it." 
"fine." I kiss her shoulder and stroke her back. 
I know we got this. 


"good morning beautiful." I greet her as I pass next to her in the kitchen. I kiss her cheek but she doesn't return the smile. She just continues mixing the Kool-aid.
"how'd you wake up?" I ask sitting down eating my blueberry waffles. 
"fine." she answers and sits next to me silently. 
"marshmallow, why are you mad?"
"are you really asking me that?" she says coldly. 
"oh no no no no no no!!!" someone comes in through the door. They startle me and I turn around to find Jade bursting in through the door followed by Mikey and Gerard. 
"Frank! How dare you?! Do you know what you're putting yourself into? You're putting your life at risk!"
"do you not realize education is the most important thing in the world?! First Mikey now you?? What is wrong with all of you??" 
I get anger in my gut and I glare at Emma and Jade. 
"what exactly is she doing here? 'cause right now she's no help Emma."
"I told her to come to try and put some sense in your puny brain."
"hey, I have you know that I was doing good in school!" I yell getting up as well as Emma. 
"that's very good Frank. Why'd you quit then!!" she yells back, "I may support you in anything you do but not in this Frank." she enters our room shutting the door behind her harshly. 
"if you were doing good, Why'd you do it huh?!"
"shut up Jade!" I scream and get out of my house. 

Gerard's POV
"did he just shush me up?! That jerk!" Jade screams. 
"alright Jade, calm down." Mikey says placing both hands on Jade's shoulders and sitting her down. Soon after, Emma steps out of the room. 
"did he leave?" she asks. 
"yes! Shutting me up on his way out too!" Jade answers angrily. 
"ohh man.." Emma says and plops down on the couch. 
"very first fight huh?" Mikey asks moving next to Emma on the couch. 
"with screaming yes. But I just don't want him to be a fuck up you know. This band thing is risky."
"hey hey" I interrupt, "the band has a good chance."
"I know, I believe in the band but this is still very risky. His parents will be super mad and, what if we have to live minimum wage forever?"
"oh come on Emma. Aren't you a college graduate?" Mikey says 
"almost. But still, I wouldn't want to be the only one supporting our family."
"Frank will be fine. The band will be fine. We just have to give the band a chance okay?" I walk over to Emma and give her a hug. 
"I just don't want us to be a fuck up." she whispers in my neck as she cries silently. 
"well like Edith tells me, we're all fuck ups in love."
"did she really say that?"
"yeah. But never mind that right now. As long we can all support each other, we're going to be fine. Now come on, want to join us today in a session of recording?" I look into her red eyes with a grin. 
"fine." she laughs and hugs me again. 
"thank you Gerard." 
"you're welcome." I get off the couch and she moves on to Mikey and Jade. 
"I'm going to go look for Frank." I announce and step out of the house. 
I speed walk down the halls and the stairs. I pass the small playground the building owns and find him sitting on a swing. I open the gate and walk over calmly not wanting to go right into the topic and make him more mad. 
"t'sup." I say and swing him once before sitting down on the next swing. 
"hey." he keeps swinging but eventually slows down and stops. 
"aren't you cold?" 
"no. I'm too mad to think about a sweater. My anger keeps me warm. How's Emma?"
"alright. We got some sense into her." I giggle.
"I can't believe she told Jade man. Not that I have any problem against Jade but Jade? Really? She's a college graduate. Of course she's going to be mad. College might be something that Jade is really good at but not me."
"I thought you said you were doing good."
"pfft, no. I only have one B and a C and the rest are fails."
"why so?"
"I mostly just skip class and come up with new songs for the band." he laughs. 
"do you really want to do that Frank?"
"what? Create songs?"
"no, I mean.. Quit school."
"oh.. Hell yeah. I hate school. I hated it as a child and I hate it now." 
"I feel you but.. Emma is really worried."
"I know which worries me but, I wish she could understand me. Like, I know for a fact that this band will make it far."
"I know that too. But if all fails, what will you do?"
"go back to school I guess. That's the only option I have. Other than rot in hell for the stupid decisions I've made."
"so you think this isn't a good idea for you to do?"
"it's not the best idea but I'm willing to take it. For the band."
"you're really into this big idea for the band aren't you Frankie?" I laugh a little. 
"hell yeah. Before you know it, we'll be millionaires living in Hollywood."
"Frank.. Stop it."
"oh fine." 
We hear the gate open again in comes Jade with baby steps probably scared of Frank. None of us have never really fought. So I can understand why Jade would be scared. 
"Frank?" she says in a soft voice. 
"yes?" he answers looking up at her with a malicious smile. 
"I'm sorry. I shouldn't have bursted  into your home like that. Besides, it isn't any of my problem."
"oh Jade." he says huging her, "it's your problem too since we're all friends. We share everything. We can combine all of us and make one."
"thanks I guess. But I feel really bad. If you want to quit school for the band, by all means do it. I can't stop you even if I wanted too. You're a rebel. You won't listen to anyone." 
He giggles, "anyone but my MJ. Thanks for worrying though, it means a lot."
"you're welcome." 
Soon after, the gate opens again and in comes Mikey with Emma. Emma walks slowly behind Mikey with watery eyes looking at Frank. Frank notices her and let's go of Jade's hug and looks right at Emma coldly. 
"Frank." she says. He steps closer, really close but doesn't say anything. He grabs her chin and kisses her slowly. 
"I'm sorry." she whispers. 
"it's okay. I love you anyway." 
"oh I love you too!" she yells and throws her self on him hugging him tightly. He spins her around and sets her down to kiss her again. 
"aww." Jade says and walks over to Mikey who gladly accepts her hug. Then while Emma and Frank are still kissing, Jade and Mikey kiss as well. 
"oh how nice. Making me miserable that I don't have Edith with me." they all brake their kiss and laugh at me.
"where is she anyway?" Emma asks. 
"in her ballet class." I pout and sit on the swing. 
"will she be joining us later?" 
"no, then she has to work. Can you believe that? A day without her!"
"hey, try living without her for four years." Mikey interrupts. 
"oh that's nothing. Try 7!" I blurt out. 
"oh that's right.. Sorry."
"exactly." I role my eyes and get up, "shall we go?" 
"yeah, Ray said he's there already." Mikey says. 
"alright then. Let's go." 


After about 2 hours of recording and fixing music, I sit out while the others fix some chords on the guitar and base. I sit and finish the lyrics to a song I've been trying to write lately but can't seem to finish it. 
/And we can run
From the backdrop
Of these gears and scalpels
At every hour
Goes the tick-tock bang of monitors as
They stared us down
When we met in the emergency room
And in our beds
I could hear you breathe
With help from cold machines

Every hour
On the hour
They drew blood

Well I felt I couldn't take
Another day inside this place
From silent dreams we never wake
And in this promise that we'll make
Starless eyes for heaven's sake
But I hear you anyway
Well I thought I heard you
Say I like you
We can get out
We don't have to stay
Stay inside this place

This day
We kept falling down
This day
Set the ferris wheel ablaze
You left my heart an open wound
And I love you for
This day
Someday we kept falling down
One day
This day
All we had to keep us safe
And if
We never sleep again
It would never end
Well I thought I heard you say to me
We'll go so far
Far as we can
And I just can't stay
One day we'll run away/

"fuck.." I erase the last thing I wrote. Maybe I can get one of the guys to help me. 
"hey Ray?" 
"t'sup" he turns to me while still playing his guitar. 
"read this for me and try to add something to it." he takes my notepad from my hands and starts to read it. 
"this is really good. Did you come up with it right now?"
"no, I've been working on it lately. But I can't seem to finish it."
"hmm, why don't you ask Frank while I come up with a melody for it."
"for sure. Frank!" I call. We start to talk about my idea and turns out Frank is a lot of help. He helped me finish and edit the lyrics. 
(post lyrics.)
"How about this for the tune." Ray says and starts to play a grunge tone that builds up. 
"that's awesome."
"you have a name for the song?" I start to think and realize that the reason why I started to write this song was because for once, I was happy with my life. I had the band, amazing friend's, and a beautiful girlfriend that I love. 
"This is the best day ever."
"that's your idea of the name?" Mikey interrupts. 
"yeah. I wrote the song because I was happy."
"let me see that." Mikey takes the notepad from Frank and starts to read them. 
"these are depressing lyrics."
"I know, but it basically means that after suffering so much, we don't have to stay that way. We can do something about it and move on with the help of someone's support. Doesn't it make sense to our lives?" they all nod. 
"it's the best day ever because it's the day we'll all stop suffering." 
"it makes sense." Mikey agrees and takes a seat near Ray. 
"I love you guys." Frank announces and we all stand and hug. 
Our session was over and we recorded a few more songs plus made a new one. What a progress. The album is almost done. But one thing we haven't come up with which kind of bugs me is the name for the album. 
"we made such progress today. Good session you guys." David says as he closes up the studio. 
"thank you David and Mark." Ray says saluting them. 
"thank you guys. Alright, see you next time."
"you sure will." Ray laughs as we all start to walk towards our car. 
"hey Emma and Frank, mind going with Ray back home? I have to go pick Edith up."
"sure, you go do that. Goodnight." Frank says. I wish everyone a goodnight and make my way out to Ms. Lynn's restaurant.

I park my car not so close to the restaurant. I want my visit to be a surprise. I walk to the front door slowly and look inside. I find Edith in a black and white uniform cleaning tables. I open the door slowly but didn't realize that the door has a bell over it. My cover has been blown. 
"I'm sorry we're closed." Edith says turning around but then gasps. 
"I thought I'd be an exception." I approach her with a grin as she also spreads a sweet smile on her face. 
"hello sugar." I hug her tight to my body as I nibble on her neck. 
"I missed you." I add and move up her neck to her lips. 
"I missed you too." she says between kisses. 
"you look cute in uniform by the way." I let go of our kiss and grab her hands swinging them side by side. 
"thank you." she lets go of my hands and wraps her arms around my neck bringing me into another kiss. 
"ooh, what is this?" I hear a lady come in the room. I turn around and find Ms. Lynn entering the room. 
"mom.." Edith says walking towards her, "Gerard and I are back together." she says in a low voice. 
"oh my goodness!" Ms. Lynn says and embraces Edith squealing.
"come here Gerard!" she calls me. I walk over and accept her loving hug. 
"I'm so proud! It's really been about time you know. Ooh, I just knew this was bound to happen soon." she looks at both of us so happily.
"so you were also one who was hoping for me to brake up with Harry?" Edith giggles hugging my arm. 
"well, no. Harry was a good guy but you know... It's Gerard. My little handsome boy." she laughs and looks at me. 
"I'm just glad that now nothing can stop you guys from being happy you know?"
"I sure understand that Ms. Lynn." I say hugging Edith's waist. 
"tell me, how did this happen? I'm sure I'm the last one to find out."
"well, we had a talk after Linda's wedding and you know, we told each other we still loved each other. Well, I told him. But you know, I drifted off after that and wasn't feeling so well. But then he came over to my house one night and we had another talk which made me realize that he was what I needed all this time. I was looking for love somewhere else when my answer was him." Edith explains as I rest my chin on her neck. I furrow my eyebrows and realize that she's never told me that that was going on. She was looking for love elsewhere. 
"oh how nice! I'm so glad this has happened. Now tell me Gerard, when are you proposing?" 
I start to laugh, "oh I dont know, we'll see about that." I wink and Edith kisses my cheek. 
"alright kids, we have to finish up so Edith, finish cleaning the tables and you could go."
"alright mom." 
"I'll be in the back closing up." Ms. Lynn exits the room leaving Edith and I alone again. Edith starts to clean the tables again when I grab her from behind lifting her. 
"Gerard put me down!" she says in a loud whisper. I put her down giggling to myself but spin her in my arms and plant a sweet kiss on her lips. 
"alright, I gotta finish" she says and lets go of my lips. But I pull her back in another one. I push her against a table placing my hands on her thighs. 
"Gerard stop. My mom can walk in any moment." she giggles when I nibble on her neck. 
"fine, but you won't get away with this." I give her one more lustful kiss and take a seat on a chair near by. 

"so you were looking for love elsewhere huh?" I say as we walk towards my car. 
"hmm, something like that." she admits. We enter my car and head out. 
"I was missing love. I wanted someone to love me. But I didn't want to be hurt anymore and I thought I would be hurt if I were to be with you. And Harry made me feel nice so I thought he was the one to fill the hole you know?"
"yeah. So now what do you think?"
"now I know I was wrong all this time. Happiness is with you and I was stupid not to realize that."
"you are pretty stupid." I chuckle. 
"oh shut up."
"I still love you." 
"I love you too." she places her hand on my knee and strokes it placing a kiss on my cheek. 
"can I spend the night at your house." she purrs in my ear.
"sure." I purr back and she sits back down giving me her famous flirty smile. The one that won my heart the very first time I saw her. 

When we arrive at my house, we walk to my room through the darkness. I close my door behind me and pick her up kissing her lustfully and laying her on my bed. I crawl my way up to her till we meet eyes. I smile and unbutton her shirt slowly until I feel her tense up. 
"you okay?" I say after a few pecks on her chest. 
"yeah I'm fine." she cups my face and kisses me wrapping her legs around my waist. 
"you sure you want to do this?" she hesitates and closes her eyes. 
"I dont know."
"do you feel guilty?" 
"no, it's not really that anymore but-"
"but what?"
"I want to take things slow. And we're still dating."
"whatever you want sugar." I kiss her once more before getting off her and turning the lights on. I take a look at her exposed chest and observe her tattoo. 
"hey before you button up your shirt, can I see your tattoo?"
"sure." she takes her shirt off and stands revealing her whole upper body. 
"that's very nice. You're turning like Frank and Emma." I joke. 
"not even. They have way more tattoos then I'll ever have. I'm a ballerina."
"oh what so now you think you're cool?"
"of course I'm cool." 
"not cooler then me, who's in a band"
"ooh rockstars. I like rockstars." she purrs again. I sit on my bed and she stands between my legs as I hold a tight grip on her hips and kiss her stomach gently. I look up at her while she brushes her fingers through my hair with a smirk. I continue to kiss her stomach softly and while gently tugging the hem of her jeans teasing her. She gets chills on her stomach and moves her hands on my shoulders up to my neck then cups my face. She lowers her torso and kisses my lips. She lets go and pushes me on the bed climbing on me. 
"I thought you didn't want to do this." I place my hands on her bare waist and bring her down on me. 
"I don't. But I can't help myself. My sexual tensions grow when I'm with you."
"and you think mine don't." I laugh and kiss her. We continue to kiss as we both slip our cloths off. 

"now, do you really want to do this?" I ask between kisses. She sits on top of me almost half naked. She is left with only bra and underwear. I lay under her only in my briefs. 
"hmm, I dont know. What do you think?" she takes her bra off exposing her beautiful round breasts. 
"I think it's okay." I pull her down and kiss her all over. And that night, I make precious love to her. 
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