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48. Second Time's a Charm

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Hey.... I kind of messed up on the other chapter. I forgot I wasn't done and missed to post the lyrics I'm sure you guys know what I'm talking about. Anyway.. All fixed now :D
@BrutalCrayon hey.. Thank you so much for the review. I totally agree with you but the only reason why I've written that is because I hate short chapters and I wanted to make it longer. Thanks, I even found it hard to write cause wasnt sure of what to put. And.. I'm sorry that my story has been boring you ._. I hope it starts getting interesting in future chapters. 
@KilljoyMCRmy hey thanks for the review!! I was wondering where you went lol. Thank you for liking my story c: 
**sorry if there's any mistake. Don't even remember if I edit it.

Harry's POV
The sun creeps in my room and shines my face making me wake up from my deep sleep. I open my eyes and check my laptop that's sitting on my bed. It's 9am. I fell asleep while IM-ing Vicky. What a douche. 
"goodnight Harry." she last typed added with a heart. 
"hey." I reply hoping she reads it. Then I enter my restroom to shower. 
As I massage my scalp with shampoo, I remember last nights conversation. We just talked about life in general but how much did I want to bring up the kiss. That sweet kiss. 
I truly enjoyed it. I wanted to tell her how much I enjoyed it. But I couldn't possibly say that. What if she just kissed me because it was in the moment? How could she possibly like me. I'm her friend's ex! That's like a girl code. Don't go out with your friend's ex. That makes you a bitch. Ugh, girls. 

I grab my muffin and coffee and make my way to the living room with my laptop and phone for in case she contacts me. I check my IM once more but notice she still hasn't replied. 
"she still must be sleeping..hmm." I type in my suggestion. 
/Can we hang out later?/ 

Gerard's POV
I suddenly open my eyes out of the blue and notice it's morning already. I move Edith's arm off my chest and sit up. Then, I look behind me and admire her beautiful self just lying there naked under the covers. She's so beautiful when she sleeps. I slowly lean down and kiss her cheek. 
I slip my briefs on and sweats and head over to Vicky for a serious talk. Not literally. 
"Vicky you awake?" I ask creeping in her room. I find her lying in bed with her computer and a smile. I close the door behind me and sit next to her. 
"you're IM-ing Harry. Nice. What're you guys talking about?"
" know."
"have you talked to him about how you feel?"
"no, of course not."
"that's our plan! So Edith can stop worrying about this guy!"
"oh that's right. Okay I'll tell him today."
"you sure? You guys hanging out?"
"yeah, he just asked me."
"hmm, well.."
"we talked all night dude!" she says closing her laptop and jumping out of bed.
"wow, about what?"
"you know.. Stuff." she giggles. 
"did he tell you how he felt about the kiss?" 
She stops jumping around and puts on this worried look. 
"no.. Is that bad?"
"well.. I dont know.. It could be. Have you said anything?"
"no, I thought I shouldn't if he didn't bring it up."
"what do you mean /oh/?! What if he doesn't like me?!"
"you have to bring up the kiss then!" 
"ugh fine.. I guess I'll try." there's silence between us for a few seconds. Then Vicky sits back down and goes on her laptop again.
"so where are you guys headed too?" I fix myself in my seat so I can comfortably hear her gibberish about this guy's money and the fancy places he takes her. 

Edith's POV
When I exit the restroom, I sit back in bed covering my whole body with the blanket since my bare legs get goosebumps and send shivers up my spine. It's such a cold morning and Gerard isn't here to keep warm. Poop. 
I grab my phone from my pants that lay on the floor and check my blog. Something I haven't done in such a while. 
But what a surprise, looks like someone just wrote a note last night. 
/I miss you so much. I wish I could have you here right next to me./ I gasp and get my goosebumps again but not from the cold, but from the shock. 
Harry posted that 7 hours ago. Oh god, could he possibly be missing me? Oh no, I hope he isn't talking about me but, who else could he be talking about?? Not to sound conceited or anything but..What?!
"oh no no no." I throw my phone somewhere in he bed and bury my head in my knees as I start to get flashbacks again. The good ones and the bad ones. All the pain I've caused and probably am causing. My dream. My dream.. I'm afraid it'll become real. 
This guy actually loved me and I broke his heart. I'm tired of hurting people. First Gerard now him? When will this end! 
I then reach for my phone again anxiously when Gerard walks in and looks at me weirdly. 
"why are you crawling?" he says looking down at me. 
"just.. Reaching for my phone." I chuckle nervously getting up. 
"aren't you cold? Put some pants on!" he laughs slapping my butt as he walks in. 
"hey!" I say and turn around covering my butt.
"sorry. Had to do it." he lays back down in bed, "come. Join me." I walk over slowly and lay cautiously next to him. He embraces me, wrapping an arm around my shoulders. 
"how'd you like last night sugar."
"it was great." I giggle. 
"so much for waiting." he also laughs. 
"I agree. I just couldn't help it anymore."
"me either." he kisses my head and embraces me even tighter. I then shut my eyes tight. I got this weird confusion and guilt for confusing this hug between Gerard and Harry. I knew it was Gerard but it reminded me of Harry. 
"you okay sugar?"
"yeah I'm fine. Why?"
"you feel.. Tense."
"I'm totally fine." I scoot closer and purr in his ear. I wrap a leg around him and let him lightly squeeze my butt. I kiss him then bury my face in his neck. Hopefully this covered up my tension. 
"I want to take you out to eat." he says as he enters the room from the shower. 
"really.." I respond not really paying attention. I lay in bed stalking Harry's blog.
"yeah.. Do you want to go anywhere special?"
He's rarely written anything. He has stupid shit like, I'm hungry. Going out to eat or the football games was bad-ass today! and worst of all wish you were here next to me watching the football game with me.
We use to watch the football game all the time! Oh lord.. I need to talk to him. 
"why'd you do that for?!" I yell at Gerard who threw a pillow at me. 
"I'm talking to you!" he yells back. 
"oh... I'm sorry." I put my phone down and sit up.
"anyway, do you want to go anywhere special?"
"not really. You?"
"well.. I wanted you to choose."
"choose what?"
"you weren't listening!" he throws me a shirt. 
"I'm sorry Gee!" I laugh, "now tell me?"
"no, I don't want to repeat myself." he turns around facing the closet with crossed arms. 
"but Gee.." I approach him walking my two fingers up his back. He then suddenly turns around tackling me to the bed and tickling the life out of me. 
"you should have listened the first time! Now you suffer!" he evilly laughs.
"okay stop! That's enough!" I grab both his wrists making him stop. 
"whoa, you're strong."
"I know." he looks at me for a second and his grip softens. Then he lowers down and kisses my lips. 
"anyway, I was saying that I wanted to take you out to eat."
"I'd love that. Anywhere you'd like baby." I respond stroking his back while he nibbles on my neck. 
"is this a bad time?" Gerard and I stop our kissing and turn around towards his door to find Vicky standing there awkwardly. 
"ahh, no.. We were just um.."
"playing around." I finish the sentence. 
Vicky moves her eyes around, "ookay, I just wanted to ask Gerard something." Gerard gets off me and I sit back down on the bed grabbing my phone. 
"what's up?" they talk privately and silently. 
"okay that's cool." I hear Gerard say when he raises his voice. He then comes join me on the bed. 
"by the way, hi Edith." Vicky greets me. 
"hey girl, how are you?"
"good. You?"
"amazing. How are things with your crush?" I ask with a wink. 
"uhh- good. You know.." she laughs nervously. 
"are you guys together yet?"
"I'm working on it." she laughs. 
"alright. Sounds good."
"yup.. Um... I'll see you guys later."
"alright. Bye Vicky!"
"bye!" she says and runs out the door. 
"ha ha, crushes." Gerard laughs and tackles me again. 


When I enter my house to change into better clothing, everything is silent but Annie's room. I hear little weeping. I walk closer to her door and eavesdrop on her conversations. 
"but I want to see you.." she cries. I don't hear another voice so I'm pretty sure she's talking on the phone. 
"Carlos.. I miss you. I don't like this long distance relationship anymore. It's tearing us apart!"
Oh god are they braking up?!
"Carlos... I love you.." I slowly sneak in my room hoping she doesn't hear the creaking floor and change quickly. 
"what took you so long?"
"I was kind of eavesdropping on Annie." he starts the car and drives away. 
"why so?" 
"she was crying talking on the phone with Carlos. It sounded like they were braking up."
"yeah, but I doubt it. They like.. Love each other." 
"what if he cheated?"
"Carlos? On Annie? I don't think so."
"what if she cheated?"
"nah.. I know Annie. She's faithful. They were talking about their long distance relationship."
"what if they're growing old of each other?"
"hmm... I wouldn't know. I hope not."

Gerard's POV
I drove us over to the nice diner place we use to hang out in high school. This place has been around longer then I've ever imagined. Just found out it was open when Mikey told me about it a month ago. Cool kiks. 
When I entered the parking lot, Edith's face lightened. 
"oh my god, I can't believe you." she says in awe. 
"oh believe me sugar." we exit the car and I walk over to her who stands behind the car staring at the diner with mouth opened. 
"take it all in Eddie."
"oh my god, I miss this place."
"I knew you would like coming here again."
"I love it." I grab her hand and we walk inside. 
We order our usual. The same thing we've always ordered. A pepperoni pizza and another cheese pizza with hot wings and two large cokes. 
"wow, I can't believe we weren't fat in high school. Did we really eat all this?" she says grabbing a cheese pizza. 
"yup, incredible huh?"
When I take a look at Edith eat her cheese pizza very carefully, I realize that she's right. She has changed in many different ways. Like in this case, Edith use to finish one whole slice in a matter of seconds. Now it seems like she's taking her time. Yeah, it's a little non-important observation but there's many more things than the way she eats. She's become more.. Independent and cautious in so many ways. It's no riddle, she has gone through a lot just like me. She's learnt to embrace her insecurities according to her. Her thick thighs might have disappeared but I still see some meat in there. She's become strict to her own desires which proves with this pizza.. And me. But as we all evolve and change, many new flaws creep their way in us. She has trust issues and I don't blame her for them. She even has trust issues with her ownself. 
We might have only been "dating" for a month now but I know her plenty, to know her personality changes. 
"oh I'm full already." she says after eating 2 slices. 
"2 slices and you're full. You use to say that when we were almost done with the second one."
"well you know, I do have to maintain a strict diet and I've lost a lot of my appetite over the years. I get full really fast!"
"ohh well excuse me Ms. Ballerina over here."
"you're excused." she giggles, "I think I have some room for hot wings." she takes bite off one. She has some left-over sauce on her lips and I reach over, cleaning it off with my finger. 
"you had a little something." I smirk licking my finger. 
"thanks." she laughs and blushes a little. 
She /blushed./ 
That's interesting. 


Victoria's POV
After a long nice dinner with Harry, we walk around the park near his house with a frappuccino from Starbucks. 
At first, we had silence. Sweet silence under the moonlight. There was rarely anyone around but the nice dim lights and fireflies illuminated our night in such a romantic way. 
"come on." he said changing directions and stepping into the grass. We stopped at a bundle of fireflies flying around. 
"I remember I use to catch them when I was in high school with all my friends." I comment resting my head on his bicep hoping he wraps an arm around me. 
"really." he says and moves to catch a firefly. So much for wanting to lightened up the mood. I also catch one and stare at it for a second remembering old memories. I get distracted and soon drift off and play with the fireflies. 
Soon after, I feel a pair of arms wrap around my waist. 
"boo!" he says and spins me. 
"whoa! You scared me!" I giggle. He sets me down but keeps his arms around my waist. We start to sway as I stare over the small hill we stand on. Then I feel his hot breath when he rests his chin on my shoulder. We sway for a while and enjoy the moment till I get a text message. He felt the vibration in my back pocket and moved away. 
"whoa.. That felt weird. It vibrated on my crotch." he laughs. 
"oops sorry." I grab my phone and read the text.
Did you tell him yet?! it's Gerard. I scoff and put my phone away.
"who was it?" he asks as we walk back to a bench near by. 
"it was Gerard."
"ohh.. What did he say?"
"ohh.. Nothing." we sit on the bench and silence invades us again. But I'm too distracted to take full notice. 
How in the fucking world should I tell him?
"hey.. Can I ask you something?" 
Stupid! I don't need to ask him something! I need to tell him something!
"sure." he throws his empty cup away and turns his attention to me. 
"uhh... So I'm planning to move out." is all I am able to come up as an excuse. Stupid!
"move out?"
"yeah and uhh.. I was wondering if you could help me find a nice cheap apartment to stay at. Do you know any nice place in Times Square?"
"hmm... I could probably find one. But why are you moving out of Gerard's place?"
"well you see Gerard and.." I stop. Noticing my error. Is it correct for me to tell him about Edith and Gerard?
"Gerard and- what?" I feel my inner body shake and I can't seem to close my mouth and shut my eyes. He looks at me weirdly. 
"uhh.. You see.. Gerard.. Uhh.. Gee sorta.."
"what.. Tell me!"
"Gerard has a..girlfriend now and I don't want to interfere. Not only that but I want to do something with my life. Become independent and worry about my ownself."
"it's Edith isn't it." he says ignoring everything else I said but the girlfriend part. 
"yes." I say scared and shut my eyes. 
"oh man.." he says. I open my eyes and he buries his face in his hands. Then for a few seconds, he looks at his bracelet again. 
"are.. You okay?" I scoot closer and place my hand on his back. He looks at me and sits back up.
"yeah.. I guess. It's a little shocking but I should've seen it coming. I mean.. c'mon, that's the main reason why we broke up. It's been about a month too. I'm over her."
"you're over her?"
"well.. Yeah.." 
"like, for sure?" he nods and chuckles a little. 
"oh.. Well that's good!" I giggle nervously.
"so tell me about your situation?"
"oh... So yeah, I want to move out ASAP so they can have their privacy too you know?"
"yeah I get it..." he grabs his chin looking into space hesitantly before he says something amazing, "how about... For the mean time.. You- you stay over at my place.." he squints his eyes and grips his jaw. 
"oh... I don't want to be a bother."
"oh no.. It's totally cool. It'll be like a sleep over everyday with my best friend you know?"
Best friend?
"oh yeah, that'd be fun. Well if I'm no bother.. Than sure. Why not... Best- friend." I punch his arm lightly and he grins. 
"so.. Do you want to head back? It's getting a little late."
"sure." we both get up and start to walk away.
"my hands are cold." I say rubbing my hands together. 
"here." he grabs my left hand tightly, "does that feel better."
"it sure does." I say and rest my head on his shoulder again. 

Harry's POV
This night, has been awfully quite between me and her. After dinner, after our long chat at dinner, there wasn't really anything to talk about. Why? No clue. But it wasn't too bad. At least we did have some physical contact which took place making the silence no big deal. 
And even now that I drive over to her house, it's silent. But I don't mind that too much.. Since Edith has invaded my mind. 
I knew It was bound to happen soon. I knew her and Gerard would end up together sooner or later. Maybe about a month ago I would think that when this day comes, my life is over. But thanks to Victoria, it's not. I dont know if she realizes it(doubt it) but she fills in that empty spot I thought no one could fill in. She fills in the whole in my heart with the sweet things she does for me that make me fall harder each time. She truly is /my first love./ 
"here we are." I say and park right in front. 
"so just tell me when you're ready to move in and I'll have the guest room ready for you."
"alright thanks. I just have to tell Gerard about it."
"okay cool." 
She bows her head. She looks hesitant-- she has been through out the night. I look up at the building and wonder, could Edith be up there right now? I then unconsciously look down at my right wrist. 
"can I ask you something?" she interrupts my thoughts.
"who gave you that bracelet?" her question shocks me.
"um, Edith gave it to me as a gift."
"is that why you always look at it?" 
she's caught me. 
"yeah.. Sometimes.." 
"are you sure you don't like her anymore?"
"I'm sure. I'm just still hurt you know?"
"okay." she looks down at her knee again. 
"Vicky?" she looks up at me with a  smile. 
"wait- you know what." I eagerly take the bracelet off and throw in the back seat. 
"Harry? What are you doing?"
"that bracelet is holding me back. Just looking at it I remember my days with her. I don't want that anymore. I want to move on." 
She grins, "nice first step." she lightly claps. 
"thank you. And I also want to thank you for being such an amazing and understanding friend. I really haven't been this close with someone in so long. Thank you for being.. You!"
"aww, you're welcome." she leans and hugs my neck whilst I wrap my arms around her waist. We stay like that for a moment. I enjoy her body against mine until she pulls away and looks at me; her pupil big as a cats. 
I look at her back too with mutual expression.
And unlike last time, we both lean in for a kiss fast like if we were both hungry for each other. She breathes in heavily as I enter her mouth and play with her toungue. She scoots closer and places a hand on my upper thigh close to my package making me gasp and braking the kiss. She immediately lets go of my thigh. 
"I'm sorry" she says and wipes her bottom lip. 
"it's- it's okay. The feeling was mutual." I confess. 
"I should.. Probably go." she announce and steps out of the car. 
"wait-" I call follow her out. She stops and turns around as I walk towards her. I cup her face and plant a quick kiss on her lips. 
"goodnight." I say and take a step back. 
She smiles and says, "goodnight." and enters the building. I stay there standing like a retard reliving the kiss in my head. Then I come back to life and smack my head. 
I had the chance.. To tell her... How I felt.. And I didn't... /stupid!/ 
I enter my car again, and the nice feeling came back. I dont know if she placed we hand there on purpose or accidentally but all I can say it made me tingle.
"god.. She's amazing." I tell myself and drive away. 
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