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49. Oddly Things

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Gerard's POV
Today is a special day. It's a beautiful sunny yet cold morning. The 6th day of our new year and.. Maybe... A start of something new. 
Yup... Something that shouldn't have ever been broken. A resumption of the beautiful ever lasting love with Edith. 
That's right folks, I plan to make it official with my beautiful Edith.  
Still not sure why we were dating    If it clearly seemed like a relationship but you know, Edith has her ways. 
Today has probably have to be the first time I don't sleep over her house. Which is okay but she had to deal some stuff with Annie. Poor Annie, she's going through hell right now without her love, Carlos. 
I rememeber when I was in that position but it all paid off at the end because now, I plan to marry Edith and have beautiful children and last forever with her till I die. There's no stopping us now. I am determined to make her my wife. 

While I wait for my coffee to brew, I sit on my couch and call my girlfriend. 
It rings twice and sends me straight to the voicemail. What the hell? 
I call again and same thing happens. Hmm, she must be in rehearsals. I might as well wait. 
"Vicky? Vicky?" I knock on her door. She opens it sleepily. 
"what do you want?" she answers groggily. 
"hi." I wave adding a cheesy grin. She stares at me for a few seconds with squinted eyes and furrowed eyebrows. She then throws the door in my face. 
"Vicky!! What the hell?!" I knock again. 
"go bug someone else Gerard!" I turn the knob and luckily, it's open so I step inside. I find her buried under 10 pounds of blankets. 
"does someone have a hangover?" I mock as I lay on top of her and squeeze her guts out. 
"get off!" she yells and pushes me with her shoulder. 
"aww, there there little child." I brush her long tangled hair. 
"Gee! Seriously!" she gains strength and pushes me off her. I start to laugh hard as she screams through gritted teeth. 
"I would kill you if it wasn't for this killer headache!" she says angrily. She sits up and smacks my stomach hard. 
"whoa! When did you get so strong?!" she lifts my t-shirt up and takes a look at my abs. 
"ooh, I see a 6-pack coming." 
"you're so bipolar" I laugh sitting up, "really?! Aww thanks. I've been working out. Look, feel." I engage my biceps. She squeezes them making me squeal. 
"ouch, not too hard. I'm a bit sore." I put my sleeve down, "so what's up with this hangover?"
"well.." she starts and flutters her eye lashes, "it was Harry's birthday yesterday."
"really? How old is he know?"
"wow. And you are?"
"whoa. Anyway, and so what happened?"
"well we celebrated together with some of his friends. It was so much fun! We went into this lounge and like his friends were so funny!" she laughs slapping her thigh. 
"were you the only girl?"
"no, there were 2 lady friends and one of his friend's girlfriend."
"wow and you guys drank a lot?"
"oh yeah, some of them were playing beer pong. It was hilarious and then we started playing who can take more shots in one minute. I beat one of the girls and Harry beat me. It was so fun."
"who drove you home?"
"he did."
"and he was drunk??"
"yes. Yeah I know it's dangerous but he said he's skilled."
"oh he's cool." I say sarcastically which makes her laugh. 
"so did you tell him that you like him?"
"shit no! I forgot."
"Vicky?! Did you guys at least kiss?"
"I have no clue. I was too drunk to know what happened."
"how the hell do you remember the other stuff then?"
"well obviously I know how to hang but when we left the club, one of his friends gave me pot."
"yeah! He said to give it to Harry because he acts really stupid. So we smoked it in his car and after that, I have no clue what happened. I don't even remember how I got in!"
"whoa, you should watch out."
"oh I know, I always have my guard up."
"but what about that other time you were with him? When I texted you."
"oh! I forgot to tell you. So what happened was that we were at the park just hanging out and talking. There wasn't a lot of talking though but more of physical contact. He spun me around and he held me by my waist for a while till YOU had to text. Then we just started talking and uhh... When he came to drop me off.. We kissed twice!" she squeals. 
"and then?! Did you tell him?!"
"no! I couldn't! It was too hard!!" 
"hey! But he doesn't like Edith."
"wait- how do you know? Did you ask him?"
"well I mentioned to him that I wanted to move out and he asked why. Long story short, I told him you and Edith got back together and he basically said he was okay with it. He was shocked but okay with it."
"hmm, that's perfect! Good job Vicky!" I grab her head and kiss it.
"don't do that, my head is throbbing."
"that's your fault." I laugh. 
"I know, but I had a lot of fun. But tell me, how are things with Edith?"
"we're perfectly perfect."
"why isn't she here today? She's always here." she giggles. 
"I know. She had to talk with Annie about something."
"oh okay." 
"I'm planning to make it officical with her today." 
"really?! That's sweet! How are you gonna ask her?"
"that's top secret my friend. I'll tell you soon."
"fine. But I'm so happy for you two."
"thanks. I'm happy for you and Harry."
"thanks. Really Means a lot but we're not even together." 
"you soon will though."
"talking about Harry... I need to ask for your opinion about something."
"what is it?"
"so like I said I mentioned to Harry about me moving out. I asked him if he knew any nice cheap place around Times Square and he said he'd look into that. But then he asked, why don't I move in with him meanwhile...Since I also said I wanted to move ASAP."
"ooh... That's a little risky. It's a little too early to move in with him don't you think?"
"I know, but we're not even a couple yet."
"true. So it's just as roommates?"
"basically. Other than the fact that I really like him."
"what if.. Things turn out to be awakward?"
"well what if you and him... accidentally make out and have.. You know.. Intercourse."
"oh my god, that won't happen. I know my limits."
"okay, Just watch out. Well I think it's okay if you move in. You know, as friends."
"okay then. I'll do it."
"great. When?"
"I'll have to check on him for that. Thanks for the advice."
"you're welcome. Well, I'm gonna go change and.. What not. And I'll make you some of Mikey's famous hangover drink."
"you do that. I'm going to lay again because I'm super tired."
"you do that. Goodnight."
"weirdo. Good morning." I chuckle and close the door behind me. 

Harry's POV
"whoa, what the hell was that!?" I scream and sit up.
ring ring ring
I hear the sound again, but it's not as loud anymore. It's my phone ringing. 
"hello?" I answer. 
"Hello Harold, it's your mother."
"oh hello mom."
"I was trying to call last night but your phone sent me right into voicemail."
"oh I'm sorry mom. I was uhh.. Out." I look at my surroundings. What the..
"hmm it's no surprise Harold. I hope you partied safely."
"I sure did mom." I laugh nervously. 
"never mind that right now. Don't want to know what you did. Anyway, Happy birthday honey from your dad and I."
"thank you mom. Wish I could be there right now." 
"sure you do honey. How are things with you and Edith?"
"ohh.. Um... We're not together anymore."
"oh what happened? She was so lovely."
"oh I rather not speak about it now mom."
"was it her fault?"
"no, it was mine"
"hmm.. Well I dont know what you did but I sure know it wasn't good. I'm not too fond of your actions Harold. I think I've raised you better."
"I know, I'm sorry. But hey, no worries, I am interested on another girl who I know you'll love."
"let's hope you're right Harry. Alright, momma has to go but happy birthday once again."
"thanks mom. Goodbye." I hang up and throw my phone somewhere in my room. I lay down an grab my head tight. It's bound to explode any minute now. 
I get up from the ground and think, how the fuck did I end up on the ground?! How did I even get in last night... 
I walk to the restroom and spook myself out. 
"whoa... What happened last night.." I look at myself in the mirror dumbfounded. My nice white collared shirt that I dry-cleaned last week is now dirty with yellow stains, chocolate stains and dirt.. Somehow. It is button up incorrectly and is half tucked in-half tucked out of my pants. My hair is a mess and it feels greasy. Like if it has some type of oil. My pants are below my waist. Looks like I'm sagging and my belt is unbuckled. I have one shoe on and one shoe off. I don't rememeber partying this hard. 
And... What's this? I have red lips marked on my cheek and neck. I look back at my bed. There's no girl panties lying around. Then who in the fuck kissed me?? 
I decide to take a shower to wash off all this stench in my body. And when I take my shirt off, I find red lipstick marks on my stomach. I was about to get laid yesterday probably by a complete stranger and I don't remember anything about it. I should really party safer. 
Now I'm all fresh and clean. Hmm, I smell good. I exit the restroom and realize I have to clean my bedroom. Dammit! 
"hey neighbor!!!" I hear someone call me from outside. What the hell..
I look out my window and find my good neighbor Kevin standing out on my lawn. 
"oh my god.." I whisper to myself. 
"happy birthday! You sure did party hard!" he yells with a chuckle. 
"shit shit shit." I run down the stairs and into my front porch. 
"oh no no." I grab my hair and try yanking it out. Kevin stands by my car laughing. Last night when I parked, I was sure I parked correctly. Then again, I was drunk so I thought running over my front lawn and ruining my plants meant parking correctly. 
"shit man." I say and run back inside to grab my car keys. When I run back out, Kevin is still laughing his butt off. 
"eat shit Kevin." I blurt out and park my car correctly. His laughing makes my head pound even more. 
"what'd you do last night anyway?" he questions after my car is parked correctly. 
"I have no idea." I stand by my car with the door open and this weird stench comes out. 
"do you smell that?" I ask Kevin sniffing my car. He leans in close, sniffs, and smiles. 
"that's some good shit."
"are you crazy? That smells horrible!" 
"no, smells good to me. Who gave you some good pot and didn't share with me!?"
"pot!? I don't smoke weed!!"
"whoa... You really don't remember what you did." he laughs hysterically.
"I'll see you later Harry. Tell me what you did when you remember!" he leaves laughing hard and even inside his home, I could hear his annoying laugh. 
"what the fuck.." I whisper to myself and walk back inside my house. 

I grab my phone and make a call while I watch TV and eat my cereal. 
"hey." she answers. 
"hey Vicky, how are you feeling this morning?"
"great. You?"
"other than this killer hangover, I'm great too. Just very confused." she starts to giggle.
"by any chance do you remember what happened last night?" I ask. 
"you don't remember anything?" 
"nope, I'm just very confused 'cause I have encountered many weird things this morning."
"tell you what, I'll make you a drink that'll help with your hangover and I'll be right over at your house so we can talk about. Does that sound fine?"
"sounds perfect. And could you hurry? This hangover is killing me."
"sure thing. I'll see you in a bit."
"alright bye." 
Yes! She's coming over to cure my hangover. And also with a drink to help cure my hangover. All I need is her to feel better. 

Victoria's POV
"hey Gerard!" I call from the living room. 
"yeah?" he appears putting on his jacket. 
"mind making another mix of that drink?"
"I think one is fine. You still feel ill?"
"oh it's not for me. It's for Harry."
He scoffs, "you swear I'm making one for him."
"oh come on Gerard, just do it."
"fine, just for your sake." he walks over to the kitchen to prepare his mix.
"Kay thanks. Are you going anywhere?"
"I'm going to Frank's. Why?"
"mind dropping me off too?"
"to his house?!" he looks at me with a what the fuck face while he stirs the mix. 
"pretty please?!" 
"fine. Just 'cause I love you."
"yay! Thanks." 
"this is his house?" he asks with a disgusted face. 
"um yeah. I dont know what happened to the lawn but yeah, this is his home."
"hmm." he looks away rolling his eyes. 
"oh stop hating." I call Harry and he answers in an instant. 
"I'm outside."
"alright. I'll be out." he says and clicks. 
"okay I'll see you later." I hug Gerard goodbye and exit the car. When I turn to look at his house, Harry stands there with mouth opened. 
"what's wrong?" I ask with a nervous smile. 
"is that.. Gerard?" I turn to look and notice Gerard still there looking at us like a hawk. 
"yeah uhh- I hope you don't mind."
"no, but does he? Is he okay with us talking?"
"yeah he's okay with it. And even if he wasn't, I wouldn't listen to him." I laugh. 
"okay." he puts on a smile and waves at Gerard. Gerard glares angrily and drives out. 
"he still hates me doesn't he."
"I think so. Come on, let's cure your hangover."

Gerard's POV
That dumb fuck, trying to wave me hello. Pfft. As much as I hate him, I'd have to admit he has a pretty neat house. Now how the fuck do I get out of this neighborhood...
As I walk up the stairs up to Frank's apartment, I check my phone to see if Edith has called or messaged. No call or text. What in the world is she doing?
I knock on Frank's door and he opens up holding a baby bottle. 
"hey." I say and walk in. 
"why are you holding a baby bottle?"
"oh, Arthus is sick." he explains. He takes me inside the dog's room and we sit by Arthus who lays on the ground motionless. 
"oh god, what's wrong?"
"well according to Emma, he's really old and his stomach won't accept any kind of food anymore. Looks like he ate something that didn't do him any good and now he's sick."
"oh poor Arthus. When did this happen?"
"about a day ago."
"do you plan on telling Edith?"
"well yeah. It's her dog."
"right. Where's Emma?"
"getting him more medicine."
"So what's in the bottle?"
"the last of his medicine mixed with milk. Emma said we should feed him this for about a week and see what happens."
"oh okay. Come on Arthus, hang in there." I pet his stomach softly. He moans so I stop.
"oh Arthus.." Frank says and feeds him the bottle. Frank has grown very attached to this dog. Just imagine how he would get if he died..
When Frank is done feeding Arthus, he kisses him goodbye and we walk out into the living room. 
"you want a beer?" he asks. 
"sure." he tosses me a beer and joins me on the couch. 
"you okay?" I ask opening my beer. 
"yeah I'm fine. Just worried." 
"why so?"
"well because of Arthus and I'm starting to think wether quitting school was a good idea."
"well you have high hopes for the band. That keeps me motivated, believe me. And Arthus will be fine. Don't worry."
"that sure means a lot. But... I talked to my parents and they got really angry. They said my dream was too childish and it just brought my hopes down."
"wow, that's harsh. I know they're your parents and all but don't listen to them. You keep fighting for your dream. We're in this together. If you fail, we fail and we move on in life."
"but then Emma will be like I told you so or something."
"no she's not."
"I know but, then she'll be really sad and be like how are we gonna raise a family?"
"but didn't you say you'd go back to school?"
"I only said that to lighten up the mood. You really think I want to go back? That's why I'm really depending on this band." 
"sounds tough. Well we got this man. Don't worry. Soon we'll be recording a new album. All we have to do is put all we've got into this." 
"that's what I always say!" 
The door opens and in comes Emma with some bags. 
"let me help you with that." Frank says and stands to take the bags from Emma. 
"hey." she greets.
"how's Arthus doing?" she asks taking her coat off. 
"he's doing fine. I fed him the bottle."
"good. I bought some more medicine. I'm going to check on him." Emma enters the dog room leaving Frank and I alone again.
"hey I never asked, what brings you here?" 
I chuckle, "just visiting."
"oh okay." he also chuckles. 
"he's sleeping." Emma comes back out with pookie and closes the door. 
"how are you Gerard?" she asks and joins us in our conversation.
"I'm great."
"and Edith?"
"she's fine too." I smile. 
"aww, you guys are so cute!"
"are you guys official yet?" Frank asks. 
"no, I was planning on asking her today but she's busy."
"what's she doing?"
"I think she's in rehearsals or she's working."
"oh okay. She's always so busy. Never has time to hang out."
"I know but at least I get to see her more often." I giggle. 
"that's true. Do you know anything of what happened to Harry?" Emma asks. 
"not really. Vicky does."
"how does she know?"
"apparently they're really good friends." 
"how did that happen?" Frank says shockingly. 
"she's the only one that tried being his friend."
"hey we tried too." Emma blurts out. 
"but you guys are different. You guys were his friend but stopped because he's not with Edith anymore."
"that's true." my phone starts to ring and I dig in my pocket to answer. 
"hey man. Really? When? That's pretty good. Alright. Bye." 
"who was it?" Frank asks. 
"it was Ray. He said he booked us a gig at a different club. He also wants to meet us at the studio with Mark and David."
"alright. Want to come with Emma?"
"no I'm tired. You guys go ahead."
"you sure?"
"yeah I'll call Christa and Jade to come hang out."
"alright cool. See you later babe." they kiss goodbye and we head out to my car. 
When we arrive at the studio, we find Ray, Mikey, Matt, David and Mark sitting all together with drinks. 
"hey guys." me and Frank greet them and we join the conversation. 
"so I was just telling David and Mark about our gig." Ray starts.
"yes, I think it's a very good idea to have merch by then." David says. 
"where are we gonna get that?" 
"they're already here." Mark pulls out a poster with a picture of me on it and the rest of the band behind me. I remember that day, it was one of the days we were recording and I remember singing Vampires. I had no idea they had taken the photo. At the bottom left corner, it says Eyeball Records My Chemical Romance Release Date Party February 2nd
"this is rad." I take the poster from
his hold and examine it. 
"February 2nd?" I question. 
"yes, that's the date we plan on finishing. Well, obviously before that day but that's our release date. Ain't it cool?"
"totally. I can't wait."
"and we'll be posting and passing those out during the gig." David says. 
"maybe your girlfriend's can help with that." we all agree. 
"I like what you've got for us." I admit.
"at a boy." Mark says and pats my back. 
"so, how about we record some
more?" David suggests. 
"wait, before that.. Do we have an album name?" we all look at each other and realize.. We don't. 
"any ideas Frank?" I nudge him with a nervous giggle.
"nope.." he admits.
"why don't we all just think about something during the weekend and we let you know Monday?" Ray answers. 
"that sounds good. Alright, let's get to recording." Mark gets up and we all follow. 
So we recorded another bundle of songs today. It was pretty odd to not stare at someone while recording. Edith and the other girls always stick around and watch us. But today they're not here. 
As I walked back to my car with Frank, I get a call from Edith. The thing I've been waiting for all day.
"It's about time you call back." I answer jokingly. 
"I'm sorry babe, Ms. Joyet took me to see a performance. I would have called and warned you but my phone was low battery and I charged it while I worked."
"hmm fine, seems legit to not hang out with me today. Are you still at work?"
"yeah. Can you pick me up?"
"of course I can. I'll see you then." I hang up and stuff my phone back in my pocket. 
"I want to go too." Frank mocks a little kids voice as we exit the parking lot. 
"you heard?"
"heard the whole thing. To the restaurant!"
"Frank, when will you ever grow up?"
"never! Now buy me a candy." Frank says when I enter a gas station to fill up my car. 
I granted Frank's gift and bought him a huge sugary lollipop that he licked and savored all the way to Edith's job. When we got there, his whole mouth was blue and he was half way done. 
"you wait here." I say stepping out. 
"pfft, yeah right." and he exits the car. We walk towards the restaurant and from the glass windows, I can see Edith doing her chore; cleaning tables. I push the door but it doesn't open. Edith notices and a smile spreads across her face as she walks over to open. 
"hey." she greets me with a nice kiss. 
"hi- Frank.. What's wrong with your mouth?"
"what about my mouth missy?" he mocks a gay man's voice and posture. 
"he insisted on buying him a lollipop and is acting like a child."
"oh come here." she says and hugs him like a child. 
"now are you hyper little boy?"
He nods eagerly. 
"aww, now you be a good boy with daddy okay?" she jokes and pets him. Her joke takes me by surprise. I'm guessing Frank as well. 
"daddy?" he says in his normal voice, "if I'm going to have a fake daddy, it better be someone good looking. These good looks didn't make themselves amigo." Edith bursts into a laugh as I smack him on the head. Ms. Lynn soon appears in the room. 
"oh hey boys," she says and looks up from her notepad, "what- what is wrong with your face?"
"candy." Frank replies, "you have any restrooms?"
"yes, down that way." 
"kay." he walks down the hall and enters the restroom. 
"you done Edith?" Ms. Lynn asks not looking up from her notepad. 
"almost." she then turns to me, "wait just a second okay?" 
"alright." I agree and take a seat. She approaches me and kisses me lightly and goes back to work. 
After we dropped Frank off, Edith and I headed over to my house. 
"so where did you want to take me?" she asks as we drive down South Park road. She places her hand on my knee and starts to stroke it. 
"Out." I reply and look at her with a smile. 
"where is /out/?"
"somewhere that you'll find out tomorrow." I wink and turn back to the road.
"oh come on Gee.."
"if you don't tell me, I won't sleep over your house today."
"fine. Who's taking you home?"
"I'll walk."
"you're in my car right now. You can't get out."
"I'll jump out."
"I won't allow it." I chuckle. 
"we'll see about that." she grabs the handle and tugs it. 
"Edith?!" she laughs hysterically. 
"I'm joking! It's locked anyway. But seriously, where?"
"I'm not telling you. It's a surprise." I purr.
"why though?"
"well.. I want it to be nice. It'll be our very first official date as a couple."
"oh I see.. That's sweet of you." she caresses my cheek and leaves it at that. We stay silent our rest of the ride home. 

When we arrive home, she holds my hand tight in hers as we walk up the stairs. When we enter my dark room, she slowly pushes me against the wall and gives me nice small kisses. I unbutton her white blouse and she takes my jacket off. When she's left with her white muscle shirt and panties and I'm left with a white t-shirt and briefs, we lay in bed and hug each other under the blankets. 
"promise you'll love me forever?" she asks after an enjoyable silence and cuddling in this cold weather. 
"I promise. Do you?"
"till the end baby." she whispers and gives me an unforgettable kiss. 
"I love you." she whispers. 
"I love you too." I whisper back. She wraps me between her arm and leg and rests her head on my shoulder. And we lay there till we fall asleep keeping each other warm.
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