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Our Love is Forever

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Chapter 50. Our Love is Forever 

Gerard's POV
I wake up in my bed alone. I look around and find Edith's cloths not lying around anymore. It's 8am. I exit the room and find it lonely too. I walk in the kitchen and find the brewing pot cold. So I turn it on and wait for my coffee to brew. I check Vicky's room and also find it empty and cold. She must be with Harry.. Hmm.. 
Where in the hell is Edith?

Edith's POV
I sigh once again like I have maybe for about an hour now. Staring out into this wide open sky in the morning relieves my stress. 
How can you wait for someone so long? How can you forgive them for all they've done to you? How is it possible to forgive and forget that easily because you love them that much? Gerard is probably the best boyfriend in the world. He deserves better than me. I can't say I waited for him in those 7 years but I sure thought we were never going to happen again. Being with Harry wasn't a mistake but it sure was a problem. But at the end of it all, can we actually say it was worth it? Waiting seven years. Watching your love kiss someone else. Hearing I don't want to be with you anymore from them. We're finally together after so long and I can't be any happier but also can't help but realize the harm I've done to him. Gerard, how do you do it? 
I hear footsteps behind me and I turn around to find Gerard walking towards me with a sweet smile. 
"what are you doing up here in the roof?" he asks and sits next to me on the ledge. 
"how'd you know I was here?"
"I saw some dangling feet from my window and thought there can't be anyone crazier than Edith to do that. So I knew it was you."
"nice.." I comment with a giggle, "you know me so well"
"of course I do. How can I not?" he wraps his arm around my shoulders kissing my cheek. 
"how long have you been up here?" he asks. 
"well I woke up at 7. Drank some coffee and came up here. And that was about an hour ago. So an hour."
"why are you up here?"
"oh it's nothing special. Just part of my morning routine. I like to breathe in fresh air and mediate before I start my day."
"that's very nice Buddha. Mind if I join you next time?"
"not at all." I laugh. 
"are you done with your meditation?"
"yeah. Let's go downstairs."
"Alright." he gets up from the ledge and extends a hand helping me up. 
"we can shower together and head off to our journey." he says. 
"you make it sound so adventurous." I joke.
"oh you're in for an adventure alright." he says sliding behind me placing his hands on my stomach. 
"I think I like where this is going." I giggle as he nibbles on my neck and we walk down the stairs and back to his apartment. 


Like most of the time, I wait for him to get changed then we go over to my house and he waits for me to get changed.
When I was done changing, I went inside Annie's room to grab some of her perfume when I found her still laying in bed at 11 in the morning. 
"aren't you suppose to be at work?" I ask her checking my hair in the mirror. 
"no.." she sniffs. I sit on her bed and stroke her arm, "what's wrong?"
"are you crying?"
"yes you are." I take the blanket off her face and find her face to be red with puffy eyes. 
"what's wrong?"
"I'm okay really.." she sniffs again. 
"you know, the other night I heard you talking on the phone with Carlos." she looks at me worriedly and sits up, "you heard?"
"yeah. Well, I wasn't listening but I heard you crying. Is everything okay between you two?"
"yeah we're fine, I just really miss him."
"what'd you guys talk about?"
"oh you know.. Just us and what will happen with us in this long distance relationship."
"and what did you guys settle on?"
"well, he said he missed me too and he's trying to cope without having me around. So he told me to do the same. In about 5 months he's coming for the tour so I shouldn't worry."
"see? He's coming. You can wait 5 months can't you?"
"I guess."
"don't worry. He'll come around."
She stays silent. I give her a kiss on the cheek as she lays, "I'm going out with Gerard. If you need anything, call me."
"okay. Have fun."
"hope you feel better."
"me too." 
I giggle a little and close the door behind me stepping into my living room where I find Gerard on his phone playing games. 
"I'm ready." I say and stand a few feet away. 
"alright, " he smiles and gets up, "you look astonishing." I'm wearing a black sundress, no-sleeves with a gold studded collar. The top is made out of lace and has a heart shaped chest. I paired it with some black pantyhose and school-girl heels. 
"thank you, it's my new dress I've been dying to wear." He grabs my hand and we exit. 
"would you like to go anywhere?" he asks as we drive down the street. 
"I thought you had this adventure planned out."
"let me rephrase that. Would you like to go anywhere BEFORE our adventure?"
I laugh, "hmm, maybe to eat. Yes."
"alright where too?"
"how about, I treat you this time.."
"what.." he laughs, "you can't do that."
"why not?"
"because.. I'm treating you today."
"oh c'mon, please?" 
He looks at me hesitant with a smirk, "fine. Where too?"
"perfect. Oliver and 2nd." I command.
"ay ay captain." 

He respectively listens to my directions and when we arrive at the place..
"oh Edith, I can't accept this."
"oh come on, just enter the parking lot." 
"hello sir." the valet guy approaches us and we step out. 
I brought him to a quite fancy restaurant. The Grànd Cusíne where Harry and I met up with Mr. Turner. 
"we should have at least brought your nicer car."
"oh it doesn't matter." I lock arms with him and enter the restaurant. 
"would you like to order for me?" he says as we sit at a table outside in the beautiful garden this place owns. 
"I have no clue what these things taste like." 
I laugh, "I'm sure you'll like the Fettuccini Alfredo. It's basic noodles and cheese."
"hmm, alright. I'll have that one."
I call our waitress over and she takes our order of a gourmet salad and Gerard's pasta with bread sticks on the side. A glass of red wine and water. 

When our food comes around Gerard looks at my plate and back up at me.
"that's all you're eating?" I stop and look at him right before I take a bite. 
"what are you, a fish?"
"no!" I laugh, "I'm a ballerina. Remember? I have to keep a healthy diet."
"not today you won't. Here, have some of my pasta." he puts some of his pasta on my plate. 
"come on, just today."
"fine. I'll do it for you."
"thanks babe." he winks and continues to eat. 

Gerard's POV
"this is awesome." I comment as I savor the delicious pasta. 
"I knew you'd like it. I know how much you love cheese."
"really? I haven't told you that.."
"it's obvious. I'm a good observer."
"amazing." I comment and eat my last spoonful. 
"bill please." Edith says as our waitress passes by. Edith drinks the last of her wine and pours a little more from the wine bottle. She pours me some and smiles. 
"I can't believe you brought me here."
"why so?"
"I dont know. Just the fact that this might be something on a regular base to you. For me, it's a whole new atmosphere. I don't come to fancy restaurants often you know."
"would you have liked to go somewhere else?"
"no, this is amazing! You know, just different."
"well get use to it. I love to treat you." she scrunches up her nose with a smile. The waitress comes along and leaves the bill. She takes it back with Edith's credit card. 
"do you win a lot of money doing what you do?" I ask finishing up my pasta. 
"well yes. Kinda. I get more when I'm on tour and stuff." 
"pretty legit. What are you gonna do after this tour?"
"well, I'm not sure. But I will be auditioning for a ballet company here in New York. I noticed I can't live with out ballet. Contemporary is nice but, ballet is in my blood." she laughs. 
"wow, I'm so impressed of how successful you are. Never would have imagined."
"aww, thanks. And I'm proud of you too." the waitress comes around again and Edith and I get up after she leaves a tip. 
"why me?"
"well, you're pursuing your dream to be a musician. You've finished college already and now all you need to do is work on this record."
"that's nothing compared to you. You've accomplished your dream and have a shit load of money." the valet guy comes around with my car and we hop in. 
"that's because I started early. There's a difference Gerard. You could have done this a long time ago if you weren't lazy and accepted a record label early."
"I guess so. But still."
"you should still be proud of yourself. I'm proud of all of you." she kisses my cheek as I exit the lot. 
"soon, we'll both be fuck ups with money." I joke around making her laugh. 
"where to know?" she asks stroking my hand. 
"oh you'll see." 

As I drive over to New Jersey and uptown over to the mountains, I look at Edith who looks out the window curiously. She keeps looking around as we enter roads with tall trees and open space. When we arrive at my secret location, I park my car on top of the big hill with a wonderful view of NJ. 
We both step out and stand in front of my car looking over the view. 
"do you remember this place?" I ask her as we sit on my car. 
"I want to say I do but I'm not really sure. I know you've brought me here before but it was so long ago I dont know what happened."
"well let me tell you. You had just moved here a month ago and we were becoming good friends. We came up here when I needed to talk to someone about my dilemma with Victoria. It was the first time I ever spoke about what happened between me and her to anyone. And that very night, we shared our first kiss." 
she looks at me with a shocking expression, "oh now I remember! Oh my god, this is amazing. You're so sweet." she cups my cheek and kisses me. 
"our first kiss.. Funny part is, we weren't even together." she laughs. 
"yeah, but you know you liked me then."
"I did. Since the first time I saw you at the market."
"feelings are mutual. Wow, you've changed since then."
"you have too."
"not as much as you."
"well that's a little true."
"either way, you're sexier now pretty girl."
"aww thank you. I should come up with a nickname for you. How about... Gee guy!"
"let's stick with Gee only." I laugh. She smacks my arm then rests her head in my shoulder. 
"why'd you bring me here?" she asks after a few seconds of silence. 
"well, I thought we should go down memory lane after so long of not doing so. You know?"
"yeah. What else you have in mind?" 
"you'll get to see when we get there. Want to leave already?"
"if everything is done here then sure."
"great. Lets go." We get off my car and hop in. I drive even further up in the forest. When we arrive at our destination, Edith gasps. 
"oh my god.. You didn't."
"I did." we exit the car and she throws herself on me giving me a big hug. 
"oh you're the best! Can't believe you brought me to your old shack!"
"it's part of us. How can I not?" 
"I really appreciate you doing this Gee." she looks deep in my eyes and kisses me. 
"let's go in." I open the huge old cracked door and lead us the way into my old shack. 
"wow, this place is a bigger mess than I thought."
"yeah, well.."
"what happened?.."
"while you were gone.. I came up here.. Often."
"of course you did. That explains the beer bottles and.. Cheap weed?" she holds up an old bag of pot. 
"hey, I was desperate okay? Anyway, I was thinking we should fix this place up."
"and make it into what?"
"I dont know, whatever you'd like." I walk over to her side and wrap my arms around her waist behind her. 
"well, as much as this place is a mess, I appreciate coming here. I thought I'd never see this place again."
"boy when I was up here about 2 years ago, never thought I'd be up here again with you in my arms." I kiss her neck.
"you're the best." she turns around in my arms and kisses me. She then exits my arms and walks around the place observing. I observe her, taking a seat on top of my old pool table. She looks around and walks over to my old paintings. When she comes back around, she looks down at the ground shockingly. 
"have you been the only one up here?"
"yes. I keep this place locked and Mikey never comes up here."
"hmm." she looks up at me but not with a sweet expression. 
"come here for a sec?" she looks straight at me with crossed arms. I walk over with a smirk holding her eye contact. 
"what's that on the ground?" she says still hold my stare. I look and turn cold from the sight of an old used condom. 
"oh that's embarrassing."
"it sure is." she walks right passed me. She dusts the couch, spreading out a white sheet and sitting on it. 
"tell me, what did you do up here." I join her on the couch. 
"well what I always did in high school. When you left, everyone felt pity for me and left me alone for a while. They all thought that was probably a good thing but I felt lonelier than ever. That's when Vicky came around and I thought she was my only friend. Then she told me all the truth and I got mad and things got worse. That's when I really wanted to be alone since I felt alone. So I found solace in here where all my memories are scattered around and posted on the walls. My memories of you were here too so I cried often. It was a sad moment in my life."
"it sure does sound horrible... I'm sorry.." she says. A pity expression invaded her face making her eyes water. 
"so with evidence of that thing lying around, how many girlfriends did you have?"
"well lets see. I had a girlfriend two years after you left. It was a blind date idea of Frank's and Mikey's. They sure thought you were never coming back so they hooked me up with this old chick from high school. Do you remember Carol?"
"fat Carol?"
"yeah her. Well, turns out she had a crush on me since sophomore year but never said anything because I was with Vicky. Then you came so she never did anything. But when I saw her for my date, I swear I couldn't recognize her."
"she looked different?"
"she looked transformed. She was totally hot! She lost all that weight and she was like a sexy punk chick. She died her hair pink and had like really nice curves. I was amazed."
"and so what happened?"
"well we talked and totally clicked. We were really cool with each other. She told me about her obsession with me and I told her she looked really pretty. Then she asked me about you. Which ticked me off but I was a little high so I didn't care. But then I remember her question stayed in my head and It repeated in my head the rest of the night. I was so mad and at that moment I thought, fuck it, she's hot. So I brought her up here."
"you had sex with her on the first date??"
"yeah. I'm sorry but I hadn't had any action for two years and I was growing very anxious. I hated you then so I really wanted to forget you. And... She was hot."
"oh my god..." she giggles. 
"I'm sorry. Anyway, she was my first girlfriend after you left but I didn't like her."
"you didn't like her?"
"no, I just kind of used her. As much as I hated you then, I still
loved and missed you. So I just used her for my needs."
"you're a douche. Did she ever find out?"
"no, I just broke up with her after about 4 months I think. She was sad but then I never heard from her."
"wow. That's crazy. Was she the only one or was there more?"
"like about 2 more and then we started the band. So I focused on that."
"and you brought them here too?"
"once in a while. Just to smoke and drink and do it. But they weren't real relationships. Nothing I cared about."
"I cannot believe you." she laughs.
"come on, you're gonna tell me you didn't do that?"
"I actually didn't. I did have boyfriends but I did not go around getting different ones all the time. I rarely went out. Just focused on ballet and school."
"so you had only Chris as your boyfriend?"
"no, it was him and some other guy in my junior year. But you know, it didn't work out with him. The relationship was going nowhere."
"did you ever have.. Sex with any of them?"
"just Chris. He was the only one after you."
"Wow... Don't I feel embarrassed. What about.. Harry?"
"well... He's a different story." she starts to laugh. 
"so you did it with Harry?"
"well... Yes."
"okay, thats enough info." we laugh. I stop laughing and stare into her eyes as she stares back. 
"did my story bother you?" I ask her. 
"a little, yes." 
"yours did too."
"I've never been quite the jealous type. Then again, I've never loved anyone like you." she scoots closer and lays down resting her head on my lap.
"I've always been the jealous type." I admit. 
"no doubt." she laughs. 
"I guess you can tell. But I don't like sharing what's my property."
"hey! I thought we had this talk!" she sits up.
"I know, I'm kidding." she lays back down and closes her eyes. 
"so in those 7 years, did you ever think of me while having sex with those other girls?"
"all the time. I couldn't help comparing."
"who wins? Me.. Or them?"
"obviously you."
"of course." 
"hmm.." she laughs, "I always thought of you no matter where I was or what I was doing. But I think not having you around was a huge life changing experience. I honestly thought I'd never see you again so I told myself I'd never fall in love again and keep to myself all the time. I said to myself, it has to take courage for a guy to make me fall in love with them."
"what about Harry? What did he do to change your mind?"
"well.. He was just different. And when I came here, that's when I started to get mad and try to do the same thing you did. Get revenge and forget about you. So I went out with him."
"what did you feel when you saw me?"
"I felt lost and confused. And mad obviously. But since I trained myself to stay conservative and never fall in love, I guess I applied that to you too out of rage and pride."
"when I saw you, I expected to have you back in my arms that instant. But when that didn't happen, I was confused. I guess you have changed."
"we both have. Even the others."
"these 7 years was such a huge pause in our lives that made us different people. I've noticed you have changed and I know I have too because our relationship isn't the same anymore. It's like, we're a brand new couple. There's a lot to you now that I want to learn." she gets off my lap and sits criss-cross.
"I feel the same way. But even though our relationship is different, I think there's no problem and it's just better in a new way. You have changed, changed into a better person and that's just more exciting. Someone I want to get to know better." 
"well isn't that ironic. Two people that know each other so well, still have a lot to learn a lot from each other." 
She laughs and leans in kissing me. She sits on me, directly on top of my package making me gasp.
"you're amazing." she says looking into my eyes.
"you are too." I stand, holding her thighs and lay her on top of the pool table. 
"want to make a memory?" I say and make my way up her dress. 
"Gerard.. No." she says in a laugh with blushed cheeks. I continue to kiss her when I remember my point of this journey.
"fine." I let go of her and carry her off the pool table. 
"if you don't mind, I have something else to show you." 
"what is it?" 
"something. But.. It's not in here."
"I don't get you."
"ugh. Okay, If you don't mind, I'd like to take you some place else."
"alright. Whatever you'd like."
"okay." I grab her hand and exit the place. I lock up and we drive away. 
As I drive down the road into the city, Edith grabs my hand. 
"you know what I also always thought of while in Canada?"
"well, I always came up with this scenario of bumping into to you sometime when we're older. Like, let's say I did come back to NJ but as a married women and I saw you. I always asked myself, what would I do?"
"and what was your answer?"
"I dont know. I never figured that out."
"what do you think you would do now?"
"well I now I would obviously say I'd jump in your arms and kiss you but back then, knowing what has happened and my actions, I think I would have tried to forget you since obviously, I would be a married women. I would've told myself, if it was meant to be between you and me, I wouldn't be married."
"that's quite interesting. I never thought of that."
"what would you do if I was a married women?"
"I would die. Honestly. I think I would die out of love."
"aww.." she cups my cheek, "could you imagine us never meeting again?" she asks. 
"no, I don't want to. I would die out of misery."
"I know if that were to happen, I would never be happy again." she answers. I make a quick stop in the middle of the road and look at her, "I love you and I can't imagine life without you right now."
"me either." we lean in for a kiss and hug each other. 
The afternoon sun shines our face as I make my way around NJ to our next stop. Edith and I continued talking about our past and I slowly made our conversation into our days in high school. Which is our next stop. I park my car across the street from the school. 
"you brought me to school?" she says as we cross the street.
"yes. I thought maybe we can visit school together and visit our secret spots remember?" 
Edith and I had kept secret spots where we would ditch or go make out where no one could see us.
"hey, I forgot about those" she laughs. We walk over to the gate surrounding the football field and jump the fence. 
"aren't we bad." she laughs as we both run behind the bleachers. 
"rememeber when we made out down here after the final game?" I ask her as we walk slowly. 
"I remember. It was so dark though. And then Frank crept up on us."
"oh yeah, that was funny." we exit the bleachers and make our way into one of the buildings. 
"how is this building open?" she asks. 
"school is always open because some teachers and staff come in and out during winter break." we walk down the hall and make a right turn where we find the hall where all of our old lockers are located.
"oh my god, my old locker!" Edith says running towards it. 
"it still has the sticker I put on it." she laughs and points at the "G" letter sticker.
"that was for your name." she says looking at me. 
"I know, you told me when you put it." 
she laughs and continues to run down the hall like a child. She exits the door at the end of the hall and I follow behind her. When I open the door, I find her staring blankly at some tree. 
"hey, our old hang out place." I say wrapping an arm around her shoulders. We walk up to it slowly as if we were thinking the same thing; we walk behind it and find our carved heart. 
"G+E=Forever" Edith reads tracing it with her finger. 
"wow that's so old. When did we write that?"
"it was our 6th month anniversary." Edith looks at me with a smile. 
"oh that's right." 
"let's sit." Edith suggests. She sits criss cross leaning on the tree whilst I sit across from her. 
"you know, when I had just come back from Canada, I also took a trip down memory lane. I came here one day and just sat around remembering our old days."
"yeah, I started crying because remembering was just too hard on me. I really missed you." 
I look deep in her light brown eyes that start to water and when she blinks, a tear roles down her cheek. I wipe it off with my thumb and cup her face to kiss her, just like I use to. 
I let go and look at her sweet face that smiles with joy.
"Edith, we have been through so much that all these things have made us different people. But like we've said, our love is the same. My point of this journey was to show you and make you remember our good times as an actual couple. But since we've changed, our relationship isn't going to be like high school so I'd like to make new memories. And since this spot is where I first asked you out, I think I want to do it again. Edith, would you like to be my official girlfriend?"
She takes a few seconds to answer. Then a grin spreads across her face, "I thought you'd never ask!" she says sarcastically and kisses me. 
"of course, I'd be your girlfriend." she hugs me tightly. We then get up and I take my keys out, "let's carve this moment down. This will be our first memory as a new couple." I start to carve our initials when she hugs my waist tightly giggling. 
Our Love is Forever G+E 
"I love you Gee" She whispers in my ear as I finish carving our initials. I put my keys away and then look back at her who stares at me with dilated eyes. I swivel in her arms and also hold her waist tightly as she holds mine. We observe each other's distinguishing features in silent enjoying the wind brushing our cheeks. Her cheeks and mu nose eventually become red.
"your nose is red." she giggles. 
"I know, it happens." I laugh. 
"are my cheeks red?" she asks. 
"red like a cherry." I smile and kiss her cheek and close any gap between us. She moves her arms, wrapping them around my neck. I bury my face in her neck as my heart throbs with joy. 

Edith's POV
I feel his breathing brush my neck while he holds me tighter in his arms. I close my eyes tight and also tighten the grip in my arms when I feel my heart pound harder. I get so overwhelmed of happiness that my eyes start to water and I can feel the tears pass through my eyelids. 
"is it all worth?" I ask after a few minutes of romantic silence. 
"what do you mean?" he says still with his face buried in my neck. 
"after so long of waiting, can we say it's all worth it?" the question I asked myself earlier has come to mind. Has the wait actually been worth it?
"of course." he lifts his torso and looks at me with furrowed eyebrows. 
"why do you ask?"
"I know we love each other with great might but.. I'm sorry, I just can't let go of the past. I can't let go of what I've done. You're just a great person. I feel like you deserve better than me."
"wether I do or not, I don't want it. I only want you."
"that sure means a lot Gee but, I just want to say I'm sorry."
"no listen. I want to say I'm sorry. And wether you like it or not, I'll keep saying it. You're a great guy and I'm just so blessed with your love. I can't believe that after so long, after being hurt for so long, you still love me."
"but you have to remember that none of this was your fault. It was mine, for letting you go and believing Victoria's lies. I should be saying sorry. For bringing this burden to you."
"oh.. Gerard." I say and kiss him deeply with so much overwhelming feelings. 
"look, let go of the past okay?" he says braking the kiss, "please, do it for me. For our love. 'Cause you know I love you and I don't care what you did in the past."
"okay... I'll do it for you." I hug him again tightly. 
"promise, you'll forget?" he says. 
"promise you'll love me forever?" he squeezes my bum whilst he says it. 
I giggle, "I promise." and squeeze his bum as well. 


We continued to walk around the football field for a while holding hands and talking more about what happened during those 7 years. Turns out we both suffered the same way just that we both handled the situation differently. 
Then we drove over to my house, where we found it cold and dark. 
"I wonder where Annie went." I say out loud as we enter my room. I close my balcony window and turn my heater on to warm up my room. He sits on my bed kicking off his shoes while I strip extra clothing off. 
"are you tired?" I ask while I take my uncomfortable bra off and change into a t-shirt. 
"Not really. Just very cold." I turn around and find him under my blanket like a worm near the heater. I giggle to myself and enter my restroom to take my vitamin pill that I forgot to take this morning. When I step out, he stands taking his jacket off revealing his black t-shirt and bare arms. I watch him through the mirror as I drink my pill. He stretches lifting his arms behind his head and making a little soft moan. As he stretched, I couldn't help but notice his muscles grow as he flexed. I turn around and sit on my table top and stare at him as he shakes his hair out. He then looks up and blushes, "why are you looking at me like that?" 
"like what?" I ask with a flirty smile. 
"with that smile of yours." he walks over to me and stands between my legs placing his hands on my waist. 
"I was just admiring the view." I wink. His smile widens as he leans in kissing my lips. He deepens the kiss by leaning on me more and stroking my bare thighs. When he touches my thighs, it sends shivers up my spine making me breathe in deeply. I wrap my legs around him and he lifts me carrying me onto the bed. As he lays on me, I widen my legs and grip him tighter. He lets go of the kiss and looks straight in my eyes with no expression. He then stands and I sit up. We lock eye contact as I also stand. He keeps looking at me still, with no expression but I can tell what he wants.
"show me your control." he whispers. I place my hands on his hips and give him a small peck on his lips and deepen the kiss as I lift his shirt over his head. Whilst I keep kissing him, I unbuckle his belt and strip down his pants. When he's only left with his briefs, I make him sit and I slowly push him down as I make my way on him. I stare back and then slowly lift my shirt over my head exposing my breasts. I lean down placing my hands on his chest and kiss him making a trail of kisses down his torso and when I reach his lower abdomen, I feel his goosebumps and his situation harden on my chest. I smile to myself and make my way back up. 
"do you like that?" I whisper and slowly straddle him. He sighs and whispers back yes. He then places his hands on my bum and pushes me down on top of his situation. I get off him and strip his briefs off. When his rock-hard situation is exposed, I grab his manhood and enter him in my mouth. I take small strokes and licks as he takes short quick breaths. He moans louder and I go faster as he struggles under me gripping the covers. When he reaches his climax, I let go and stroke it with my hand. I then stop before he comes and get off the bed taking my panties off. He holds his situation panting hard as I sit on top of him and slowly enter him in me. I straddle him slowly. I kiss him softly as he has a tight grip on my hips and pushes in me harder. I let go of his lips as I myself start to take quick breaths. I grip his shoulders and my jaw holding in a moan. He then starts to go faster and lifts me off him so he lays on me. He enters me again and grips his teeth too while he throws his head back and grips my hips. 
He goes deeper and slower making it harder to resist. I start to moan louder and grip the sheets as I reach climax. He grabs my breasts and sucks like a baby satisfyingly as I pant harder. He then let's go and screams going faster making it more irresistible. 
I moan at the top of my lungs feeling his juices fill me and his thrusts slow down. His body collapses on top of mine. He nibbles on my neck and makes his way up till our lips meet and we make out playing with each others toungues. 
"I like when you take control." he says over breaths. I chuckle to myself and start to nibble in his ear when I whisper, "you're welcome... Honey." I sit up and lean on the backrest as he swivels on me so his back rests on me. I wrap my legs around his hips and hug his shoulders while he rests his head on my chest. 
"are you still cold?" I ask jokingly. 
"freezing. Keep me warm will ya?"
"sure will." I kiss his temple and squeeze him with my legs. 
"now that's better." he says and squeezes my thigh. He grabs a blanket and brings it over us. 
"I just have to be the happiest man alive because I just had amazing sex with a wonderful loving girlfriend."
"you are. And I can't be happier right now to be with the love of my life." I brush my fingers through his hair.
"you're amazing." he says stroking my arms that wrap around him. 
"you are too." I kiss his head and throw my head back closing my eyes. He turns around in my legs and faces me kissing each of my breast and neck. We lay comfortably in bed in a spooning position and lay there till the sun completely sets and fall asleep in each other's arm. 
I guess I can finally understand that it has been all worth it after waiting for so long. Because we value each other more now. Now, I cannot imagine myself happier in another man's arms. 

**if there's anyone still reading, hope you liked this chapter. I hate breaks, I'm sorry for the long wait. Hope everyone had a good Christmas and a Happy New Year!
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